Suggestions of 80’s short hairstyles for womankind

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It is said that “The 80s are the phenomenal years for the fashion world”. Off course, short hairstyles in these days are also noticed and innovated very much. Short hair is not only for men but also for women who want to display their strong personality and something rebellious. Even though, many people nowadays still continue applying these styles sometimes because they are too beautiful and outstanding. In this article, Luxshinehair will introduce the most wonderful short hairstyles in 80’s decade that make girls desire and love.

wonderful short hairstyles in 80’s decade
wonderful short hairstyles in 80’s decade

1. Messy curls

Curls can be considered the symbol for short hairstyles in 80’s decade. They are made into various styles and each of them is very impressive. One of the most popular styles those days is messy curls. Romantic and bouncy curls are made with big volume perfectly. This hair combining curly bangs makes an outstanding image for young women right at the first sight so that they are much loved, especially with Western girls.

80s Messy curls

2. Rocker hair

You can see this short hairstyle everywhere if you are in 80’s. This style is popular so as to many famous people apply for a long time. It is also one of the most beautiful hairstyles that never goes out of global fashion. Big curls are tangled and made volume freely. Combining this hairstyle with feathered fringes and blonde hair color actually make very modern, fashionable and rocking appearances.

3. Punky rock style

This is a perfect combination between curly hair and straight hair for girls who love rock and rebellious style. As for this hairstyle, the upper part of hair is made into pixie style with stunning curls. Whereas, the lower part of hair is a bit straight over shoulder which makes the impressive difference. Combining with active make up style, you will actually become the star of the party.

Punky rock style

4. Big volume

If only making normal curls, it will be nothing special with your hair. Therefore, girls of 80’s decade were very sagacious when making big volume for their short hair to make impression with others. This hairstyle gives them more stunning and outstanding images no matter where they are.

Big volume 80s hair

5. Floral fusion

With girls who love gentleness and charm, this hairstyle cannot be ignored. A neat and enchanting curly hair with some accessory like a white flower is absolutely outstanding. Keeping a side swept style, a fashionable make- up style and beautiful ornaments, your appearance will look nobler and more eye- catching than ever.

Floral fusion hair

6. Short waves

Another look for soft style is hairstyle with short waves. This image is actually accustomed to you, isn’t it? Because maybe your mommy, your sister or even you have ever made this hairstyle for some party. It gives a soft but charming feeling when curls are made outstandingly with vintage style and wavy bangs are swept on the forehead. That’s so wonderful, right?

80s Short waves

7. Crimped hair with front bangs

It will take a lot of time to make this hairstyle perfect but its result will actually not make you disappointed. Both hair and fringe are hot- crimped to make bouncy and pro- active images. This is also a good way for girls with thin hair to have their hair looked thicker and more beautiful.

Crimped hair with front bangs

8. Messy side swept

To keep it fixed, combining this hairstyle with a headband is not a bad idea. This is a suitable hairstyle for girls who love sportive and playful styles. Side swept hair with messy thin curls make you look impressive and fashionable while the headband can give strong and thorny images for girls of 80’s decade.

Messy side swept

9. Sleek bob

We can guarantee that this hairstyle will never go out of fashion regardless of being in 80’s decade, 90’s decade or present time. Combining a sleek straight bob with blunt bangs looks actually impressive and attractive. Therefore, it is always one of the top choices for women who want to be the highlight in the crowd, especially celebrities.

You can also see more short hairstyles of some famous women like Monica Brown and Meagan Good to have more interesting suggestions.

10. Slicked Back Wet Look Hair

This hairstyle will give you bright, modern and luxurious images. It is also the reason that many famous actresses like this. All front hair are combed and sprayed to keep the fixed texture and the rest of hair is let down and curled at the end to make highlight. How do you feel of this short hairstyle?

Slicked Back Wet Look Hair


These are our suggestions of short hairstyles of girls in 80’s decade. It can be denied that these styles actually give beautiful and charming images no matter how your character is. Therefore, don’t worry that they can make you become unfashionable since they are more modern and stylish than you think.

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