Stunning Red Hair with Highlights you Shouldn’t Ignore

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Red hair is essentially very outstanding which can make women’s appearance look gorgeous in anywhere. How do you think if you add on that wonderful image with impressive highlights? That will actually be a wise idea. Let’s together with Luxshinehair discover the most stunning and trendiest red hair with highlights right in this article!

1. Red hair with blonde highlights

Because red color is dazzling, it can easily combine with other highlights to make perfect new colors on hair. Blonde hue is exactly one of the most popular hair colors which are used to add impressive highlights for red hair. No matter which type of hair highlights you want, red hair with blonde highlights will make you satisfied.

Don’t mind trying these highlights with various hairstyles such as short wavy hair, long loose curly hair, etc. Taking advantages of the agreement between your hairstyle and your face is the best way to make your appearance become the most beautiful.

Red hair with blonde highlights

2. Sleek burgundy hair with purple highlights

It sounds awkward but you will actually have to be surprised with the image that this style brings to your hair. Purple is often considered quite dark and vague so that many people don’t like using it for making hair highlights. However, if you also have that idea, you are having a big mistake! Purple highlights can make burgundy hair become more eye- catching and mysterious than ever.

The two color tones are opposite but their combination on hair is amazing. Don’t forget to use hair curls or hair waves to make purple lights be shown better on red solid base.

Sleek red hair with purple highlights

3. Blue highlights on red hair

Similar to the style of red hair with purple highlights, blue color on red hair also brings wonderful effects to your hair. Red color displays energetic and active images while blue highlights give something very soft and charming.

With these hair colors, styles with ombre and balayage can be the most suitable. Try it immediately for your next hair change, we make sure that you will also love it!

4. Light red hair with orange highlights

Red and orange color tone are quite resemble to each other so that their combination on hair is both harmonious and unique. These two colors give images which are very radiant and bright, which is like auburn red hair. It is a perfect choice for girls loving personality and freedom. Let’s bring your summer to every where with this impressive hairstyle!

Light red hair with orange highlights

5. Red hair highlighted with peekaboo style

Peekaboo highlights are never out of fashion it will look much more outstanding when they are settled on red hair. Let’s choose any color, even many colors you want to make peekaboo highlights and hide them under your outstanding red hair color. These highlights will be clearly shown when you sweep your hair by hand or comb. Trust in us, no girl can resit special effects that these unique hairstyles bring to.

Red hair with peekaboo highlights

6. Dark red hair with caramel highlights

When combining with caramel highlights, we often don’t use colors which are too glowing. A dark red tone with soft caramel highlights and bobbing loose hair curls can be the best choice. Because these hair colors are quite soft and dreamy, they fit the best with long or medium hairstyles.

Don’t worry if you think that they can’t make your hair look gorgeous since the result these colors are so attractive and enchanting.

7. Plum red hair and pink

Plum red hair color is relatively dark and mild so combining it with sweet pink highlights is great. Because pink highlights are bright and sleek, you only need to add on some hair strands is enough impressive. Of course, you can dye more but let’s make sure that it will not make contrasting effects which can damage the hairstyle you want.

Plum red hair with pink highlights

8. Silver highlights on red hair

Don’t think that silver color is too light and it will make your red hair become faded because silver and red color can completely combine together to make hair look more impressive. Let’s try dye silver chunky highlights on red wavy hair, its effect will actually take you by surprise!

Red hair with silver highlights

We hope that these interesting ideas of red hair with highlights will give you further choices for your coming hairstyle. Unique highlights on active red hair will actually bring the most beautiful and charming images to your appearance. Don’t forget to share your result with us! Of course, in case you don’t want to dye hair directly, using highlighted hair extensions is completely possible. Please contact Luxshinehair for these demands, we are always willing to serve you!  

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