The wedding day is considered as one of the most important and meaningful days in every girl’s life. For this reason, all brides desire to be the most beautiful woman on this day. To complete their wish, wedding hairstyles play a very important role in giving the brides an outstanding and alluring appearance.

Although bridal hairstyles are very sophisticated and complicated, all of them are inspired from very simple forms. We will show you in this article. Let’s find out best wedding hairstyles that make you say wow.

Half up half down for wedding

half up half down hair

There is a harmony between the stylishness of the upper up part and the naturalness of the flowing locks. In general, there are various versions of half-up, half-down bridal hairstyles. Among them, the most typical ones are veil bump with waves, pinned back tousled waves, accessorized undone waves, crisscrossed half-up wedding hair, bump twist half updo, etc. In conclusion, the hairstylists will turn the upper part to become in different shapes such as a rose in the photo to make a remarkable point for the very simple but elegant hairdo. We are pretty sure that brides or bridesmaids will be pleased with those aforementioned hairstyles.

Bouffant with curls design

Bouffant design for wedding

Bouffant is always the very first choice for special events, and wedding day is not the exception. As we all can see, the bouffant itself shows the chic and charming beauty. As a result, combining  it with big curls which are designed minutely creates a big impressive look to other people. It is better for brides to have color hair so that their wedding hairstyles will get a great dimension incredibly. We cannot refuse that the hair accessories are indispensable in this important day.



A chic topknot

wedding hairstyles top knot

The chic topknot is the result of a trendy wrapping technique at the top of your head. It allows your dress to stand out and helps to show off your flawless face. Instead of having messy bun, we’d prefer the wedding hairstyles to be tidy and neat. By adding simple diamond crown, the brides absolutely become the most charming and outstanding one in her day.

Boho hairstyles

Boho hairstyles for wedding

Boho which is shortened of Bohemian is about waves and braids techniques. It is recognized by the unique look with young, wild and mild look. At the first look, you can see how simple it is, but it shows the beauty of women perfectly. The hairstyles usually make a braiding crown with some beach waves. To make it different, there can be some small braids as above added to the wedding hairstyles. Some flowers will bring in a fresh look for our beautiful brides.

Classy wedding chignons

Classy wedding chignons

Chignon comes in all shapes, sizes and styles, so it can be a versatile hairstyle. A few face-framing pieces pulled out can make the chignon look perfect from every angle. This hairstyle can pair with almost all wedding dresses. It will be a nice picture if a bride with a chignon wears a tiara or a garland when walking down the aisle of the church in which her wedding takes place. Can you imagine it?


Long wavy ponytail

Long wavy ponytail

Mentioning to ponytail, you may think about an energetic hairdo for daily life. However, it absolutely a fantastic choice for your most important day such as wedding. When it comes to a wedding day hairdo, the ponytail should be secured by stylish pins or clips in lieu of elastic hair ties. By letting some strands fall out, the hairstylist can give the bride a soft feminine look. It can be said that the long wavy ponytail takes the bride’s look to the next level as some accessories can be attached to it in an effort to dress up the overall look.

The secret of beautiful wedding hairstyles for thin hair

Could you show us your feeling about our collection of wedding hairstyles above? It’s easy to see that all hairdos above need a long tress, but not many people can grow their hair naturally, especially African women. So what you should do? You can read our article about wedding hairstyles with short hair, or you can use hair extensions from Luxshinehair to have instant long hair. It’s your choice, it’s your day. We always hope to support you in your daily life and your special days.

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