Simple steps to apply glueless lace wigs/glueless wig cap

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A glueless lace wig is a combination wig with an adjustable band on the back and 4 wig combs on either side of the hat. With these amazing little things, a glueless wig cap can save you a lot of time to put on and maintain a natural look for everyday use. And this advanced tutorial will teach you how to create a completely natural hairstyle with your glueless lace wigs.

Preparation: Glueless wig cap, human hair lace wig, scissors, wig adhesive, small brush, blow dryer, hairpin, wig tape.

Step by step of how to apply glueless lace wigs

Step 1: Secure all your hair

The natural hair flattening is to make the head look more natural, making the wig look like your real hair that has grown out of the scalp. You can braid your hair in short cornrows or braid your head using gels and bobby pins. For long hair, tie your hair in a low ponytail first. Next, wrap the ponytail into a flat bun and secure it with bobby pins. Let the hair gel or spray dry before continuing. 

Step 2: Apply your wig cap

Step by step of how to apply glueless lace wigs
Step by step of how to apply glueless lace wigs

With a glueless wig cap or a stocking cap that can make your head look flatter, this soft cap will flatten your hair and help the wig stay in place. If you have little or no hair, skip this step. Otherwise, the cap will slide around the head and bunch under the wig. Pull-on the stocking cap but be careful not to mess with your fluffy hair. Adjust the cap to just enough to cover your hairline. All of your hair is tucked into this part of the cap, including the hairs on the nape of the neck. To create a perfect hairstyle for your baby hair, you should cut off the forehead cap from the left ear to the right ear, before using the wig adhesive on the edge of the hairline of the forehead. When the gel dries, carefully cut the excess with scissors.

Step 3: Test the fit of the wig

Before applying any adhesive, you need to ensure the wig fits properly. To do so, place the wig on top of your head and align it with your natural hairline. If your wig has tightening straps on the inside, you may need to adjust these to fit. If you can feel a strong ring of pressure around your scalp then it means the wig is too tight. Gently loosen the straps. If the wig slips around when you move the head, then the wig is too loose. Tighten the straps.

Step 4: Trim and fix the lace

Once the wig has fitted, you cut the lace on the lace front wig, only for the first time using the wig. Next, using the sharp pinking shears, cut the lace along your natural hairline. This will only be done the first time you wear a wig. 

Step 5: Apply the wig and slay your baby hair 

How To Apply Glueless Lace Wigs
How To Apply Glueless Lace Wigs

Carefully pull the wig in. First, adjust the edges of the wig to match the hairlines. Next, adjust the back of the wig so that it hangs naturally over your hair. Finally, fix your wig with the adjustment strip and wig comb, then use wig glue to fix your lace. After you press the thread into the glue, it will be very difficult to remove it. Make sure the wig is perfectly aligned before proceeding. When you are done, you just need to use a small comb or toothbrush with a little hair gel to style your baby hair, the wig has completely melted for you.

Step 6: Style your hair

You can use regular brushes, hot styling tools, and hair products if your wig is human hair. But your wig is synthetic, you should not use regular brushes and hot styling tools. Instead, use a wide-tooth comb or wig comb to adjust your hair.

A glueless human hair wig, especially lace front wigs without glue, not only gives a natural look but also offers more convenience and fun. If you haven’t tried one yet. Whether you have normal or more picky hairstyles at home, choose one and enjoy it. If you need assistance, contact Luxshine Hair, a Vietnamese hair vendor! We are always ready to help you!

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