The Best Shoulder Length Haircuts for Thin Hair

Do you owning a thin hair?

Have you ever thought about haircuts for your hair? Or you just keep only one haircut?

Many people think that it’s very difficult to style for thin hair, and they don’t know how to do with their hair. Don’t worry about that. There are so many haircuts for a thick hair and so many ways for a thin hair too. We’re here to give you some amazing solutions for your thin hair that you own. In this article “Shoulder Length Haircuts for Thin Hair”, We believe that you will learn more about styling for your hair to have a good look.

Before we begin looking at some haircuts for thin hair, let’s talk about one of the most important things that is needed in order to really create a haircut that you enjoy, and that is a good hairstylist. It’s a fact: finding a hairstylist that specializes in fine, thin hair can make a difference in whether you like your haircut vs. love it!

When looking for a hairstylist it’s essential to find someone who understands the best cutting techniques that should be used in order to create natural fullness and thickness. Having a stylist who understands and can work with your thin hair type is essential to having the right haircut.

Shoulder Length Haircuts for Thin Hair: Angled Thin Hair

Straighten out the thin hair and go with an angled bob that adds style and volume to strands which otherwise are tempted to fall flat. If you want to this haircut, you should keep it shoulder length of shorter for optimal manageability.

Shoulder Length Haircuts for Thin Hair: Angled Thin Hair 

Long Bob with Wispy Face-Framing Layers

A long bob with wispy face-framing layers will have your hair looking more luscious and thick. The key to making a shorter cut look fuller is to avoid a lot of layers. However, a lot of face shapes benefit from a few layers. You should keep them subtle and just around your face to add shape without removing weight. This is really perfect for straight, wavy or even curly hair too.

Long Bob with Wispy Face-Framing Layers


Soft Wavy Bob Haircut With Accentuating Highlights

Ladies who own a shoulder-length haircut know that nothing works better than wavy hairstyles. Most bobs have different lengths on the front and back, which looks ravishing once it’s waved. So, even slight waves can show your cut in a new light.

Soft Wavy Bob Haircut With Accentuating HighlightsNow, let’s talk about the hair color. Even though it’s very important to appreciate your natural shade, we encourage you should try to create some new and fresh things for your hair. Sometimes the point is not to change the color totally; it’s about highlighting or accentuating your base. The modern trendsetters advise ladies with brown hair to try out softly highlighted hair, where their primary shade is emphasized with a matching, yet a bit lighter shade.

Messy Blonde Shoulder Length Bob Hairstyle

As we’ve mentioned before, messy hairstyles are a thing these days. Yes, sometimes adding a bit of messiness is the best finishing touch for reaching perfection. Mainly because it’s an effortless way to give weak or very unruly locks more voluminous and soft appearance.

Messy Blonde Shoulder Length Bob HairstyleBesides lots of wonderful styling choices, shoulder-length haircuts are also a huge canvas for color creativity. Have you ever seen how nicely a blonde bob with tousled waves enlivens the look? Well, you should see it in the mirror, then.

Straight & Blonde Long Bob Haircut

We all know that dealing with straight hair means that you should do your best to keep the look sleek yet voluminous. One of the main problems of straight locks is that they tend to fall flat, regardless of one’s hair type and length. And you know the right cut is the best solution, as always.

Straight & Blonde Long Bob Haircut

Once you give long bob a try, you’ll see the difference: the top will be easier to lift up during styling, and the front will become rounder. And that is awesome for those who’d like to frame their faces. And if it’s a blonde bob, achieved with balayage over the brunette roots, you’ll forget about flat looks once and for all.


Half Up Half Down

We believe that the shoulder-length style is the best of both worlds with its half up/half down twisted style. The reddish color is gorgeous that you can try with your shoulder-length curls. Use your favorite barrette, clip, or pin to really play up this fun look by your way.

Half Up Half Down 

Cotton Candy Pink Bob for Thin Hair

This short hairstyle is very classic and simple. Lightly curled with the straight across bangs, the only thing that could have possibly made this look any sweeter would have been to add a cotton candy color to it, which is what was done here. So, with this total style, you’d be getting classic beauty with some trendy sweetness, from the candy colored hair.

Cotton Candy Pink Bob for Thin Hair

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Teased and Curly

Regardless of your length and cut, there are two full-proof ways to spice up your look and make your thin hair look nice and thick: waves/curls and teasing. Teasing can be damaging to your hair so remember – everything in moderation. The waves will add plenty of fullness. However, if you have a round face shape, avoid big curls around the side of your face.

Teased and Curly

How To Make Thin Hair Look Thicker

With some ideas about shoulder-length haircuts above, we hope that you will find a haircut suitable for your hair. Let’s try many haircuts and don’t worry about your type of hair that you have.

Love your hair by your way!

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