Check out most impressive silver short hair styles for women

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In the past, silver colored hair is not popular because it looks like the older’s hair. Besides, to have this hair color, people have to bleach and dye hair with chemicals and that can cause unexpected damages for the owner’s hair, even health. However, we can’t deny that women with silver hair look actually graceful and charming, especially with their short hair. This hair color nowadays is trendy with many creative styles so let’s check out the most outstanding short silver hair styles together with Beeequeenhair right now!

1. Silver pixie hair

As for women who like the comfort and personality, having short pixie hair with silver color is really suitable. When you keep this style, your face not only looks younger and energetic but it looks extremely outstanding as well. This silver short hair style is often combined with side part style so as to look cooler and more mature. Bangs also help you hide some parts of your face so that your appearance will become more mysterious and elegant. Especially if you are an older woman, having this style can hide your own real silver hair wisely.

silver pixie hair

2. Silver ombre short hair

Having black to silver ombre short hair is a wonderful idea if you want to attract other people’s attention on some special occasion. With this style, hair roots are still retained with its own natural black hair while the rest is dyed with gradually- lighten tones of silver. You can create almost hair texture with these contrasting colors without making awkward images. For example, when you want to have a soft appearance, combining the kind of black and silver short hair with loose hair waves is so impressive. On the other hand, having this style with straight short hair will bring to you an image which looks much more mature.

Don’t forget applying this silver short hair style with middle part hair or bangs instead of side part hair so as to make your look become more balanced and graceful.

3. Fawx hawk silver short hair

If you are finding a short hairstyle which looks so cool and attractive, let Ruby Rose show you that. This woman can be considered the master with short hairstyles. Fawx hawk silver short hair is exactly one of her most gorgeous short hairstyles. Indeed, we have a lot of things to talk about this magical hairdo.

With the modest length size of hair, this short hairstyle can give you the image which looks quite masculine and rough. However, as for women who love menswear style, this style is actually try- worthy. Almost of her front hair is made into outstanding fawx hawk style and the other part is slightly shaved. On addition, silver hair color is can make you bright in anywhere. It is powerful, strong and full of personality.

Fawx hawk silver short hair

4. Layered silver short hair

Silver short hair with layers is also not a bad idea for girls who want their own appearance to be renewed and look more charming. You can choose a shade of suitable silver hair hue and then combine it with creative hair layers. This combination makes your short hair look naturally messy while the attraction of solver color is undeniable. Why don’t you have this style for some trip with your friends, it will actually not make you disappointed.

Layered silver short hair

5. Siver bob

Talking about beautiful short hairstyles with silver color, we can’t ignore bob hair. Essentially, bob styles look very active and outstanding so that when they are dyed with silver color, their effects become much more impressive. Let’s check out some  images of them right here below!

Silver wavy bob with side part style is so wonderful. If you own white skin and a beautiful face, your appearance with it even looks more gorgeous than ever. Natural hair waves gives smooth and soft feelings and silver color gives something rebellious but eye catching. Combining with charming makeup, you will actually become the most beautiful women in eyes of the others.

Siver natural wavy bob

Besides, you can also have silver bob with straight texture. Your appearance looks a bit thorny and strong but it is extremely charming and mature. It is also not a bad choice for women who love active but natural images.

silver straight bob

How about your opinion? Which style of short silver hair makes you impressed the most? Do you want to have a unique hairstyle like that? If your answer is” Yes”. Let’s do it! We make sure that your appearance will look wonderful. Even, if you need suggestions for a nice style for short black hair, it’s no problem with us.

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