Rita Ora Is Swish, Swish, Swishing Her Long Platinum Blond Hair in Cannes

It can’t be denied that some short hairstyles like bobs or lobs have been trendy for a few seasons, but now it’s time for long hair. You can easily catch the images of many celebrities with super – long hair on media, especially Instagram feed that has been full with celebs applying this trend. To be honest, we can’t nearly take our eyes off Jennifer Lopez or Nicki Mjnaj with beautiful long hair. And we are also attracted by Angela Bassett’s ponytail at Oscars or J Lo’s many mile-long ponytails. It seems that the trend of long hair has won almost famous people’s love. And today, we can add another name into that list. She is exactly Rita Ora. At Cannes Film Festival, Rita Ora is swish, swish, swishing her long platinum blond hair in Cannes. With the long platinum hair styled in a low ponytail, she has changed her appearance dramatically and made not few people open wide their mouth due to her new amazing look at the Film Festival 2019.

What Do You Know About Rita Ora?

Maybe Rita Ora is quite familiar to a lot of people loving pop music. She is one of the most well-known pop stars over the world nowadays. With many big hits such as “For You”, “Anywhere” and the great collaboration with Bebe Rexha and Charli XCX in “Girl” last year, she has confirmed her position in the fans’ heart. Not only is Rita Ora famous as a talented singer but she is also known as the proficient musician as well as fashionista, usually working with numerous celebrated clothing labels to create her own outfit. That is not all about her talents! If you are a moviegoer, the characters of Rita Ora might not be too strange to you. She used to appear in Fast & Furious 2013 as a subordinate character but still made impression on viewers. And the most recent film is the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy with the role of Christian Grey’s sister Mia. We can’t deny the talents of Rita Ora. And more specially, her fashion styles as well as hairstyles in Cannes always draws audience’s attention and admiration.

What Do You Know About Rita Ora

How Beautiful She Is in Cannes with The Long Platinum Blond Hair!

She has taken part in a variety of the big events and film festivals and always left her own marks. In the latest Cannes Film Festival, Rita Ora looked so outstanding on the red carpet with the long platinum blond hair. Although there were a lot of big names in the 72nd Cannes Film Festval like Selena Gomez, Bella Hadid and so on, Rita Ora was not inferior to them with this hairstyle. The 28-year-old singer made almost audiences at the Cannes and viewers gape at her. She was so amazing and attractive with a super long new ponytail thanks to support of hair extension. It is quite different from ordinary styles but she loves to do something new with her experience. As mentioned above, Rita Ora is a fashionista, so she always know how to renew her figure with unique and gorgeous clothes. In the Cannes, she wore a chic monochrome dress that had a black top sections coming down to a point and over a full white skirted section. This dress looked quite simple but still flattered the chic beauty. When mixed with the long platinum blond hair, it helped Rita Ora stand out from the crowd.

How Beautiful She Is in Cannes with The Long Platinum Blond Hair

Rita Ora In Different Big Events

Though this is the first time she wears such long hair with a low ponytail to Cannes, it is not the first time she chooses the platinum blond color for her hair. We can see the images of Rita Ora with the platinum blond hair in some previous festivals. Take the 2018 Met Gala as an example. Rita Ora always knows the way to make a special entrance. And at that Met Gala, she did not make attenders disappointed. With an enormous black headpiece combined with fabulous blond, straight and long hair, she created the drama of the look.

Rita Ora is not the only successful person with this hair color. Many other celebrities also try the platinum blond and get the desired results. We have to mention Kylie Jenner, Sofia Richie, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Swift, Michelle Williams, and so on. In a nutshell, Rita Ora is considered one of the most talented and fashionable celebrities. Whatever clothes or hairstyles she wears, she always makes an impression on her fans’ minds and hearts. Hope you continue to read our blog. Our website has a lot of news about celebrities and their fabulous hairstyles that you admire. Don’t miss our blogs!

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