Reveal cute moments when Ariana Grande no makeup

Ariana Grande is known as a famous American singer with an extremely excellent voice. She made a buzz thanks to hits like “The way” or “Problem”. When appearing at events or on the red carpet, she often wears splendid and outstanding style. Especially, her high ponytail has become an iconic image of hers in recent years which blurs other beautiful hairstyles she used to do. In this post, we will explore some other Ariana Grande hairstyles to find out her truly beauty in every situation, even it’s on stage or in daily life. Let’s get started.

Her natural beauty

Ariana Grande natural hairstyles

Hardly do you know that Ariana Grande natural hair is natural curly with chocolate brown tone? How sweet and cute she is which is absolutely opposite to her bossy and neat look. Instead of letting her down naturally, she makes two cornrows in a side part to show her gorgeous face. 

Ariana Grande hairstyles with blonde ombre

ariana grande ombre hair

The hair shades change gradually from dark brown to light blonde perfectly. The color matches her skin tone and makes her face brighter. At the same time, she make a half-up so that the free hair will not hide her beautiful face. This is a brilliant way to turn your easy and simple hairstyles into a cute and fashionable ones. On the one hand, don’t forget to let some flyaway hair strands to soften your appearance.

Photos after swimming

cute hairstyles of ariana grande

The “Problem” singer is absolutely a young girl as any others. Hence, her visualization is also adorable and “mischief” sometimes. Let’s look at her cute photo above. The blunt bangs make look like a high-school girl. In combination with 2 loose buns and a deep dimple, she absolutely steals your heart. Among Ariana Grande hairstyles, we absolutely vote this one for the first place. What about you?

Selfie in front of a mirror

Selfie in front of a mirror

Like all young girls of the same age, Ariana also has lovely moments with selfie shots while standing in front of a mirror. Once again, we can see her beauty is unlimited. She looks pure and fresh with no makeup and a sleek hairstyle. With a simple low bun, no one can deny that she looks great. Although this hairdo usually tends to add some ages to your appearance, our adorable American singer still brings out young vibes incredibly.

Bone straight Red Hair

Face without makeup with red hair

This is an old image since Ariana kept her red hair stand out. She looks radiant and fresh with charming dimples even without makeup. A girl full of vitality and confidence, red hair color makes her skin look brighter. She has a beautiful smile and warm eyes. I love her dynamic beauty in this picture. It’s obvious that Ariana knows how to be outstanding since her early ages.

A casual half-up bun

When walking

Off the stages, we usually meet casual appearances of our famous singer. This picture is one of them. Instead of a glittering image, she choose a simple and friendly look from her outfit to her hairstyles. An easy and quick bun cannot turn Ariana into a pop star, but it boosts her pure and young beauty absolutely. Bright face, delightful smile with light makeup along with a neat hairdo are spotlights that we cannot remove our eyes out of the American singer.

Ariana Grande hairstyles on the list above will probably make more and more people love this young singer because of her completely natural beauty. It is completely understandable because Ariana is also a famous person with few bad rumors and a really talented singer. No matter what hairdo she wears, she exudes her young and energetic vibes with the friendliness while people usually think of celebrities as “out-of-reach”.

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