Quick Weave Guide

A beautiful quick weave can steal the heart of everyone at the first look. That is the reason why many people say that “invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off”. If you want to purchase a hair extension like weave, bulk or other types, welcome you to Luxshinestore. Known as the leading company in providing high-qualified hair products, Luxshinestore gains belief of almost customers around the world. Today, we will introduce you some useful and interesting information related to quick weave guide. This makes weave installation become faster and more affordable. After this article, you can completely do a quick weave by yourself at home.

Quick weave guide

1. What is A Quick Weave?

Firstly, we need to explore the definition of a quick weave. Many people mightn’t know what a quick weave is. It is a weaving technique where wefts are glued to a skull cap or a protective cap put on the head. This cap has an important duty in protecting your own hair from the glue. In addition, besides plaiting hair, you can also hold it down by using a hardening gel.

It is the fact that a quick weave brings a number of benefits for wearers. It can be done by a professional stylist or you can also do it at home by yourself. There is no difficulty to do a quick weave so you don’t need to worry about this issue. A quick weave promises to bring you a new appearance. With a quick weave, you can freely change your figures with different types of hair extensions from long, short, straight or curly, mixed with a color or even highlights.

Furthermore, to glue in weave with cap will allow you to make many natural and beautiful hairstyles with weave. In fact, that the weave is attached into the cap instead of your real hair will make it easier to be removed and replaced. That is the reason why recently this technique is beloved by lots of people for its convenience. In case, your hair is short, don’t worry because you can totally glue in weave on short hair.

As a result, a quick weave is considered to be a wonderful alternative method to traditional sew-in. So, now, we explore more about this helpful weaving technique together!

A quick weave

 A Quick Weave Bob

Do you know what a quick weave bob is and how to do a bob quick weave? This is a kind of extremely easy style to do and maintain with a lot of efficiency. If you want to own a gorgeous bob without cutting your own hair, the quick weave bob will be the perfect choice for you.  With this weaving method, you can create a short hairstyle easily. There are several quick weave bobs that you can try like asymmetrical bob, blunt bob, and side-part bob. Related to how to do a quick weave bob, it is similar to the way to install a weave bob. It is quite easy to follow. You can make a quick weave bob with leave out or do a weave bob with closure.

How to do quick weave bob


Curly Quick Weave

This is a kind of hairstyle with a quick weave. A quick weave with curly hair can make lots of differences. Furthermore, it is easy to install and pull off for almost types of face, as well as make you look young and energetic. So, you should try do quick weave styles with curly hair to create a newer appearance. To know more different curly quick weaves, you can discover some short black quick weave with curly hair right now. This can give more choice to get yourself the most suitable one.

Side Part Quick Weave Style

You are thinking about renewing your hair this summer. Maybe you would like to have a short hair but not ready for any cutting. Consider to choose a side part quick weave style. This style looks like you are relocating your hair’s parting, which makes a specific difference on your figure. To do side part weave style, you need to use a straight and fine texture weave, mixed with a deep side part. The deep side part is able to help to complement your hair texture and length, it seems that longer bangs better your look. You might be wondering how to do a quick weave with bangs, right? We will explore this secret in the following part together.

There are some popular ways to do this quick weave style like side part glue in weave with leave out or quick weave with side part no leave out. You can choose one of them to apply yourself.

In a nutshell, a quick side part will bring ladies a glamorous beauty but still save time. Someone who has side part quick weave on natural hair looks much more confident. If you wear a quick weave on your natural hair, you will not have to worry about shedding or tangling anymore.

Side part quick weave style

Middle Part Quick Weave

This quick weave is beloved and used by a variety of people for its amazing functions. If your face is round, it will bring the feeling of your face’s length and symmetry. On other hands, if you have a long face, it will balance your face with the illusion of round look. Like other styles, you can do middle part quick weave with leave out or without leave out.


3. How to Do A Quick Weave?

It can be said that a quick weave requires much less time to install, compared with traditional hair wefts. Now, we will show you some necessary tips to do quick weave at home.

How to Do A Quick Weave with Leave Out

Doing quick weave with leave out means you leave a small amount of your own hair on the middle part or the side part of your head. This will make your hair become more natural and more realistic. Besides, to increase much more natural look, you have to choose the color of hair extension that is the same hue as your own hair.

  • As mentioned above, a quick weave is easy to apply. Always remember to make your hair clean and dry completely before you put the cap on your head. As explained, if you place the cap on wet hair, it can lead to the development of mold on your scalp.
  • Then start to braid your hair, leaving a side or central part out.
  • Put the cap on your hair to cover it totally.
  • Because you have a leave out or a part, it is necessary to outline your part on the cap by using a lip or concealer pencil.
  • After that, cut the cap along the lip or concealer pencil outline you have drawn to let your part out. Next, glue on hair weft into the U-shape to outline your part.
  • Cut and style hair extensions!

Note: Don’t leave too much hair out because it can be harmful to your hair. Just let a little of your own hair out – but still enough to hide the tracks. The less hair you leave out, the more natural it looks.

If you are going to do full quick weave no leave out or other types like curly quick weave no leave out, plait your hair in one way in which your own real hair will not be affected by the weave.

How to do a quick weave with leave out

How to Do A Quick Weave With Bangs and Closure

To be honest, finishing weave with leave out is applied by many weave-wearers because it can bring a natural beauty for their hair. But, do you know that this method can damage your own hair in some ways. If you leave a lot out, this part of your hair will usually get in touch with chemical relaxers as well as heat. So, to avoid these damages, you can try other ways like wearing bangs or closures.

  • Mark a point on the top of your head, away from the hairline 2 ½ -3
  • Next, place the bang piece from 4 to 5 rows of track closely.
  • Start at the font hairline, then move towards the crown. If you want the full bangs, add more tracks appropriately.
  • Then, for the closure piece, cut the excess laces that is located around the edges.
  • Apply a thin layer of glue on the base as well as the open area of the closure. After a few minutes when the glue becomes set, place the closure piece on the top.

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4. How to Remove Quick Weave?

A quick weave can the best choice for you when it can save your time to install and give you a surprising change of your appearance. But how long does a quick weave last? Normally, it can last for about 4 weeks. In case you need to remove it, what should you do? Now, we will let you know quick weave guide for removal properly.

Use the large amount of oil to cover the base of hair wefts as well as the cap. By this way, it will be easier for you to remove a quick weave because oil make them to slide off more easily. In case, there is still some dried glue left on your natural hair and your scalp as well, use a glue removing shampoo. Let comb you hair before you wash it with shampoo and conditioner.

Now, have you known how to take out a quick weave? This is so easy to follow, don’t worry. Be confident to do a quick weave to have a gorgeous hair as you dream for.

How to remove glue on your hair

5. Frequently Asked Questions about Quick Weave

What is the best hair for quick weave?

So, you must be wondering what the best hair for quick weave is, right? You should know about weave hair extensions thoroughly to fin the answer. In short, there are 2 kinds of hair used to make quick weave namely human hair and synthetic hair.

A quick weave made from human hair looks more natural and realistic but more expensive than synthetic hair. Besides, it also need more careful caring. Origins of human hair will decide on its quality. Undoubtedly, healthy hair must be better than unhealthy hair because the weak hair can make dry and brittle extensions. However, there are a type of human hair which is called non-remy. It’s processed with chemical to remove the cuticles – the outer layers of our hair shaft. Hence, this one is weaker and cheaper as well because it can last in short time only. On the other hand, synthetic hair made from fiber will be cheaper but less natural than human hair.

Which one is the best for you? It’s up to your demand, financial condition and other factors. Do you have your own answer?

Where to buy the best hair for quick weave?

As we show you above, each person has their own “the best weave hair extensions”. Hence, we cannot show you an exact store for that. However, we will show you some tips to find a reliable hair supplier.

  • Visit their website. If it’s a trustworthy hair supplier, they will have a big and professional website.
  • Find customers’ reviews. Be caution because you can be trapped. Many hair vendor fakes their customers reviews, at the same time, they also have bad mouth on other vendors. You should join some social network group about hair and ask about the supplier you want to know more info. 
  • Contact them. Customer Service is a great way to judge if they are your hair supplier.
  • Test some hair. If you are a retailer or hairstylist, you should buy and try some hair. Do not say them you want sample order because they may send you the best hair at first but bad hair in next order.

If you think high quality human hair is your fate, hit to Luxshinehair, we highly recommend you to try. We have worked in hair field for more than 20 years. How can we survive in this market? It’s about quality and reasonable price.

Now, do you have any queries about quick weave guide? We hope that the above-mentioned details will help you understand more about this weaving technique, which is quite easy and quick to do at home. Wish you have a beautiful hairstyle as you admire! If you require assistance, Luxshine Hair, a renowned Vietnam hair supplier, is here for you! Don’t hesitate to contact us anytime; we’re dedicated to supporting your needs.

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