Curly I-Tip Hair Extensions

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Curly I-tip Hair Extensions
Curly I-Tip Hair Extensions
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Are you ready to amplify your natural curls with effortless length and volume? Ditch the styling tools and embrace gorgeous, bouncy curls with Luxshine Hair’s curly I-tip hair extensions. These extensions blend perfectly with your own hair for a natural, effortlessly stunning look.

Curly I-tip extensions from Luxshine Hair will never disappoint you with their effectiveness and ease of use. Let’s explore them with me.

Introducing Our Curly I-tip Extensions

I-tip extensions are a type of keratin tip hair extensions, where each individual hair strand is attached to a keratin protein bond. 

Luxshine Hair’s curly I-tip extensions are made from the finest 100% human hair, ensuring a realistic look and luscious texture that perfectly matches your own curls.

Application & Benefits


  • Your stylist will thread a small section of your natural hair through a micro ring, insert the curly I-tip extension, and then clamp the micro ring with pliers to secure the extension in place.
  • Longevity: After the application process, I-tip extensions generally last about 3-6 months with proper care before they need to be repositioned. 

I-tips from Luxshine Hair are high-quality extensions so they can be reused multiple times. Therefore, our I-tips can last for one year or more in total. 


  • Natural-looking, seamless blend with your existing curls
  • Adds volume and length for a full, bouncy look
  • Minimal styling required for beautiful, low-maintenance curls
  • Comfortable and discreet due to the flat bond design
I-tips from Luxshine Hair
I-tips from Luxshine Hair

What’s in Luxshine Hair’s Curly I-Tip Collection?

Owning curly hair will transform your look and make you stand out with glamorous radiance and captivating charm. Here is the breakdown of what is in our curly I-tip collection:

  • Lengths: Indulge in lengths from 16 to 30 inches!
  • Texture: Kinky curly, loose curly, deep curly, fumi curly, romantic curly
  • Shades of Curly:  #PLA01, #1, #1A, #1B, #3Q, #4Q, #12, #6C, #9C, #12C, #60, #60C, #613
  • Standard: L, MS



I-tips 3mm (tips/100gr)

I-tips 2,5mm (tips/100gr)

I-tips 2mm (tips/100gr)

 16 inch




18 inch




20 inch




22 inch




24 inch




26 inch




28 inch





Our curly I-tip hair extensions
Our curly I-tip hair extensions

5 Reasons Why Is Luxshine Hair Your Curly I-Tip Destination?

As a leading human hair supplier in Vietnam, we promise:

  • Premium Quality: We use only the best quality Remy and virgin human hair, promising natural bounce, minimal frizz, and long-lasting definition for your curls.
  • Competitive Pricing: As we have our own factory in Vietnam, our direct sourcing and manufacturing capabilities allow us to bring you the best curly I-tip extensions at factory prices.
  • Customization Service: We can tailor the extensions and design the logos and tags of products to meet the specific needs and preferences of wholesale clients.
  • Superb Support: Our team of hair experts is here to help you discover the perfect shade and texture of curly to complement your skin tone and hair type.
  • Flexible Policies: We want you to love your new curly look! That’s why we offer flexible return policies that give you peace of mind. If, for any reason, you’re not satisfied, enjoy a smooth return process for your convenience

Ready to transform your hair? Contact Luxshine Hair:

  • Website:
  • WhatsApp: (+84) 862 552 088

Let’s create your dream curly hair look together!




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LUXSHINEHAIR works with a variety of shipping agents. The most popular courier service like DHL, FedEx, Cedex, UPS, EMS is available based on your region. You will receive a confirmation from our sales agent once your order is ready to be shipped.

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Can I color these hair extensions?

Answer: Yes you can. We only recommend dying the virgin #1B color, they are completely natural and will take color easily from to 2 to 3 shades. If you need to go lighter then bleaching may be involved, in which case we would recommend you consult a professional. We do not recommend coloring hair that's already been colored. When doing any color service to the hair, perform a test strand first to see how the color processes with your formula being used. Once you confirm the results and processing time are correct than you can carry on with the full application of color desired. Keep in mind that the lighter you go it may slightly loosen the hair's natural curl pattern. This is something you can check for after completing your strand test as well.

How long will this hair last?

Answer: With proper care and maintenance, this overall product will last you at least 1 to 2 years with proper care. We have customers that have been using the same hair extensions upwards of 4 to 5 years. We recommend only using the highest quality hair extension products for maintenance.

What kind of hair are used in these?

Answer: We use 100% authentic Remy hair in all of our hair extension products. The virgin #1B color is natural, other colors are also available for purchase. The cuticle remains intact and aligned which allows the hair to be styled naturally with heat tools so it blends seamlessly with your own hair.

Are other colors available?

Answer: This product is only available in the virgin #1B color, which is a beautiful combination of off-black and dark brown.


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