Princess Diana and her legendary hair styles

Talking about one of the most influential women in British royal family, we can’t ignore the name of Princess Diana. She was the first wife of Charles, Prince of Wales and the mother of Prince William and Prince Harry. In office, Diana’s activism and glamour were known by people all over the world and she always appeared with the most gorgeous appearance and gesture.

If you care more clearly, you can easily recognize that Princess Diana’s appearance is only attached with short hairstyles. However they are all unique and graceful. So what was the reason for this decision what were her favorite hairstyles? Let’s find out all mysterious things of Princess Diana hairstyles right here below together with Luxshinehair!

Princess Diana hair

1. The reason why Princess Diana got short hairstyles

Princess Diana was renowned for her profound effect on the fashion world. Especially, her hairstyles were much noticed after she had kept her iconic short hairstyle during 1990. The witch behind this style was Sam McKnight. He had served as the Princess’s personal hair stylist for seven years. In his new book “Hair by Sam McKnight”, he explained a bit about the choice of Diana for her short hairstyles.

He wrote “I made her hair look short in the tiara for the shoot and she decided she liked it…As she was leaving, Diana asked what would I do to her hair if I had free reign…I suggested cutting it short and she, to my surprise, agreed, and we did it there and then.”

Princess Diana short hair

That was such the amazing but unintentional suggestion. Anyways, Princess Diana short hairstyles were really suitable with her and they are one of the most impressive symbols that made people never forget her image, even after her decease.

2. Pictures of Princess Diana hairstyles

Iconic short hairstyle

The most iconic hairstyle that makes Princess Diana’s image become perpetual with all other people is her iconic short hairstyle. As mentioned above, this style was created by Sam McKnight. He helped Princess Diana have a completely fresh appearance with her iconic short, slicked- back hair.

Princess Diana iconic hair

It was like Farrah Fawcett feather hair but it was short and bulged to give the more impressive and voluminous images. Beside, deep side swept style made her hair become so wonderful. Diana was always loyal to blonde hair but with this style, she often changed her hair color so as to have the most outstanding appearance. It can be light brown, creamy blonde or light blonde. The Princess looked full of charm and elegance with these styles.

Short hair with curved bangs

Changing the legendary side swept bangs into curved bangs was one of her wisest choices with her short hair. However, instead of keeping normal bangs, she had short curved bangs so as not to cover her whole forehead and expose her eyebrows. Thanks to that, Diana’s face looked very bright and graceful.

Commonly, she had bangs with her thick pixie hair. However, she also combined it with familiar feathered short hair. These styles gave her classical and polite appearances so that they are also ideal choices for royal meetings.

short hair with curved bangs

Pinned back curly hair

Apart from classical short haircuts, Princess Diana had ever kept long hair. Nevertheless, it was a retro style which was neatly pinned up to have shoulder length hair. Bobbing side part hair style with the familiar shade of blonde color made her white face and beautiful smile became more outstanding than ever.

Obviously, we couldn’t ignore the help of big loose hair curls. They were voluminous and extremely creative. Even when being pinned up, they still gave something mysterious and unique for her appearance. The Princess often made this style when she visited charity centers or took part in a public activity. Let’s see! Her smile was really brighter than the flower bunch she was grabbing, wasn’t it?

Pinned back curly hair

Short hair with headband

Apart from applying twinkle earrings as accessories, wearing a headband was also loved by Diana. In the last year of her life, Diana had ever appeared with a blonde short hairstyle and a headband with black color. She chose to have bobbing bangs with this style so that the headband will not look too awkward on her head. In addition, sleek light blonde hair was very bright and outstanding.

It was a pity that Diana passed away too soon so we couldn’t see Princess Diana hairstyles pictures more. However, her appearance, styles and all things she left were everlasting in people’s hearts.

short hair with headband

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