Popular Style And Texture Of Full Lace Human Hair Wigs

Wearing human wigs is no longer strange to women nowadays since wigs become more and more popular all over the world. Women tend to use hair extensions to get the perfect hairstyle and color since the color when dying may not be what they expect. Besides, women wear hair extension to avoid damage their natural hair but still follow the temporary trend. Therefore, to meet the demand of women, a lot of hair extension suppliers appear which diversify hair market and bring women more full lace human hair wigs with different style, texture and quality.

As one of the most trustworthy hair suppliers, Luxshinehair always brings best full lace wigs human hair to our beloved customers. In today’s post, we will give you an overview of most popular types and texture wig.

full lace human hair wigs

Full lace human hair wigs with baby hair

Baby hair along the edge of hairline will help you have a natural look when wearing this hair extension. Made from 100% Vietnamese human hair, our wigs are meticulously produced by skillful workers. The final products need to reach the highest standard before selling to the market. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the quality of wigs. The real smooth, soft and shiny strand will satisfy you at the first sight.

Full lace human hair wigs with baby hair


One of the reason why women are falling in love with glueless full lace human hair wigs is that they can easily style their wig after installing. Normal hair extensions will be a little bit difficult in styling, just better to be pulled down. However, with this product, you can completely style your hair like braiding, twisting bun or whatever style you like without be recognized. If you wear other kinds of hair extensions, people may notice when they are close to you. However, full lace wigs human hair totally cover your head and some baby hair is good enough real look.

Full lace human hair wigs with baby hair for different styles

Short full lace wigs human hair

If you are fed up with your current long hair, why don’t you renew by a “shortcut”? For those who aren’t ready to cut their long hair yet but still want to try short hair to see how it works, there is nothing better than short full lace wigs human hair. No need to cut or do anything affecting your natural hair, just visit our website Luxshinehairstore.com and pick some fancy, cool an amazing short hair wigs, that’s it.  We have variety of best full lace wigs human hair for you to choose. Short middle-part straight bob hair can be a typical example.

Short full lace wigs human hair

Afro kinky curly short hair wigs are one of our best selling products. In the past, this style is loved mostly by African women, but now it gradually becomes more and more popular in the world. Women love this unique style, fluffy and full hair, so they want to try more. Therefore, short afro kinky curly hair wigs appear more and more in the market.

Afro kinky curly short hair wigs


Shoulder length wigs in blonde color are good option for renewing hair look. Blonde color is quite hard to get the perfect shade. If your hair is natural black, you need to bleach your hair more than twice before coloring blonde and it’s extremely harmful to your hair. Therefore, wigs are always a smart way to change hairstyle and color.

Shoulder length wigs in blonde color


Full lace curly human hair wigs

100% human hair full lace wigs from Luxshinehair will bring you full and healthy curly locks. No chemicals, no dye or bleach, you still own soft and smooth curly hair which look completely real. Unlike synthetic hair wigs, our best full lace wigs human hair which use 100% Vietnamese women hair as material will finish your look, bring you a fabulous curly hair ever.

Full lace curly human hair wigs

Our unprocessed curly virgin hair wigs will enhance your beauty, bring you a stunning and flattering hair ever. Long black middle-part curly hair is really a good choice for girls looking for a charming and attractive hairstyle. The hair strands are soft and shiny since the black color is 100% natural.

unprocessed curly virgin hair wigs

Another cool choice for women who like full lace curly human hair wigs in short style is this short curly wigs below. Gray color is the highlight of this hairstyle which is cool and unique. Normally, it will takes you lots of time and a big amount of money to get this perfect style in hair salon coz not many hair stylists can create this hair style. Nevertheless, Luxshinehair can completely realize your dream by this wigs with affordable prices!

short curly wigs

The combination between black and blonde color is also a good choice for women to experience. Besides, they are various in color combining in this texture known as ombre. Ombre helps your hair look cool and more impressive. We just collect some typical full lace curly human hair wigs in ombre that you take into consideration.

black and blonde full lace curly human hair wig


ombre curly wig

Full lace human hair wigs are the best way to change your hairstyle and color. If this is the first time you try out wigs, don’t worry since it’s quite simple to wear. With just some basic steps, you can easily find in some online tutorials.

Don’t hesitate to visit our website, select some and try out. Our professional and friendly staffs will support you all the time. Get ready to rock new hairstyle.

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