Pineapple hair and all things you haven’t known yet

What do you think when hearing someone talks about pineapple hair? We make sure that some of you will immediately look back on the image of the pineapple and laugh at this style because it sounds to be ridiculous and awkward, right? However, we don’t talk about a strange haircut for some cosplay holiday here, pineapple hair is a hair- making method which is extremely popular with African American women. It is more beautiful, creative and eye- catching than the thing you image. Let’s check it  out together with Luxshinehair!

curly pineapple hair

1. What is pineappling hair?

As we have mentioned above, let’s stop imagining about a pineapple shaped hairstyle on your head with yellow pinapple eyes and some shades of green color on the top of head. Here, we don’t talk about the hair color but about the style. Because its image is like a loose high ponytail hairstyle on the top of head, it gives the effect which is absolutely outstanding and different from other ones. Hair looks quite similar to the shape of pineapples leaves and the head plays as its body. Obviously, that is the reason why we call it pineapple hair.

Pinapple hair is not only an impressive style but also a protective method for hair, especially for curly or wavy hair. You can completely feel secure to have this style when laying down. The style is neat and safe so that your hair will  less be tangled or frizzy. That is such a wonderful thing!

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Black curly pineapple hair

2. How to pineapple hair?

To have this hairstyle is completely not difficult. Steps are like making a common high ponytail hairstyle. The important thing is that you need to make sure not to make unexpected hair knots and tangles.

how to pineapple hair

Step 1: Brushing hair

This is the preparation step which is simple but the most essential. If you don’t brush hair, hair will be easy to get tangle and shedding. Especially when you have curly or wavy hair, you must able to meet trouble after getting up with a bad hair mess on your head. In addition, brushing hair firstly helps next steps become simpler and much more convenient.

Step 2: Pineappling hair

At this stage, let’s gently gather your hair into a high ponytail and tie it with a fabric scrunchie. If you only want to have this one to protect your hairstyle when sleeping and don’t use this style for some event, let’s keep the tied knot as loose as possible. You should avoid using the elastic to tie hair too tightly because it can make your hair to be dented and make your perfect initial hairdo get unexpected effects in the morning.

Step 3: Parting your tied hair

If you tend to have pineapple hair as a style instead of a protective hair method, let’s tie your hair in order to feel comfortable and self- confident enough. After having it, you can part your hair into both sides so as to make hair look more voluminous and eye- catching as well as not cover your face if hair is too long and curly. On the other hand, you should also part your hair when sleeping to keep hair natural and free. In that case, you obviously don’t need to worry that the fabric scrunchie is slipped because your hair is on the top so that it will also be protected the best.

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3. Some amazing images of pineapple hair

Pineapple curly hair

African American women is no longer too strange with this pineapple natural hair style, including celebrities such as Rihanna. This style seems very suitable with our powerful singer. Hair curls are mischievous, voluminous and absolutely stunning. You can skillfully combine the style with impressive blonde hair color to make it become outstanding and creative like the way Rihanna did.

Pineapple curly hair

Pineapple bun hair

You can make it a bit more different with pineapple hair bun. Let’s make your high ponytail hair into your favorite bun style. It up to your hobby that you can leave hair ends to make a special kind of bangs or keep hair into a normal bun. Anyways, these hairdos are very impressive and attractive.

Pineapple bun hair

Pineapple hair with headband

As for this style, your natural curly hair will be protected the best. You only need to use a bandana you like instead of using a normal fabric scrunchie. It impressive color and coverage are very useful to make the pineapple hairstyle become gorgeous.

Pineapple hair with headband

Do you want to have beautiful curly or wavy hair textures for yourself to have these wonderful pinapple hairdos. Let’s contact Luxshinehair immediately! We are always ready to supply the best real human hair extensions for you with the excellent quality and quantity.

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