7 outstanding dreadlock hairstyles and how to make them

Sometimes, you feel that it’s so tedious and boring with common hairstyles like straight, wavy or curly hair, don’t you? You want to make a newer and unique style but don’t know what is the suitable one? So have you ever heard about dreadlock styles? If not, why don’t you try them immediately for your hair change? We make sure that you will be very impressed with images that dreadlocks brings to! Let’s check it out together with Luxshinehair!

1. Outstanding dreadlock hairstyles

As for Asian or Western girls, hairstyles with dreadlocks can be quite straight and horrible. However, they are styles which are very trendy, popular and impressive with African American women. Images that they bring to will actually take every people by surprise on any occasions. Let’s discover the most outstanding dread hairstyles right now. Maybe, you will also die for them!

Dreadlock updo

Long straight dreadlocks

This is the simplest but the most popular style that women use for dreadlocks. Its simpleness makes difference because it looks very regular and eye catching. You can combine this hairstyle with some colorful tiny accessories and a side part style, dreadlocks will make you look absolutely attractive and creative. Whereas, straight long hair won’t let you look weak but make you become very strong and active.

long straight dreadlocks

Dreadlocks with curly ends

If you are a big fan od dreadlock hairstyles, don’t ignore dread hair with curly ends. The contrast between firm dreadlocks and soft curls will make your style become the most impressive, even without adding any ornaments. Let’s always be self- confident and have bright smile with this style because you are the most attractive girls in our eyes!

Dreadlocks with curly ends

Ponytail style with dreadlocks and braids

You can have an impressive style only with dreadlocks. However, how do you think if it is beautified with braid hair strands and the ponytail style? It will definitely help you to have a wonderful appearance. This hairstyles is the alternate combination dreadlocks and braids to make impressive hightlights on hair. In addition, all strands of hair are collected together and tied into a ponytail. You can have a style with low ponytail or high ponytail since images that they brings to is all beautiful.

Ponytail style with dreadlocks and braids

Dreadlock updo

You can make a whole updo with dreadlocks or have a small dread bun on the crown and keep the rest relaxed.  This style will give you an appearance which is much more charming and impressive than a common updo hairstyle.  Don’t forget to relate it with some accessories and suitable makeup style, you will be the most beautiful girl at any party.

Dreadlock updo style

Short dreadlock hair

Don’t think that short dreadlock hairstyles can’t be suitable for girls since they are still very impressive no matter which length size of hair you have. With short dreadlocks, you will look much more active and energetic. You can choose a bob style, a side part style, a pixie style or any kind you want, dreadlocks can give you the most wonderful images.

Short dreadlocks

Colorful dreadlocks

You always want yourself to look the most outstanding in anywhere, right? Don’t mind giving your dreadlock hair more creative colors. Orange, pink, purple, green, red or any tones you like can become the perfect highlight for your hairstyle. In case you don’t want to dye your own hair with hair colors, using colorful strings and wind around dreadlocks is a wise idea. Try it and you will feel amazed!

colorful dreadlocks

colordul drealock style

2. How to make dreadlock hairstyles

Do you feel impressed with these above dreadlock hairstyles? You can do these styles right at home with some skillfulness and creativeness so why don’t you try? Let Luxshinehair introduce you the two simplest methods for making dreadlocks. Maybe, they will be useful for you!

Method 1: Fuzzy style

With this method, you create dreadlocks by making mess on hair strands. You can make fuzzy styles by backcombing hair and then roll it with by hand. To make firm strands of dreadlock hair, you can use a crochet and do some skills to make dreadlocks look the most impressive. However, if it’s not necessary, you shouldn’t crochet because it can be difficult to retangle for hair.

dreadlock hairstyles with fuzzy style

Method 2: Lock style

After fixing hair strands to make dreadlocks, let’s use specialized gel or wax to smear hair parts which you need to make dread style. Divide it into some smaller strands and twist them into hair locks. With this methods, dreadlocks are made in the quicker and easier way without making tangles. Of course, the image that it brings to is also very wonderful.

dreadlocks with lock style

For now, all things you need to make dreadlocks are ready. Let’s make some impressive styles with them right now! These dreadlock styles will actually bring you the most wonderful and outstanding images. If you still have any relating questions, don’t mind sharing with us. Beequenhair is always ready to help you. Don’t forget to visit our shop when having demands about hair extensions!

Together with us discover more about wonderful dreadlock hairstyles for prom  or a similar style with dookie braids, you will actually like them immediately!


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