Oil Slick Hair – The Most Stunning Rainbow Hair Color

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Are you ready for doing something new to change your hair color? There is a new appearance of new hair color for dark strand that has ability to leave your hair iridescent look. It is Oil Slick Hair Color. Mention about this term, people perhaps wonder why girls are interested in oily hair. In fact, the trend of beautiful hair color is not related to actual grease. So, let’s find out if there is something special behind its name.

Oil Slick Hair

1. What is oil slick hair?

Speaking of oil slick hair, what is in your mind? Actually, the hair color was developed by Aura Friedman who is a New York celebrity colorist. He gave it this name because the color leaves the hair incredible sheen with a rainbow of color effect looked like a slick of oil. A mix of dark blue, green and purple hues give your hair unique appearance. It can’t be denied that it is best on dark hair. Unlike pastel, the color comes from blending darker shades that looks really amazing. Having said that it is one of chic winter beauty trend today.

What is oil slick hair

2. What makes the color stand out?

Have you wonder why oil slick hair color become more and more popular? The secret behind the charming color is about using cooler colors such as green and blue with a hint of one warm water. The special thing is that every girl is able to achieve oil slick hair without bleach. It means that darker-haired girls absolutely have a chance to obtain the rainbow hair. From now on, you won’t have to bleach your hair like crazy to achieve your dream shade of hair. Moreover, people is able to mix and make their own color, so their own hair color is definitely unique.

What makes the color stand out

3. What shades work best?

Depending on how dark your brunette hair color, oil slick will show of its effective work. If you have naturally dark hair, it is a perfect way to add the color without maintenance. If you are light to medium brown, you can add higher color tone to emphasize your gorgeous hair. Unfortunately, the darkest brunettes will have to bleach out their hair to gain this color. Furthermore, whereas pastel tends to fade quickly, deeper color of rainbow hair will last for months. Having said that subtle oil slick hair is an edgier hair in this winter. The bleach-free technique gives dark hair amazingly gorgeous results without damaging your strands.

What shades work best

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4. How to dye oil slick hair at home

It can’t be denied that rainbow hair is dark and mysterious color. If you decided to get oil slick trend at home, please remember to use right products and hair dye to gain the oil slick trend. These steps below might be helpful for you.

How to dye oil slick hair at home

Step 1: Lighten hair

Firstly, you should section your dry hair into for part before dyeing your hair. People said that oil slick color is incredible because girls don’t have to lighten their hair. It’s true but only if they have light brunette. If you own dark brunette hair, remember to lighten your hair first.

Step 2: Apply hair dye

Just like any hair color, the oil slick color requires a mix of using the right product, so be careful when you choose hair dye and shampoo. You can add colors to your hair by randomly to each part of hair. The best thing about this step is that you are not limited to a basic application. You absolutely have a chance to unleash your creativity to achieve your dream hair color.

Step 3: Wait and Rinse

It is important to try not to wash your hair as often because these direct dye colors will rinse away. After a while, you should rinse your hair with coldest water. In fact, warm water is able to remove the color from the strands. Following these step and you will achieve your gorgeous hair color.

5. The best oil slick hair dye for you

Speaking of oil slick hairstyle, there are various gorgeous style for girls to rock their hair. Here are some slick rainbow hair to give you hair inspiration for this season.

Oil Slick Ombre

Ombre often attracts people’s attention. It can be said that oil slick ombre is one of excellent way to enhance the charming beauty of girls.

Oil Slick Ombre

Chic waves

The hairstyle is just blossoming with adorable hues. The curvy curves of wavy hair make people unable to take their eyes off.

Chic waves

Bob Haircut

What do you think about a simple but beautiful hairstyle? Rainbow hair color is also suitable for ladies who love low-maintenance and short hair.

Do you find the right oil slick hair color for your style? If you like the post, please follow us and share your ideas in the comment section below.

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