Most Unforgettable 1950s Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles have been always most of all women’s concern at all time. When it comes to the most memorable hairstyles that used to be all the rage among women, we must mention to ‘50s hairstyles. Why did these hairstyles deserve its popularity in the 1950s by almost females? To know why, with Luxshinehair to discover most unforgettable 1950s hairstyles for women that tend to come back recently.

1950s Hairstyles For Women

Poodle Hairstyle

If you see movies of 1950s, you can realize that almost women at that time apply this hairstyle. The hand-rolled permed and tight curls are the same as the curly hair of a poodle, which is the origin of its interesting name. The poodle hairstyle is so sophisticated and requires a lot of effort as well as time to be styled. In the past, the women who wanted to get a chic look with this hairstyle needed to use at least 125 curlers to make curls by themselves. The poodle haircut looks so amazing on natural curly hair or ethnic hair.

Poodle Hairstyle

Bouffant Hairstyle

The appearance of the Bouffant in around 1957 had a power to make other hairstyles at that period overshadowed and quickly out of fashion. The first well-known woman who adopted this hairstyle and made it trendy was First Lady Jackie Kennedy, the wife of the 35th president of the United States – John F. Kennedy. It was one of the most prevalent hairstyles in the 1950s that gave women a noble and luxurious look. To get the ’50s bouffant hairstyle, the women used mesh rollers to set their hair and then let it air dried and teased to create the necessary height on the top and sides as well. The great amount of hairspray was used to hold the bouffant hairstyle in its place.

Jackie Kennedy with the Bouffant Hairstyle

Pixie Haircut

Despite being quite popular in the 1960s, the pixie cut actually became a trend only when Audrey Hepburn rocked this hairstyle with soft and wispy bangs in the popular film “Roman Holiday”. This was one of the coolest short 1950s hairstyles for girls with strong characters who really wanted to break the old order. When appearing in the 1950s, the pixie haircut was criticized by the media because it looked so manly, playful and just suitable for men. But not few women chose this hairstyle as the way to be against the prejudice of the society about a traditional woman and freely showed their personality.

Curly Bob

The 1950s witnessed the great popularity of curly bob. It was not difficult to see many famous actresses or singers wearing this hairstyle like Elizabeth Taylor or Eartha Kitt. The feature of this hairstyle was the perfectly curled and coiffed hair. Needless to say, many women were fond of the curly bob since it made them look so aristocratic and elegant.

Curly Bob

Short Bangs

Another memorable hairstyle that we can’t miss when it comes to 1950s female hairstyles is short bangs. Do you know who was the person popularizing this hairstyle at that time? She was First Lady Mamie Eisenhower of the United States during 1950 and 1961, the wife of President Dwight B. Eisenhower. She cut the bangs very short and made it tight and waved, which looked so weird. But this became trendy quickly and many women followed this style to get a special look like the First Lady.

Mamie Eisenhower with Short Bangs

Thick Bangs

In 1950s, thick bangs began to gain in popularity especially when mixed with long and curly locks. In addition to showing the volume or thickness of women hair, the thick bangs also help to frame their face. The women often paired the bouffant with thick bangs. And this perfect combination quickly became a hot trend at that time. A variety of well-known actresses and stars sported this look to beautify themselves as well as participate in important events.

Thick bangs


What about 1950s hairstyles for long hair? We must talk about ponytails. Nowadays, a ponytail is one of the most favorite hairstyles for girls that requires low maintenance but gives a chic look. However, this ponytail became popular during the 1950s and loved by almost young girls and teenagers because it was convenient, gorgeous and easy to apply, especially helped girls to flatter their face shape. To make this simple but beautiful hairstyle, the women would gather and pull all of their hair up to the center of the back head. Then use a rubber band to secure it. The 1950s ponytail hairstyles have been still popular until now.


Hollywood Pin Up

The Hollywood Pin Up included very full curls or sometimes cascading curls mixed to one side with a sleek top. Many well-known ‘50s actresses in Hollywood looked amazing with this hairstyle like June Haver, Betty Grable, etc. Long hair was considered as the perfect for this hairstyle instead of short hair.

Hollywood Pin Up

In a nutshell, 1950s hairstyles for women are incredibly beautiful. This is the reason why many of them have been worn by a number of women in recent days. Luxshinehair has shown you best ‘50s hairstyles that promise to bring you a perfectly vintage look. Which one are you into? Let your comment below for us.  If you want to find out more about other hairstyles of different periods like 1930s hairstyles for girls or ‘90s throwback braids, continue to read our articcles. Wish you have a gorgeous and impressive hairdo with Vietnam hair extensions!

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