Most Superb Brown Hairstyles with Red Highlights

Hairstyles with outstanding highlights always get much love by women all over the world, especially girls with dynamic and rebellious characteristics. One of the most popular styles nowadays is brown hair with red highlights. The image that it brings to is extremely outstanding and eye- catching that no girl can resist. In this article, Luxshinehair will introduce you the most superb brown hairstyles with red highlights.

Hairstyles with red highlights in brown hair is very various for different changes. Whether the combination between a safe color like brown and an outstanding color like red can give your hair the best appearance. Let’s check it out right now!

red highlights in brown hair

1. Light red highlights in dark brown hair

Dark brown hair dye is a color which is absolutely safe because its is nearly similar to the natural hair color. To make a more outstanding hairstyle, combining with light red highlights is a perfect choice. This style brings to girls extremely strong and active images which is far different from a common brown or black hairstyle. You can relate this style to a little of hair layers or loose hair waves, it will actually very wonderful!

Light red highlights in dark brown hair

2. Copper red highlights in chestnut brown hair

Many women like chestnut brown hair because it looks very soft and dreamy. However, someday you want to have a fresher style without bleaching the old hair color, let’s try adding copper red highlights on hair. Its result will take you by surprise!

Copper red color is very bright and sleek. It makes your hair look extremely impressive no matter you put it on any other tones of hair. Don’t mind trying this unique hairstyle with short or long hair, straight or curly textures because it can fit all.

Copper red highlights in chestnut brown hair×5-5-romantic-curly-hair-black-color

3. Chocolate brown hair with cherry red highlights

Does this “yummy” hairstyle make you interested? With us, it is “Yes!”. Chocolate brown hair color is never out of fashion since it is too burnished and shiny. This hair color is very suitable for girls who want to have charming and attractive right at the first sight.

Whereas, cherry red is very bright. It helps to beautify the dark chocolate brown color effectively so that their combination is highly appreciated. It will be more wonderful when you combine it with long wavy hair because hair waves will make the two colors be mixed better.

Chocolate brown hair with cherry red highlights

4. Dark brown to red ombre

You can completely combine ombre style for any pair of colors for a beautiful appearance. Dark brown to red ombre is exactly one of those wonderful combinations. A soft dark brown color on the upper part of hair and the rest is red. You will have a hairstyle that can be more outstanding than any other hairstyle. Keep straight texture for something mysterious or having it with a bit hair waves is wise and creative ideas.

Dark brown to red ombre×5-5-yaki-straight-hair-dark-brown-color

5. Auburn brown bob with red highlights

Auburn brown color is relatively bright so that it can give you an extremely impressive appearance while red highlights are useful to beautify brown hair more attractive. With an active red color, it will be a good idea when you combine it with a style of bob. No matter you want a wavy, curly or straight style on hair, auburn brown bob with red highlights won’t make you satisfy.

Auburn brown bob with red highlights

Finding more about short hairstyles with highlights and lowlights for your various choices here.

6. Mocha brown hair with ruby red highlights

The style with mocha brown is not bad because its tone is similar to dark brown color. It is both mild and attractive. Adding highlights of ruby red, you will have a hairstyle which is extremely modern and energetic. To make it look sleeker, don’t forget to use suitable conditioners, you will actually the most wonderful girl in the crowd.

Mocha brown hair with ruby red highlights

7. Hidden red hightlights in brown hair

How do you think if you have a magic hairstyle that make everyone amazed? It is exactly the thing that brunette brown hairstyles with hidden red highlights can bring to you. Commonly, people can only see your hair with brown color but it will change when you stroke your hair. Red color is dyed so as to become mysterious highlights for brown hair. That sounds amazing, right?

Hidden red hightlights in brown hair×5-5-water-body-wavy-hair-light-brown-color

For now, it is time for you to choose yourself a suitable brown hairstyle with red highlights. You also like them, don’t you? If yes, let’s come to the nearest hair salon and have one. Or else, if you have a bit skills, let’s try to DIY at home with suitable hair colors. Trust in us, it will not be a bad idea!

These styles are all belong to medium brown hair. Let’s find out about them if you like. Apart from this attractive color, you can find out more about Blue black hair dye or brown hair with caramel highlights. They are also really trendy and impressive!


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