Most Stunning Inverted Bob Haircuts 2019

Whether you are looking for a stylish and cool style to give your hair a new appearance or just have intension of getting a short cut, you’d better take inverted bob haircut into consideration. This cut which has short back and longer front is both stylish and stunning. Besides, it can suit different hair types and textures. Moreover, it also helps to reframe your face, give you the chicest look. To rock this style beautifully, what you need is finding the right version of inverted bob haircut for your own.

Therefore, this post of Luxshinehair today will help you complete your mission of choosing the most suitable and flattering inverted bob haircut. Get ready to explore this gorgeous hairstyle!

inverted bob haircut

What is inverted bob haircut?

If this is the first time you’ve heard about “inverted bob haircut”, no worries! It’s quite simple to understand. An inverted bob is a kind of bob haircut which features a short back and long front similar to A-line bob and also known as graduated bob with stacked layers. However, if normal A-line bob is straighter, inverted bob haircut is more curved at the back instead of flat as usual bob.

The stacked layers at the back can be different base on women’s interest. Some may like low blended stack. Others may like short layers. The length of front also vary in different version.

What is inverted bob haircut

What are some main types of inverted bob?

Inverted bob haircut has several versions depending mostly on the length and layer that women like.

Short inverted bob haircut

Considered as one of the most flattering short haircuts, short inverted bob is an excellent choice for women who like cropped hair. This chic length and chic-bone length hairstyle can suit different shapes of face and enhance your beauty. Whether you fronts appear chic length or chic-bone length, short inverted bob haircut is still gorgeous.

short inverted bob haircut

Besides, to make your hair much cooler and creative, you can dye your hair with different color to create dimension and shadow to your hair. The combination between blonde and purple highlights in dark caramel base is a fabulous example for you.

blonde and purple highlights in dark caramel base

Inverted bob with bangs is chic and charming. You can part your hair in the middle or left or right side to take some hair left or bangs.

Inverted bob with bangs

Medium inverted bob haircut

If you want your bob look more elegant and feminine, you can try medium inverted bob haircut. To get this charming haircut, ask your stylist to cut the front a few inches longer than your chin, then blend with the shorter hair in the back.

medium inverted bob haircut

One of the reasons why women like medium inverted bob haircut is that they can easily style your hair by using curling tool. Just by some normal steps, you can use a soft wavy medium inverted bob without going to hair salon. It’s good for a try to see how wavy texture works with your face.

soft wavy medium inverted bob

Ombre color never make us disappointed. For those who like cool and fashionable style can try green and black mixed-hair color to be outstanding.  There is no word to describe this bob haircut better than “fabulous”.

ombre soft wavy medium inverted bob

Long inverted bob haircut

If you haven’t get ready to say goodbye your long hair, you can total try long inverted haircut. The short back will add more volume and bounce to your hair while the long front help you look more charming and elegant. This combination is much suitable for those who have thick hair.

Long inverted bob haircut

You can completely highlight your long bob by adding more color for your hair. Side-swept hair will contribute to finish your attractive appearance.

Long inverted bob haircut with highlights

Like medium inverted bob, long inverted bob haircut will give you more freedom to style your hair and it’s also easier for you to shorten your hair once you get ready.

wavy long inverted bob haircut

Inverted bob haircut for curly hair

A lot of women think that inverted bob haircut may only suitable for straight hair. It’s not true! Inverted bob hair can go well with different hair type, including curly hair. Therefore, if you have natural curly hair, don’t worry to rock these inverted bob haircuts for curly hair.

inverted bob haircuts for curly hair

No matter what color your curly bob is, it’s still beautiful and stunning. Curly texture help your hair look fuller which is really a great remedy for fine thin hair.

curly inverted bob haircuts for thin hair

beautiful inverted bob haircuts for curly hair

Layered inverted bob haircut

If you want to create more volume to your thin hair, add more chopped layers or some wavy fronts. Layering is always loved by women since it’s not only perfect for thin hair, but also stays trendy for all time.

Layered inverted bob haircut

Light waves will enhance your layered inverted bob haircut. There is an interesting fact that more than 80% of women falling in love with layered inverted bob after they rock it and don’t keep this hairstyle longer than other styles. It proves how attractive and trendy that inverted bob haircut is.

layered inverted bob haircut with light waves

Inverted bob haircut is more and more popular recently. Women from different countries in the world cannot say no to this stunning hairstyle, even celebs can’t ignore the attractiveness of inverted bob. Therefore, it’s exactly an excellent choice for your next chop.

Let’s try and see how it works!

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