Most impressive short hairstyles for older women

Stepping out of youthful time, our womankind becomes much more mature and also sterner with things around. Obviously, choosing suitable short haircuts sometimes also makes trouble for them. Don’t continue worrying about that, our ladies! We are right here to help you deal with this problem. Let’s with Luxshinehair discover the most impressive short hairstyles for older women. May be, you will have more new ideas for your next hairstyle!

1. Pixie cut

When talking about beautiful and unique short haircuts, we can’t ignore pixie hair, right? No matter how your hair is straight, wavy or curly, pixie hairstyle will make you become younger and much more active.

There is a thing that make older women feel neglect when having pixie hairstyles. It is hair’s length is too short and ladies can’t make diverse styles with it. Don’t worry because this haircut has a lot of impressive variations and they all look gorgeous. Beside, you always have dozens of different ways to renew hair like keeping bangs, face framing hair, having side swept style, etc. It is up to your face shape as well as your skin tone that you can choose the suitable one and maintain it for long time. Let’s see! Short silver hair here is really not bad, right?


pixie haircut

2. Short bob hair

Bob hairstyles are never out of fashion because they make women look extremely active and eye- catching. Instead of having a common bob, why don’t you try cutting your hair shorter a bit and then seeing the difference that it brings to? Short bob can embrace your face better and help you cover unexpected shortcomings such as high cheekbones or wide jawline, etc.

You can choose yourself a short bob style with bangs as an effective way to make you look younger and attractive. As you know, having some bangs can help you partly cover your broad forehead and long face. Thanks to that, your face will look more balanced and harmonious.

Short bob hair


On the other hand, you can also have short bob with side part style in case your face is not too thin or long. Side part hair make your appearance look nobler and much more charming. It is not important that how old you are, this bob hairstyle will actually make your appearance become gorgeous. Don’t forget to make some layers, some hair waves, hair curls and dye hair with suitable colors to have the best result!

Short bob


3. Blunt short hair

Many people think that bunt hair styles look so rigid and tedious so that they are completely not suitable with older women. No, that thought is so superficial and ridiculous! Blunt short hair is exactly the next hairstyle we would like to introduce you in our list of impressive short haircuts for older women.

Blunt hair is essentially very sharp and unique. It makes women’s appearance look more mature and powerful but still keep something rebellious of the youthfulness. This perfect combination will actually bring interesting experiences to you. Let’s try having this haircut, wearing appropriate earrings and taking on outstanding clothes, we make sure that blunt short hair will look more impressive than ever.

Blunt short hair

4. Feathered out short hair

To have a more luxurious image with hair, why don’t you try having feathered out short hairstyle? This haircut is so creative because instead of having hair curved inside, your hair will be bended outside for an eye- catching image. Hair is cut in shoulder length to make sure that it is not too short for making feather out hair layers. The hairstyle is not new but many older women like it.

A wonderful suggestion to make this hairstyle look much better is dyeing hair with types of hair highlights such as ombre or balayage. Highlights will actually make feathered out hair become more attractive than ever.

Feathered out short hair

5. Combed back short hair

Powerful women often like having hair with combed back style. Especially when combining with short hair, women with combed back hair look much more mature and charming. This haircut is quite luxurious so that let’s take this advantage to become the most outstanding one at your coming party! Also don’t forget to use some impressive ornament to have the best appearance in front of the crowd.

Combed back short hair


6. Classic shoulder length hair

Last but not least, we would like to introduce older ladies a classic hairstyle but never out of fashion. It is shoulder length hair. If you don’t want to have hairstyles which are too short that can make your appearance look a bit masculine, you can choose shoulder length hair as the best alternative choice.

Commonly, older women like having this hairstyle with soft hair waves to look both beautiful and noble. However, you can sometimes change with a more energetic style like hair with messy curls. We make sure that they will give you positive energies and make your appearance always look gorgeous!

classic shoulder length hair

For now, it is time for you to choose your favorite one! Have you found it? Each hairstyle for older women above has its strength and beautiful so that don’t mind trying them for having yourself a newer image! If you also have queries or need any consults about hairstyles, hair care or good hair extensions, visit our Luxshinehair website for daily updated information.

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