Most impressive images of Rihanna Red Hair that you shouldn’t ignore

Being a shade of hair color which is extremely outstanding and eye- catching, red hair color is always the top choice of almost female celebrities. However, to have beautiful red hair color, they need to deep bleach and dye hair and that can make their hair easily get damage and breakage. Therefore, our famous artists who have red hair are often people who have thick and strong hair or use red hair extensions. Rihanna is exactly one of them. She is a big fan of red hair with many impressive hairstyles. Today, let’s find out all outstanding images about Rihanna red hair together with Luxshinehair!

Rihanna red hair

1. Rihanna long red hair

Rihanna has the advantage of having strong brown skin and beautiful appearance so that it is not difficult for her to have attractive figures with red hair. Especially when having long hair, images of Rihana with red hair become  more charming than ever.

Bright red long straight hair

Rihanna usually keeps her long hair with straight textures and outstanding shades of red hair such as scarlet red or bright red. These combinations brings to her hair effects which are really impressive. Long and natural straight hair makes her look full of charm and matureness while red color clearly displays her personality.

Because Rihanna’s face is quite long and small, she often has side part hairstyle instead of having middle part hair. Thanks to that, her appearance look more harmonious and balanced.

Bright red long straight hair

Red ombre long hair

Sometimes, she also changes her common red hairstyle into a new style which is newer and fresher. Red ombre long hair is one of the most impressive Rihanna long red hair styles. No matter which style she choose for her hair is, straight or wavy, red ombre hair also makes her appearance become gorgeous.

Red ombre long hair


She often has red hair on hair ends while hair roots are dyed with jet black or kept naturally. The contrast between red and black sounds unsuitable but it actually makes Rihanna hair become more dazzling than ever. Combining this long haircut with her sexy style and tone sur tone makeup is really not a bad idea.

Red ombre wavy hair


Half up ponytail wavy hair

Apart from common images of Rihanna hair down, half up ponytail wavy hair is also the hairstyle that you can easily see together with this famous singer. Rihanna has this hair style with impressive burgundy red color. This hair hue is not outstanding like bright red but it is still look extremely attractive and impressive.

She pulls all of her front hair on the top and tie into an impressive high ponytail style. The rest of hair is relaxed down. With this hairstyle, she has no problem about heavy ties which can cause damage hair or hair breakage. In addition, hair waves give images which are very soft and natural. Rihanna has this style with mature makeup style and impressive clothes so that her appearance becomes more and more charming.

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Half up ponytail wavy hair

Long braid red hair

Sometimes, changing your active style with long braid red hair is actually a good idea. Rihanna did that excellently. She has ever had soft long braid hair with impressive auburn red hair color. We have to recognize that braid hairstyle is so miracle that can make a strong and cool Rihanna become a women who is so gentle and lovely.

Her braid hair also has the length size and the texture which are absolutely impressive. In addition, red hair makes her appearance always look outstanding no matter where she appears in.

Long braid red hair

Red high updo

How about having long red hair with high updo style? Nothing is impossible with Rihanna and having this style is too. With this hairstyle, Rihanna looks very graceful and mature. Her hair is neatly made into a high bun. However, instead of having a normal twisted bun, she has an updo style which looks so impressive and creative. Beside, middle part bangs also help her image look much more enchanting.

Red high updo

It can be seen that almost these above images of Rihanna long red hair have the combination of red hair extensions. Obviously, this is really a wise method for Rihanna so as to have beautiful and attractive hair without damaging her own natural hair. Please visit Luxshinehair store if you have demands of good real human hair extensions like Rihanna’s.


2. Rihanna short red hair

Red pixie hair

If Rihanna long red hair gives mature and soft images, red pixie hair brings to Rihanna images which are very young and energetic. Rihanna also often changes her pixie hairstyle so as to be suitable with each event as well as renew her style.

Red pixie hair

Sometimes, she has pixie hair with impressive long bangs but sometimes, she keeps casual thick bangs with impressive bright red hair color. Even, she also has red hair with undercut style or shaves hair on both sides to make more attractive haircuts. It is not boastful when saying that Rihanna is a creative master about short hairstyles with red hair and all of them are so wonderful.

Red pixie

Red curly short hair

If wavy hair and straight hair are styles that Rihanna often has with her long hairstyles, short hair with curly texture is the style that Rihanna often chooses. Rihanna red curly hair styles  are also very outstanding and impressive.

Red curly short hair


Rihanna red hair color is very suitable with curly bob style. Hair curls are regular and voluminous while red hair is bright and fresh. All make her appearance become more outstanding than ever. Sometimes, she also has updo style with her short hair curls. Combining with a headband, a lovely bow or curly bangs, she looks so elegant and charming. Rihanna curly red hair with short length size will actually not a bad idea for short hairstyle, right?

Red curly short hair updo

We hope that these suggestions of Rihanna red hair will help you to have more unique ideas for your next hairstyles with red hair. If  you feel suitable with these impressive hairstyles, never omit them! Even when your hair is thin and weak, our Luxshinehair red hair extensions can help you have the most beautiful and natural images.

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