Most impressive examples of Brunette hair for Women

We have billions of choices for hair dye but finding a suitable hair color for yourself sometimes makes you angry, right? According to the advice of hair experts, if this is the first time you dye hair, don’t take colors which are too light and outstanding. Having a dark tone keeps your hair from bad damage as well as create soft and charming feelings.

In this article, Luxshinehair would like to introduce you one of the most impressive dark tones of hair colors. It is brunette hair dye. Dark tone doesn’t means that it is not beautiful. You can have a lot of different shades with this color and they are really attractive. Don’t believe? Let’s check!

brunette hair

1. What is brunette hair?

There are various descriptions of brunette hair but we can consider it like a relative dark complexion of hair. It is the soft combination between brown and black. Commonly, people will call it ” brunet“for men and “brunette” for women.

As been mentioned, brunette hair is not outstanding like other bright hair dye. Shades of colors that it brings to is so soft and natural. This hair color is really suitable for girls who want to have an enchanting image instead of an appearance which is too rebellious and stubborn.

brunette hair 1

2. Impressive examples of Light Brunette hair

Brunette hair with chestnut tone

Essentially, light brunette hair is very soft and mild so that it is very easy to combine with different hair textures. You can choose straight hair, wavy hair, even curly hair for brunette hair with chestnut tone without worrying about any bad effect that it can bring to.

Combining sleek chestnut shade for brunette hair is really a wise idea. It is not too light so that it won’t make contrast between girl’s face and hair. Of course, it means that your hair will look absolutely harmonious and natural.

Brunette hair with chestnut tone

Brunette hair with light brown tone

Seeing the image of Selena Gomez in an event she’s taken part in, we can see that she looks so beautiful in her brunette hair with light brown tone. We have to say that this talent actress always makes our hearts be melted each time she appears thanks to her angel appearance. Brunette hair with ombre light brown makes her look so cute and soft. In addition, some soft hair waves and lovely face also help her become the brightest star.

Brunette hair with light brown tone

Balayage straight brunette hair

Making a creative balayage style on hair and combining with mild brunette hair will actually make your face look brighter than ever. The perfect combination between a light tone and a dark tone of brunette hair will actually make your appearance look bright. You can also make yourself different hairstyles like half up half down, braids to make hair look more creative. Its effect will actually take you by surprise.

Balayage straight brunette hair

3. Gorgeous examples of Dark Brunette hair

Silky black hair with chocolate- colored hightlights

We all know that chocolate tone is extremely attractive and sleek. It gives the feeling which is very sweet and charming. Black hair with chocolate highlights is soft and natural but still makes you look full of charm.

Because it looks absolutely natural, you can combine with thick wavy hair to make more impression for your hair. Kylie Jenner is exactly the most typical example for using this hairstyle. She look absolutely beautiful and attractive, right?

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Silky black hair with chocolate colored hightlights

Short curly brunette hair

It is not boastful when saying that brunette hair is the most suitable style for African American women. Let’s see the appearance of Yara Shahidi, she looks so gorgeous, doesn’t she?

Bouncy and stunning deep curly hair is essentially the brand of this active actress. With creative hair curls and natural brunette hair color, she really has a wonderful hairstyle. Obviously, when hair is under sunlight, it even gives more impressive and sleek images. That is exactly the reason she always feels self- confident in anywhere.

Short curly brunette hair

Brunette hair with baby bangs

Many people think that dark brunette hair is not outstanding because it looks too soft and tedious. However, if you know how to take advantage of hair’s strong points and give your hair some impressive bangs like baby blunt bangs, the effect will be completely different.

Moreover, this hairstyle also helps you to hide shortcomings of long face or high forehead. It is really suitable for girls who love active and positive characteristics. You can also add highlights for hair with beachy hair waves, brunette will do its mission well and make you look brighter than ever.

Brunette hair with baby bangs

You can completely have beautiful hairstyles with this natural brunette hair dye only with some creativeness on your hair. Therefore, we hope that these styles with brunette hair will make you satisfy. For more adding information of hairstyles, haircare or hair extensions, let’s visit Luxshinehair store, we can meet all of your demands in the most effective way.

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