Most impressive Dutch Braid Hairstyles that take you by surprise!

Hairstyles with Dutch Braids are always in the top most impressive braid styles which are loved much by women all over the world. Obviously, these hairstyles are cared and created for many outstanding variations. If you are also a big fan of Dutch braids and like the freshness that they bring to, don’t ignore this article. Luxshinehair will show you most impressive Dutch braid hairstyles that can make you fall in love right at the first sight.

double braided pigtail hairstyle

1. Simple Dutch braid

Simple Dutch braid hairstyle one of the most classic braid hairstyles which is completely not difficult and it also takes less time to make. Follow our steps right below and you will get it in the most beautiful and quickest way.

Step 1- Brush hair

Of course, if your don’t want your hair is like a mess with fallen out hair, fuzzy hair, tangled hair and also hair knots, let’s get start with a comb and brush hair softly and smoothly. This is a simple step but many people ignore because of different reasons.

Brush hair

Step 2- Gather a hair section from the hairline

This hair section gathered is the first part of your hair braid so that let’s be careful to make the balance of this section in the middle part on your whole hair.

Step 3- Braid hair

You need to divide the hair section that has been gathered and make it into a 3- strand braid. Next, taking another small hair strand and making a new 3- strand braid. Continuing making the next one with a small hair strand on the other side. Let’s make braids like that continually until the Dutch braid reaches to your nape of neck.

Braid hair

Step 4- Braid ends normally

Continuing having the basic 3- strand braid to finish and fix hair ends with an elastic or any kind of accessories you want.

Step 5- Loosen braid strands

This is a quick and effective way to make the Dutch braid hairstyle become more natural and attractive. This is the last step so that let’s be so softly to avoid making unexpected messy hair.

simple Dutch braid

2. Double Dutch Braid

This is also a popular kind of Dutch braid that everyone knows. Instead of braid all hair into a strand, you seperate hair in two equal sections and then braid each part like simple braid hairstyle. Double Dutch braid gets much love by young girls. No matter their characteristics are gentle or rebellious, this braid style is completely suitable for them.

Double Dutch Braid

Of course, Double Dutch braid is also created with many different variations which are very impressive and outstanding like double braided pigtail hairstyle, double braid with bun, double braid with hair extensions, etc.

double braid with bun

3. Dutch braid ponytail

This is a variation of simple Dutch braid hairstyle and its step even much easier than simple braid. You only need to make a normal one- strand Dutch braid or two- strand Dutch braid but stop braiding at your nape of neck, even higher if you want. Then, instead of continuing braiding, you tie all the rest of hair into a low ponytail. Lastly, let’s loosen hair braids if necessary and you’ve complete a right and beautiful Dutch braid ponytail.

Dutch braid ponytail

4. Side Dutch braid

Having a side Dutch braid hairstyle will be a wise choice for you to make impressive with other people. With side braid, you don’t fix the braid strand in the middle but keep it on a side of your head which is close to the hairline. Every step is implemented as normal. The only difference is you will have a braid strand totally on a side so that you can let it over your shoulder.

This side Dutch braid hairstyle makes girls look softer and gentler. Apart from long hair, you can even have it with medium hair or shoulder length hair. We make sure that with this lovely and impressive style, you will become the most outstanding girl.

Side Dutch braid

5. Dutch waterfall braid

Waterfall hairstyles are not strange with women because they are really beautiful and attractive. You can combine waterfall hair with every hair textures and colors without worrying that the waterfall style can be dimmed. Obviously, having Dutch braid with waterfall hair is actually a creative method for making impressions on hair.

There are many ways to make Dutch waterfall braids and all of them give perfect results. You need to braid Dutch hair but only with some small strands which are suitable with the waterfall hairstyle. Relaxed hair strands made from Dutch braid will make your hair look more gorgeous than ever. You can completely make a half Dutch braid style on a side of your head or a whole Dutch waterfall braid style, variations will actually give you more attractive appearances.

Dutch waterfall braid

Do you love these Dutch braid hairstyles? If yes, why don’t you try making them immediately. Don’t worry if you meet trouble of short and thin hair because you can make perfect Dutch braid hairstyles with hair extensions. Visiting Luxshinehair store for more information of the most beautiful and best hair styles, hair cares and also hair extensions!

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