Most Beautiful Renaissance Hairstyles that can fascianate you

The Renaissance is known as one of the most flourishing periods not only of real life but also of art, science and innovations, etc. In this time, people live more comfortably and fairly. Especially women, they are cared and respected more to have the better life. Thanks to that, masterpieces of renaissance women’s hairstyles are also absolutely noticed and created. Today, Luxshinehair would like to remind you of that time through amazing haircuts.

You shouldn’t think that hair and fashion of the 15th and 16th centuries’ women are dry and tedious because they are really impressive and beautiful styles that can fascinate you. Let’s check them out together!

1. Noble hairstyles

Styles of the Queen and Duchesses are always prior styles. They have to display the nobleness and gracefulness of powerful women without making heavy and uncomfortable feelings. Obviously, Royal stylists know that and they had really made the most gorgeous Renaissance hairstyles.

Buns are applied popularly because they look very neat, opulent but show the sophistication of hair- making. Bun Renaissance hairstyles are all styles which can’t be completed on ones own in short time. They are often renewed with hair braids, hair curls and decorated with valuable jewelries to give the best effects. Therefore, they are extremely suitable for noble people who have money and time to makeup for themselves.

noble hairstyle

2. Renaissance middle part loose curly hair

Curly hairstyles are always loved by Renaissance young girls because they make their common straight hair become much softer and voluminous. These styles fit long hair very well to make girls’ images looks more feminine and charming. Whereas, middle part style is traditional and neat. They don’t hide the forehead so that girls’ appearance will look brighter and smarter.

Especially, Western girls have very white skin and beautiful brown hair color so that when they are combined with fascinating curly hairstyles, nothing can describe their wonderful images.

renaissance middle part loose curly hair

3. Low side ponytail

Low ponytail hairstyles have been popular for a long time so that styles with them are also extremely diverse and creative. Among them, low side ponytail hair can be considered the most outstanding one which gets much attention from Renaissance women. They are easy to make but effective to display the sweetness and charm of womankind. Of course, you can completely make them become more gorgeous with adding styles such as curly long bangs or braided hair strands. They must be amazing!

Side part low ponytail

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4. Half up half down

If you want to find renaissance hairstyles which both are easy to do and have something attractive, half up half down hairstyles are the best choices. It is not important that your hair is straight, wavy or curly, you only need to create your favorite half up style such as hair twists, hair braids, etc and add some accessories. You will get elegant and gentle images which is like that of lovely Princesses orr angels.

half up half down hair

5. Renaissance festival hairstyles

Coming to Renaissance Ren fairs or festivals, you will actually feel surprised with wonderful hairstyles there. Renaissance faire hairstyles show you almost images of women hairstyles in the past from easy Renaissance hairstyles to sophisticated ones.

However, we can’t ignore Renaissance braided hairstyles– the most popular festival styles. They display the simpleness and pureness of naive and free girls. Whereas, some other people like making hair with bun styles to look more mature. Anyways, they all give wonderful results.

Renaissence braid hair

6. Sophisticated hairstyles

How do you think if combining all of these above- mentioned styles in one, you will have a wonderful sophisticated coiffure of beautiful women in the Renaissance period. However, you need to know that combining too many different styles can make your hair look messy and awkward. Thus, let’s make sure that you have an unique idea and ask for another help to make the style become the most beautiful.

The below picture of sophisticate hairstyle can be an useful suggestion for you. The main style is low ponytail. On the back part of head, you can make an crown braid style, a little bun and decorate them with your favorite accessories. For the softer image, don’t forget to make hair with hair waves or hair curls.

sophisticated hairstyle

Styles we have mentioned are all made of long hairstyles. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make them with short hairstyles. These renaissance hairstyles for short hair are also extremely unique and attractive styles that you should try to have beautiful appearance on coming special occasions.

We hop that you will be satisfied with this article of Renaissance hairstyles of us. Please visit our Luxshinehair store to discover more amazing things of hair!

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