Most Beautiful Hairstyles for Long Straight Hair

Being one of the most popular kinds of long hairstyles, long straight hair is always noticed and created for diverse styles. Especially, these hairdos can be suitable for every girls with different characteristics and they also don’t make too much damage for your own hair. So why don’t you try some long straight hair for the change of your appearance? Let’s check out the most beautiful long straight hairstyles for women together with Luxshinehair right now!

1. Natural long straight hair

Natural hairstyles are always styles which are highly appreciated because they look absolutely beautiful in their own simpleness. It is also not an exception with natural long straight hair. Commonly, girls love softness and smoothness that straight hair brings to. Whereas, long hair makes them look much more mature and charming. This hairstyle is never out of fashion and it is always present in the top list of the most attractive hairstyles.

Natural long straight hair

2. Long hair with blunt bangs

If long straight hair without bangs gives you mature feeling, combining hair with bangs brings to you a completely different image. You will look younger, fresher and cuter. Bangs also do their work very well when they help to hide unexpected shortcomings on your face like thin face, high forehead. Besides, you can completely keep your long straight hair with any other types of bangs since they are really beautiful and impressive.

Long hair and blunt bangs

3. Layered long straight hair

To have some changes on straight hair, you can choose to make hair into layers. Layered hair doesn’t make hair become harder. In contrast, it gives great highlights effectively. You can combine it with outstanding hair colors like blonde, ombre, balayage, light brown, etc to have better effects, which are suitable for your hobby.

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Layered long straight hair

4. Straight hair with curled ends

Essentially, straight long hair is so soft and mild. Thus, when it is related to curled ends, this hairstyle really gives the feeling which is extremely enchanting and attractive. This is exactly the hairstyle that mannered young ladies love. These days, this hairstyle becomes more and more popular with girls all over the world so that don’t mind trying it if you like.

Straight hair with curled ends

5. Half up half down long hair

It can’t be denied that half up half down style is suitable with every texture of hair. Especially with long straight hair, half up style makes hair become softer and more charming without having hair waves or hair curls. You can have a simple style or combine it with some braids to make various styles of half up half down hair. We make sure that no one can criticize you with these wonderful hairstyles.

Half up half down long hair

6. Feathered cut

When talking about long straight hair, it will be a big mistake if we don’t mention feathered haircut. It make the best naturalness for hair thanks to feathered- out hair. Your hair is like having more soft waves. This style gets on well with middle part style since it looks extremely enchanting and mysterious.

Feathered cut

7. Fishtail- wrapped ponytail

Like a wise way to make impression on simple straight long hair, fishtail- wrapped ponytail hairstyle really does its mission very well. With this style, you should have a low ponytail style or a ponytail which is not too high so that fishtail braids can wrap ponytail hair with the most beautiful image. This hairstyle will actually make you look outstanding no matter where you are in.

Fishtail wrapped ponytail

8. Sleek blunt long straight hair

Blunt haircut is very creative and unique so that when it goes with long straight hair, its effect will become more impressive. Hair is shapely cut with the same length size to make the difference from natural straight hair. In addition, you can choose bright hair colors that you love to make hair sleeker and smoother. As for women who both want to have a soft hairstyle and show their own active characteristics, sleek blunt hair is exactly the optimal choice for you.

Sleek blunt long straight hair

9. Face- framing straight hair

It is not a layered hairstyle but still a haircut making face- framing feeling. Hair is gradually trimmed to the ends with a suitable ratio with face. Trimming hair makes hair look natural and attractive while its face- framing effect is perfect. This is a style which is completely appropriate for energetic and rebellious images of modern girls.

Face framing straight hair

10. Long straight hair with crown braid

Having crowd braid style on hair is a perfect way to embellish your hair without using any other accessories. There are many styles of crowd braids so that you can completely creative according to your idea. Only with some hair braids along your hairline will you have an impressive style for your long straight hair so why don’t you try it?

Long straight hair with crown braid

Long straight hairstyles are really much more diverse and interesting than images you think, right? If you are also a big fan of long hairstyles, don’t ignore any experience with these long straight haircuts. Of course, if you meet some trouble of hair like thin or weak hair, you can find for long hair extensions with suitable straight textures that you love at Luxshinehair store. We have all thing you need so that let’s contact us as soon as possible!

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