Most Beautiful Bun Hairstyles for Graceful Looks

Many people think that bun styles are only for older women who no longer care much for their appearance. They want hairdos which are easy to do and the most time- consuming. If you have that thought, you are completely wrong! Doing bun hairstyles is completely not as simple as things you image.

There will be a big mistake if we don’t mention styles of bun in the list of versatile hairstyles. They are wonderful results of the creativeness and skillfulness. Beautiful buns often have sophisticated figures which demand the good aesthetic taste of the stylist. Bun hair always gives images which are neater and more polite than normal hair down styles so that it is really the ideal choice for women to build graceful and noble gestures. For now, let Luxshinehair help you to find out the most stunning styles of hair bun!

hair bun

High bun

If you need to have a bun hairstyles which looks both fresh and trendy, high bun is exactly one of the best choices.  We make sure that it is completely not difficult for you to know how to put your hair in a bun, especially high bun. You only need to grab your whole hair on the top and wind it up. 

To have a more impressive effect, let’s loosen the hair bun and keep some long bangs to make hair become softer and more attractive. It is not necessary that you use accessories or not, this unique bun style will actually give you a completely new amazing appearance.

High bun

Donut bun

For an easy hair bun, making hair into a hair bun donut style is really a wise idea. You only need to buy a suitable hair bun maker, put it through your hair ponytail and and wrap your hair over to get an impressive hairstyle which looks like a yummy donut. 

How do you think if you combine this style with an eye- catching ombre style as the picture below? Your appearance will actually become much more outstanding.

Bun and braids

Hair bun is an elegant style which can make the appearance of the woman become much nobler. Whereas, braided hair is always the symbol of the softness and gentleness. Thus, when you combine these two impressive styles into one on your hair, the result will actually takes you by surprise. 

You can create various styles with bun and braids according to your hobby. Curly hair bun with braids is one of them. Soft  hair curls suitably styled will the bun look much better.

Bun and braids

Low bun

Sometimes, you don’t need to make high buns for the outstanding image because low buns can completely bring to your hair wonderful effects. Women with low bun are often people who love to have mature and charming styles instead of having mischievous styles. The matureness doesn’t always make you look older but help you become more graceful and powerful.

If you need something special for your natural hair bun, dyeing hair with bright tones, curling hair and adding hair accessories are wonderful suggestions. 

low bun

Flower bun

How do you think if your bun hair is made into the flower shape? We make sure that its styles will never make you disappointed. You can easily get these impressive coiffures if you know how to make simple braid styles such as Dutch braids, French braids, etc. After braiding hair with your favorite style, wind it round skillfully and then fix it with accessories you want. Don’t forget to pancake the braided hair strand to make the hair flower look more natural and eye- catching.

Flower bun

Side bun

Side bun is also a unique style which is loved much by womankind. It gives the similar effect to low bun style but on a side of head. Combining this fresh style with highlighted hair colors and relaxed down hair strands will make your appearance become more attractive. 

Messy bun

Obviously, we can’t ignore messy hair bun which is full of impression. The important thing is that you need to make a bun which looks messy but not tangled. Yeah! This demands skillful hands to make the best result. However, if you can do that, you will have a gorgeous bun style which no other can defeat. 

This is the coiffure which is loved by women when they want to take part in important events such as prom or wedding to look the most beautiful and outstanding. Why don’t you try having it immediately?

Mesy bun

How do you think about these bun hairstyles? Are they beautiful and attractive? Please give us your comment if you like this post. Besides, don’t hesitate to visit our Luxshinehair store to see more amazing things about the best hairstyles, hair care methods and hair extensions.


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