Most Beautiful and Trendiest Blonde Hair Colors

Women who own blonde hair are often considered beautiful and active girls. Obviously, blonde shades are always on trend and popular with women all over the world. If you are finding for yourself a suitable tint of this outstanding color, don’t ignore this article of us! Luxshinehair will show you the most wonderful blonde hair dyes to make your hairstyle as well as your appearance become the brightest. 

Dirty blonde hair

Similar to other hair colors, blonde hair hue also includes many shades which are from dark to light. Dirty blonde hair color is an impressive tint of dark blonde hair which is loved much by womankind.  In reality, this color is the perfect combination between brunette hair color and creamy blonde shade. It makes your hair have a new tone which is medium outstanding enough. 

This color is very soft and dreamy so that it often dyed on the long hair with voluminous hair waves and pure makeup. It will actually an ideal shade for girls who want to change their old brown haircut to into another amazing one. Dirty blonde hair

Platinum blonde hair

On the contrary, if you like something which is fresher and more rebellious, light blonde hair with platinum shade is the ideal choice for you. Having such an impressive name like that, the effect of platinum blonde on hair is extremely fascinating. 

This is the brightest shade among blonde colors so that it is always on the top choices of celebrities. It doesn’t matter whether they have long hair or short hair, straight hair or wavy hair, this shade can fit all styles and give you the most charming appearance. In addition, this color is bright so that it is absolutely suitable for women with bright skin tones to show off their advantages. 

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Platinum blonde

Strawberry blonde hair

There will be a big mistake if we don’t mention this creative shade in the list. After mixing the strawberry red color and natural blonde color, you will get a new soft orange shade called strawberry blonde. It gives the image which is much softer and graceful than that of radiant red tones or burgundy colors

This color both looks soft and embellishes the personality of girls so that you can freely mix it with any style of hair you want. For example, strawberry blonde half up long hair make the women look so fresh, mild and elegant. 

Strawberry blonde hair

Ash blonde hair

This shade is similar to silver hair color. It is bright, outstanding and sleek. It is actually a redoubtable enemy of platinum blonde hair dye. However, instead of showing the elegance, ash blonde brings to the woman the strength and power.  This hair color fits mature women’s appearance perfectly. In addition, keeping straight hair can make the visual effect which is absolutely noble and cool. 

ash blonde

Honey blonde hair

Honey blonde shade is also an impressive  blonde color that woman love much. This is a light tone which is bright but not too radiant. Thus, even when you don’t have white skin, this color still help your appearance become more outstanding and eye- catching. There are many famous women who especially love this shade such as Gigi Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, Rosie Huntington, etc. Not only does this shade make their styles more impressive but also it embellishes their appearance the best. That thing is so wonderful, isn’t it?

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Gigi Hadids honey blonde hair

Sandy blonde hair 

The last hair color that we would like to mention here is sandy blonde. This is a natural blonde hair color which is extremely suitable for active girls. Its shade is like the color of sand so that it is the wonderful choice for beach travels. Why don’t you try taking some pictures of you when having this blonde hair style right on the beach with nice and immense sand- banks? They must look gorgeous!

This color when being in the sunlight becomes very bright but natural. It is no problem if your skin is brown or suntanned because the sandy shade can make everything go well. 

sandy blonde

How do you feel about these blonde colors? Are they impressive enough to make your appearance become more attractive? Please share with us your comments or ideas to help our business to develop. Also, don’t forget to visit our Luxshinehair website to update the newest hair trends as well as buy the highest quality hair extensions. We are always ready to serve you!


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