Most beautiful and stunning images of Blake Lively hair

Blake Ellender Lively is a talented American actress. She is well known for the role of Serena van der woodsen in the CW drama television series Gossip Girls (2007- 2012). Beside, she also plays main roles in famous films like The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants (2005, 2008), The Shallows (2017), A Simple Favor (2018), etc.

Not only is her career path successful but her appearance is more and more outstanding as well. This year, Blake Lively is 32 years old but she still looks extremely beautiful and charming. One of secrets that makes her always fresh is choosing suitable and beautiful hairstyles. So what are exact things we would like to talk about here? Let’s check out all the most impressive Blake Lively hair styles together with Luxshinehair!

1. Blake Lively natural hair

We can easily see that Blake Lively often appears in public with her outstanding blonde hair color. However, that is really not her natural hair tone. Blake Lively hair color is between light brown and dark blonde. This color is very natural and it is the popular hair color of almost famous American actresses.

Indeed, Black Lively has hair which is quite nice and voluminous. That is a very huge advantage for her to have diverse and impressive hairstyles, especially with light hair dyes.

Blake Lively natural hair

2. Blake Lively brown hair

Having the hair color which looks the most natural with her own real hair color is always the best way to make Blake Lively become more comfortable and self- confident in front of the crowd. Shades of brown hair that she has used are various but they have a common point of making the actress’s appearance look soft and graceful.

Commonly, Blake combines loose hair waves with her light brown hair or brunette hair because they make her mild hair become more voluminous and sleeker in the limelight. In addition, she keeps long hair so that hair waves will look as natural as possible.


Blake Lively brown wavy hair

These styles of Blake Lively dark hair are also gorgeous when she has curly hair. Images of Blake Lively curly hair look extremely eye- catching and attractive.

Blake Lively curly hair

3. Blake Lively blonde hair

When dyeing hair with shades of blonde, Blake Lively has more choices for impressive styles. Blonde hair color is essentially outstanding so that it can help Blake’s hair look perfect even when she keeps straight hair or short hair.

Blake Lively blonde wavy hair

Black Lively long hair with hair waves give young and soft images, Black Lively hair with straight texture makes her face look neater and much more mature. However, she has a beautiful face so that the matureness doesn’t make her appearance look older but make her look more active and energetic than ever. Blake has nearly tried all shades of blonde for her wonderful hairstyles and we can’t deny that blonde colors fit her appearance the best. It doesn’t matter if her hair is dyed with soft ash blonde, bright honey blonde or creative platinum blonde, her face always looks gorgeous.

Blake Lively blonde straight hair

Besides, Blake Lively short hair with creamy blonde hair is really impressive. Combining with stylish side part style and her tone sur tone white costume, Blake looks so attractive and bright at the event.

Blake Lively short hair

4. Blake Lively red hair

Blake is also one of famous women who are not scared of dyeing her real hair with red color. However, to make sure that her red hair color can be easily pull off when she need to change another hair color and not make her hair get unexpected damage, Blake Lively has two ideal choices. They are dyeing hair with light shades of red color and using a red hair wig.

In addition, taking care of her hair on the best condition helps Blake Lively red hair styles always look nice and impressive.

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Blake Lively red hair

5. Blake Lively bronde hair

Another color of Blake Lively hair that she often uses is bronde hair. This shade is a bit lighter than brown hair so that it gives the feeling which is ancient and mysterious. This is actually a wise choice for women who own the charming and sexy appearance like Blake Lively.

Blake Lively bronde hair

How do you think about hairstyles of Blake Lively? Although they are not new styles but they really make her appearance become wonderful thanks to her proper choice with hair textures and hair colors. You can also have such beautiful appearances with your own choice.

Don’t worry if your hair is thin and fine because diverse real hair extensions of Luxshinehair will help you to deal with all of these unexpected hair problems to have the most impressive hairstyles.


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