Most Beautiful and Impressive Waterfall Braid Hairstyles

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It’s undeniable that Water Braid Hairstyles bring you a mild and feminine appearance. Moreover, if you know how to apply some hair hacks with accessories, your attractive hair will be on the next level.

Although many girls with soft and gentle characteristics often do this hairstyles for beautiful and charming look, they sometimes don’t know different types of waterfall braids.

In this article, let’s together with Luxshinehair discover the most impressive waterfall braid hairstyles. We make sure that you will fall in love with them right at the first sight!

waterfall braid hairstyle

1. Simple waterfall braid hairstyle

Simpleness doesn’t mean that this style is not beautiful since its structure is really impressive even when you keep it in the most classic state. Obviously, with simple waterfall braids, it will take less time for you to have a perfect style but you can completely feel secure that its image is still very attractive.

How to braid

Step 1: Making more volume( if necessary)

There are a lot of girls who love waterfall braid hairstyle but they feel inferior because of their thin and weak hair. In these situations, you also don’t need to feel worry. These days, hair extensions appear diversely and popularly so that you can buy and wear them to make more thickness and length size for hair according to your desire.

For demands of these hair extensions, you can completely believe in Luxshinehair’s extensions. We have all types of real human hair extensions you want with the best quality and image.

Making more volume

Step 2: Sectioning your hair

Almost waterfall hairstyles take notice in their balance so that sectioning hair is a basic and important step. You should make a deep side part first. Then, hold a part of hair on on side and divide it in to three regular strands.

Sectioning your hair

Step 3: Braiding hair strands

Don’t braid like a common three- strand braid style because you need to make hair be like a waterfall of hair with many relaxed strands. It will very simple if you focus on. Let’s take the top strand which is closet to your hairline and then cross it over the middle one. Next, take he third one and then continue crossing it over the recent strand.

Braiding hair strands

Step 4: Making waterfall strands

Instead of continuing braiding hair, you need to leave it hanging to make a waterfall strand. After that, you take another hair strand on your hair and do similar steps. Until when you have a braid strand like you want do you fix it. Continue making with the other side of your hair and then tie the two braid strands into one.

Step 5: Fixing hairstyle according to your hobby

In this step, you can braid, use small pins or some tiny flowers to keep hair in the right position as well as make lovely highlights on hair. In addition, let’s brush hair again, adding some hair sprays or any similar type to make hair look smoother and more natural. You’ve  got a classic waterfall braid hairstyle!

Fixing hairstyle

When you need to make different styles of waterfall braids, you can base on these above basic suggestions. They are really useful and necessary for girls who love creating new hairstyles. Let’s see wonderful things we can do with waterfall braid hairstyles right below!

2. Intricate waterfall braids

Instead of braiding hair in the common way, you can make a more impressive braid style on waterfall hair strands. Its structure is quite complex with two parallel loose braid strands. Of course, they completely don’t prevent you from making impressive waterfall strands. On the contrary, the intricate braids make you look more outstanding than ever.

Intricate waterfall braids

3. Crown waterfall braid hairstyle

Only with some skillfulness can you have this braid hairstyles. However, you will need another help to complete it with the best result. With this style, you don’t need to braid like other common waterfall braid hairstyles. Take each strand, wind it into a round, fix with bobby pins and you’ve got the perfect crown on hair.

Crown waterfall braid hairstyle

4. Slanted waterfall braid hairstyle

Apart from having waterfall braids in the horizontal line, you can make them into a slanted line. Your hair will actually look much more impressive. A beautiful asymmetry on hair sometimes give better effects than a common style. Try it if you really want something changed impressively.

Slanted waterfall braid hairstyle

5. Curly waterfall braid hairstyle

Curly hair essentially looks very soft and feminine. Thus, when it is combined with charming waterfall braids, the image you get is extremely beautiful and attractive. You can dye hair with ombre, balayage hair colors or bright tones to beautify your hair for the most favorite appearance.

Curly waterfall braid hairstyle

6. Flower waterfall braid hairstyle

You can combine making waterfall braid strands with a flower made from your own hair. This hairstyle always needs carefulness and skillfulness because the image that it brings to is really impressive and outstanding. All things you need to do is braiding some hair strands on side of your head and then making any flower you want with the other part of hair strands. The achievement of this hairstyles is highly up to the shape of the flower so that you’d better ask for someone who is creative and skillful to make for you the most attractive appearance.

Flower waterfall braid hairstyle

We hope that you will feel satisfied with these styles of waterfall braid hair. With these beautiful hairstyles, you can always be self- confident and bright on any occasion. Don’t forget to give us your comments if you see this article useful! If you’re ever in need of assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Luxshine Hair, a reputable vietnam hair supplier. We’re always available to offer our support!


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