Millie Bobby Brown and her gorgeous long hairstyles

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Millie Bobby Brown is the potential young actress and model in Britain. She is well known for the role as Eleven in the Netflix science fiction horror series Stranger Things. At age 13, she became one of the youngest nominees in Emmy history for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series. In May 2019, she debuted in the monster film Godzilla: King of the Monsters.  

This year, Millie is 15 years old but her appearance is extremely charming and mature. This must have made many people feel jealous. Especially when she has long hairstyles, she becomes more beautiful than ever. Today, let’s confirm that via this post of Luxshinehair about Millie Bobby Brown long hair

Loose wavy long hair

Natural layered wavy long hair

Millie appears the most frequently with her natural wavy hair because it is natural, soft and suitable with the mature style that she has been pursuing. Clearest evidences are images of Millie in her Pandora Me Collection Launch Event in London in October 2019. She looked really impressive and charming. 

Having the advantage of white skin and the bright face, Millie was really outstanding with long hair waves which are skillfully layered. In addition, she combined them with middle part style to make the face look more balanced. Her hair was dyed with dark roots and ash blonde hair ends. It is absolutely trendy and suitable with the her pink outfit to make the best effect.

millie bobby brown natural wavy long hair

High ponytail long hair

Obviously, she still often has long hair with active and lovely images which are right to her age. High ponytail long hair is one of styles that she loves the most. The upper part of hair is highly tied into a ponytail style and the rest hair part is kept down naturally. 

In the picture below, she has hair with dark shades and doesn’t keep bangs to give the purest and brightest appearance. This style of Millie Bobby Brown with long hair is full of energy and personality, isn’t it?

half up ponytail long hair

Blonde loose wavy hair

In another event this year, she debuts her new long hairstyle with unique loose hair waves and impressive honey blonde hair color. The hair color is bright and fashionable so that it makes soft hair waves become much more voluminous and attractive. Besides, she is also loyal with middle part hairstyle to make her face look shaper and more harmonious. Look! Millie is so gorgeous and self- confident in this fresh style. 

Blonde wavy hair

Long curly hair

Sometimes, she will curl her hair to make a perfect long curly hair style. Obviously, it is not a hairstyle with deep curls like the style of black women but a soft long loose curly hairdo with natural brown shades. Thanks to that, her appearance looks full of charm and freshness. 

Long curly hair

Long straight hair

That Millie Bobby Brown likes wavy hairstyles doesn’t mean that she never keeps straight hair. When having long straight hair, her face looks much younger and cuter. However, it still has something mysterious and enchanting inside this beautiful actress. 

Millie has straight hair with a balayage style of natural black and light brown color. These shades go well together and make her appearance become so mild and graceful. Combining the hair color and hairstyle with the black- white outfit is really a good choice. Their simpleness helps her image to be bright surprisingly.

long straight hairstyle

Long high ponytail hair

Millie Brown is also known as an actress with mischievous and active characteristics. Thus, she is never sacred of trying hairstyles which are unique and a bit awkward. This below special high ponytail hairstyle is the typical one among them. 

Without dyeing hair with radiant hair colors, Millie only need to have brunette hair with an unique ponytail style and then everything is perfect. The ponytail is parted so as to make bubbles of hair. They make hair look much more eye- catching and impressive. In addition, the outstanding length size of hair also helps her appearance look so great. This is a rebellious style so that her outfits are also very rocking to give the wonderful effect. 

special high ponytail

After reading this post of Mille Bobby Brown long hair, how do you feel? Let’s share your feeling with us! We hope that they will be useful suggestions for your next long hairstyles. Don’t forget to support us by visiting our Luxshinehair store and website. Apart from updating trendiest hairstyles in the world, we also supply all types of wonderful real Vietnam hair extensions which help your hair to have the best image. 

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