Megan Fox Hairstyles, Haircuts and Colors

Megan Fox is a talented actress from many famous movies, “Transformers” for instance. She was dubbed the “sexy bomb” of Hollywood thanks to her hot body with charming lines. Additional to her beauty, she always shows up with extremely sexy body-hugging dresses. Not only her God-made figure, people also pay much attention to Megan Fox hairstyles.

Megan possesses a long, silky hair with a natural dark brown color that is suitable for her healthy skin tone. However, she always knows how to change her hairstyles and hair colors to become the center of every place that she appears. 

In’ today article, we will synthesize Megan Fox hairstyles, haircuts and colors collection. Whether you are a fan of this hot actress or not, I am sure that you will also feel interested in learning the secrets to being outstanding with beautiful styling hair.

1. Long Straight Hair With Ombre

Megan Fox Long Straight Hair


Length: Long to the waist

Style: Straight


Scissor cut according to multi-layers

Hair color

Ombre dark brown with gold

She looks so elegant with this simple cut hairstyle.  Long straight hair as a hairstyle is easy to apply and suitable for everyone. Megan refreshed it with dark brown and gold ombre colors. The layers chasing each other in the tail looked really natural and soft.

2. Classic Medium Wavy Hair

Megan Fox Medium Wavy Hair


Length: Medium to the shoulder

Style: Light wavy hair ends


Natural Scissor-Cut

Hair color

Natural black

This black hair is of medium length and is curled at the ends of the hair. Megan stroked her hair to the sides of her shoulders forward, leaving black hair perfectly suited, it made her skin look brighter. You can easily learn her by using the hair styler right at home.

3. Long Curly hair

Megan Fox Curly hair


Length : Long to the waist

Style: Thick curly


Cut chase from top to bottom

Hair color

Red and a little orange base

She looks so fiery and wild with this hairstyle. Curly hairstyle is a great style that helps your hair become thicker and more bobbing. Simple cuts narrow down towards the ends of the hair to make the hair looks more natural. The red hair color mixed with orange tones really attracted and made her stand out.

4. Blonde Wavy Bob Hair

Blonde Wavy Bob Hair


Length: Short on the shoulder

Style: Slightly wavy with small waves


Scissor cut and hugging in the face

Hair color

Light Blonde

Megan looks so pretty in this image. Her hair was cut bob style that was quite gentle and tender to cling to her face. Small waves of hair are styled to create more fashionable hairstyles. The blonde color with high brightness is perfect. The thin bangs also made her look younger than a mother with three children.

5. Vibrant Water Wavy Hair

Vibrant Water Wavy Hair


Length: Long

Style: Water wavy with big waves


Scissor cut

Hair color


The sexy actress looks new with this unique color. She does not hesitate to change the image of herself with beautiful purple hair color. It’s really successful. Great hair with gloss and smoothness by the effect of purple. The hairstyle she created is a soft, graceful water wave. I love the way she combs her hair aside and lets her bangs long. Her beauty can be described as a goddess who looks at this picture.

6. Ponytail Hair

high Ponytail


Length: Long

Style: Straight hair with a ponytail style


Natural scissor cut without the trimmed layer

Hair color

Dark brown

By tying a tall and neat ponytail, Megan shows off all the advantages of her face as well as her sexy body in an event. Looking at this photo, dynamic and sharp are very first words jumping up to my mind to describe her beauty with a ponytail hairstyle. The haircut is cut really very easily, not fussy. The dark brown hair color is used to maximize a completely simple style.

If you ask me “Among Megan Fox Hairstyles, which one is the best for our American actress?”, I absolutely choose this high ponytail hair. It brings out her independent and bossy image for her. It’s really impressive to me.

In conclusion

It is not exaggeration to say Megan Fox is a trendsetter because each hair transformation of hers goes viral quickly with the first place in many hair magazines. Thanks to her awareness of how important hair is to her look, she shines in every event. On that point, she always renews her hairstyle and becomes radiant with them. We hope the Megan Fox hairstyles, haircuts and colors list above has been helpful for you to consult beautiful hairstyles to choose for yourself.

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