Medium layered hair and various styles for women

If you feel that straight hair is too simple but curly or wavy hair makes you meet some unexpected trouble, layered hair with medium length size is exactly the style you need. With moderate length and impressive image, medium layered hairstyles are much loved by hundreds thousands of women all over the world. Let’s with Luxshinehair discover wonderful styles of medium layered hair right in this article. Maybe, you will find the one which is the most suitable for you.

1. Subtly layered medium hair

This is a variation of straight hairstyles which is the most suitable for thick long hair. Layers of hair will be gradually shortened from inside to outside and give hair the soft image which is not too voluminous and unnatural.

Subtly layered medium hair

2. Two- tier medium bob

This is exactly the ideal hairstyle for girls with the creative character. The hairdresser will make two overlapped hair layers to make more highlight than common hair with a single layer. It will be much more gorgeous when combining with outstanding hair colors like blonde, ombre tones, etc.

Two tier medium bob×4-deep-curly-hair-light-brown-color

3. Medium feathered haircut

It can be said that this is one of the most beautiful hairstyles with layers because it brings naturalness, harmony and softness for hair. Medium hair is layered with relaxed long side bangs in a messy way and make you look absolutely charming and outstanding in the crowd.

Medium feathered haircut

4. Sleek medium layered hair

Sometimes, making layered hair with sleek style makes hair become extremely attractive. Obviously, comparing to hair colors with dark tones is more natural but if you need some strong personalities, sleek layers with impressive hair colors are highly appreciated. For example, having it with golden- pink color is a good idea.

Sleek medium layered hair

5. Wavy hairstyle with choppy layers

With natural hair waves, wavy hairstyle with choppy layers is very popular with global women. Hair is cut and made with soft hair waves. If you combine with suitable hair dyes, this layered hairstyle will help you to look brighter than ever.

wavy hairstyle with choppy layers×4-deep-curly-hair-dark-brown-color

6. Medium layered wavy haircut

With a bit difference from the style of choppy layers, this hairstyle has clear layers of wavy hair below and some light waves above. Its perfect combination actually makes girls look much more beautiful. Especially, it can make volume very well so that women with thin hair can completely feel secure with the effect that it brings to.

Medium layered wavy haircut

7. Curved layered hair

Instead of styles with hair curved to the outside, this hairstyle has layers which are curved inside. It gives the image like bob hair but have many layers of curved hair which look loner and more natural. Usually, girls will ask for bright hair colors for this style to look eye- catching and charming.

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Curved layered hair

8. Shoulder length layered hair

Also being an impressive variation of medium layered hair, this hairstyle is very loved by women at every age group. With the naturally shaggy image, this style looks very energetic and creative. You can have this style for camping days, travelling trips, etc. Its comfortable and cool image will make you always feel self- confident and bright.

Shoulder length layered hair

9. Stunning layered hair

As its name, this layered hairstyle with medium length will make you look gorgeous in anywhere. You don’t need to have too long hair to have this kind with the beautiful figure, hair with the medium length is also impressive enough for stunning layers. Imagine that you have hair layers curled freely with big and bouncy loops, you will look extremely attractive. Don’t forget to add some outstanding hair colors like ombre, balayage colors, etc to make it look trendier!

Stunning layered hair×4-body-wavy-hair-light-brown-color

10. Middle part layered hair

If layered hair is suitable for side part style, it also fits middle part perfectly, especially with hair of girls with oval face. Hair is separated into two regular parts with soft hair layers. It brings the feeling which is both young and charming.

Middle part layered hair

Do you like medium layered hair? Don’t hesitate to make yourself new changes with these gorgeous hairstyles, we make sure that you will feel satisfied. They are appropriate for almost textures, length size and volume of hair. That is so amazing, right?

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