Meagan Good and her beautiful short hairstyles

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The famous Hollywood actress Meagan Good always appears in public with her short hair and attractive styles. We can’t deny that these short hairstyles bring her more wonderful and impressive appearances than long hair. Are you a women loving short hairstyles like her? Let’s discover beautiful short hairstyles of Meagan Good to find yourself a suitable one right now!

1. Curly pixie haircut

Believe in us, making a pixie short cut will not make you become a rough man, it will only make the complete difference between the appearance of a soft girl and an active girl. Meagan Good is exactly the clear demonstration for that. Pixie cuts help her face to look brighter and smarter, especially, they perfectly fit with her brown skin color. Besides, they make strong and impressive highlights for her in the crowd.

Meagan often uses some fixed colors such as black, brown or blonde for this hairstyle. Despite the fact that they are basic colors, they make strong impressions and never be unfashionable. It is both cool, comfortable and pro- active, charming. This style is extremely suitable for her oval face and make her face look younger and more balanced.

If you also have a face shape like her or want to have a hairstyle which is suitable for hot summer days, don’t ignore this style.

Meagan Good Curly pixie haircut

2. Pixie hair with curled faux hark bangs

Let’s try something new and audacious with your pixie hair like curled faux hawk bangs, you will be exactly surprised with it. Meagan Good used this style very well and successfully.

The bangs’ part is the only long part of hair and it is rolled up with a loose curl and sprayed. Combining with charming earrings and luxurious make- up style, Meagan Good becomes the model of many girls in this time. This is an outstanding and impressive haircut that can attract others’ attention right at the first sight. It is very appropriate when taking part in special and important events.

Meagan Good Pixie hair with curled faux hark bangs

3. Short cut with layered bangs

Similar to the above hairstyle, this short cut focuses on impressive bangs. Combining this style with the nude pink lipstick color and the strong brown skin, the actress looks absolutely sexy and attractive.

This is the hairstyle that she had used at Golden Globes after- party in 2014 and it got a lot of compliments from her fans.

Meagan Good Short cut with layered bangs

4. Bowl cut

It sounds ridiculous but Meagan Good makes it look very beautiful and attractive. She lets her hair naturally curved around the forehead zone. It helps the long face look more balanced. Outstanding ornaments will be very useful to make highlight for the face.

Meagan Good Bowl cut

5. Short side part hair

Short side part bangs with outstanding color such as blonde is the favorite choice of Meagan Good. The rest of hair is short and black to make bangs look more impressive. It is actually a wise idea if you want to be the center of some party. Don’t forget to be ready for everything and smile brightly with this fascinating hairstyle like Meagan, the result will actually take you by surprise.

Meagan Good Short side part hair

6. Short cut with long curly side- part bangs

Bangs with long loose curls help Meagan’s short hair look softer and much more charming. Whereas, the front rest which is shaved shows her active and rebellious characters. This famous actually love this style so that she use it for a lot of different events such as at the OK Magazine pre- Grammy event, NAACP Image Awards, the Premiere of “Dysfunctional Friends”, etc. Therefore, combining with the bright make up style and outstanding accessories will actually makes you shine in the crowd. Even, this is also a suitable short hairstyle for both girls with normal size and plus size. Are you ready to try this style?

Meagan Good Short cut with long curly side- part bangs

7. Curled out bob

If you are not ready for these above reckless short pixie hairstyles, you can also consider a softer style like curled out bob. Meagan Good also got beautiful impressions with this style. Gentle loose curls with bob hair are always the prior choices for active girls like her. Using light and suitable hair dyes will help the face look brighter.

Meagan Good Curled out bob

8. Short cut with emo bangs

You can also make emo bangs for your short hair like the way Meagan did. This unique type of bangs makes the luxurious and trendy image for the face. Therefore, it is also one of favorite short hairstyles of the famous actress.

Meagan Good Short cut with emo bangs


How do you think about these short hairstyles of Meagan Good. Perhaps they are reckless and difficult to fit various shapes of face, they are worth trying and being highly appropriated. If you want to have a fine and bright face as well as display your strong personality, don’t afraid of following Meagan’s short hairstyles, they will meet your satisfaction.

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