Mauve – The dazzling hair color for this winter

Today in the beautiful world, there are tremendous hair colors that you want to wear. The gorgeous hair color has ability to enhance the graceful beauty of girls. However one color can not match with every girl, so they have to find out their most stunning hair color. To give you an idea, neon color is bright and trendy, but not everyone has enough confidence to appear with this look. Therefore, we’ve found out one of the best hair color option for you. If you are thinking about dying your new hair color in this summer, mauve hair color will be exactly what you want for this winter.

mauve hair color

1. What is mauve hair color?

Do you know that Mauve was created by historians as the color that changed the world? The color is known as a deep burgundy color with some hint of gray. The adorable color brings girls attractive beauty full of mystery. Today, mauve is also popular in women’s fashion. In styling hair, mauve can take on many personalities: antique, and feminine. There are many different shades of mauve hair color. Take a look to discover the best one for your hair.

mauve hair

2. The stunning shade of chocolate mauve hair color

It can’t be denied that chocolate mauve hair is perfect for winter. The color is the complex arrangement of several pigments which create warm look. This trendy brown tone is fancy and perfect for girls who are looking for a new hair color. In overall, this tone is brunette, not blond. However the color can be added more purle or pink shade depending on your preference. Don’t worry about skin tone because the color has ability to match well with your appearance whether your skin is cool or warm.

chocolate mauve hair color

3. Some chocolate mauve hair color formula

There are many different ways to deal with mauve hair color. So, here are 3 chocolate mauve hair color formula for you to achieve your ideal look.

#1. Chocolate Chunky Mauve

If you are interested in chocolate mauve with more pink and caramel shade, this color will be your best choice. The combination with different color shades brings girl an incredible look.

Chocolate Chunky Mauve

#2. Perfect Dark Chocolate Mauve

What do you expect from chocolate mauve hair? The hair color is the perfect way to embrace the hair color trend currently. Nobody can’t take their eyes off the beautiful hair color like that.

Perfect Dark Chocolate Mauve

#3. Iridescent Chocolate Mauve

If you are interested in the combination of shades such as purple, pink and brown, you cannot skip Iridescent Chocolate Mauve. The colors look quite discernible but still work well together to create gorgeous look.

Iridescent Chocolate Mauve

4. Fall in love with dusty mauve hair color

It can be said that every girl has a desire to grab other’s attention in the crowd. Dusty mauve hair color has an incredible power that makes people can’t keep their eyes off a beautiful with adorable hair color. However, it’s quite hard to maintain this hair color. Girls have to spend extra effort to take care of the amazing hair color.

dusty mauve hair color

5. How about Rose Mauve hair color?

If pink and brown shade of mauve is not your preference, let’s take a look at rose mauve hair color. The color contains more red shades which make girl’s hair look so outstanding. The hair color is suitable for girls who have cool skin tone. Are you ready to try this hair color in this year. You look so beautiful and the hair color will emphasize your appearance.

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Rose Mauve hair color

6. How to take care of mauve hair?

The truth is that mauve hair color is quite different with your natural hair, so girls need to have a special care to maintain this look.

  • Use a color –safe hair care product: If you are decided to dye this color, it’s time to change your old shampoo and conditioner. The wrong hair product can destroy the hair color pigment. You should massage your hair and apply the conditioner, then rinse it again.
  • Hair mask for your hair: Do you want to give your beautiful hair with extra care – with a hair mask? This product make your hair sleeker and smoother. It will be an excellent item for your mauve hair color.

mauve hair

Do you have any hair color ideas for this winter? Every girl is beautiful and everything they need is to find the right hair color for their head. So, let’s decide the best hair color. Follow us and give your comment below to share your idea about mauve hair color.

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