Which One Is Better: Hand Tied Vs Machine Weft ?

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Hand Tied Vs Machine Weft are popular choices among beauty enthusiasts when it comes to hair extensions. Both options provide several opportunities to improve volume, length, and overall hair beauty. They do, however, have noticeable differences, leaving customers frequently unsure about the best option for their needs. The purpose of this blog post, named Which one is better: Hand Tied Vs Machine Weft , is to provide a thorough overview of these two types of hair extensions. We will discuss their pros & cons, the differences, and advice on picking the best solution to meet your specific hair goals. Without further ado, let’s get started!

hand tied vs machine weft
Hand Tied Vs Machine Weft

Machine weft hair extensions

To begin with, machine weft hair extensions are known as a traditional beauty staple. Individual strands of hair are stitched together horizontally to make sturdy and voluminous weft in machine weft extensions, which are precisely crafted using a sewing machine. Typically, the machine weft is sewed into a braided foundation using real hair, resulting in a natural appearance that makes it difficult for people to tell you’re wearing extensions.

Machine weft hair extensions at Luxshine hair
Machine weft hair extensions at Luxshine hair

Take a look at the machine weft hair extensions pros and cons now that we’ve established what they are!

Pros of Machine Weft Extensions


One of the benefits of machine-sewn weft is its durability, which is provided by the structure, which gives it robustness and lifespan. These extensions are durable and less prone to shedding, guaranteeing that your investment in luscious locks lasts for an extended period of time. Normally. They can live six months to a year if properly cared for. 


Machine weft extensions are a low-cost option for those wishing to enhance their hair. Normally, it ranges from $65- $70 for a bundle of 18-20 inches. The automated production process makes these extensions more available to a wider audience. The production process’s efficiency and quickness contribute to a cost-effective option, allowing individuals to get the desired look without breaking the bank. Because of their price, machine weft extensions are a popular choice, allowing more individuals to enjoy the benefits of hair extensions without sacrificing quality. 

Quick Installation 

Aside from being cost-effective, machine weft extensions have the added benefit of being easy to install. These extensions’ design allows for a reasonably quick application process, making them an excellent alternative for anyone looking for a time-saving hair change. 

This ease of installation is especially enticing for people with hectic schedules or anyone wishing to acquire a new look without committing a significant amount of time. Machine weft extensions are typically installed and styled in about 2-3 hours, making them a convenient option for people who want a quick but high-quality finish.

It takes a short time to install machine weft.
It takes a short time to install machine weft.

Cons of Machine Weft Extensions:

Machine weft, like any coin, has its own set of pros and cons. While it has unquestionable advantages, it also has certain disadvantages.

Thickness and Weight

While the thickness of machine weft extensions definitely provides a wealth of styling options, particularly when it comes to creating voluminous and luxurious hairstyles, it’s important to note that this characteristic may provide issues for people with fine or thin hair. 

The large weight of the weft can be a double-edged sword, as its heft, while contributing to a fuller look, can also cause pain, particularly for individuals who are not acclimated to the extra load.

Limited flexibility

Machine weft extensions’ horizontal stitching may limit their flexibility when compared to hand-tied extensions. This can have an effect on the natural movement of the hair, making elaborate designs and updos a little more difficult to execute. 

Hand tied extensions

Let us now investigate the attractiveness of hand-tied extensions, a precise handicraft that has gained popularity due to its natural appearance and feel. Hand-tied extensions are individual strands of hair that are knotted to a weft by hand. Hand-tied wefts are thinner and less noticeable than machine wefts and make a beautiful blend with your natural hair because they are meticulously put together. 

Hand-tied weft hair extensions stand out among weft extensions in the world of hair improvement. However, they, like any other option, have pros and cons. Let’s see what it is below 

Hand tied weft extensions
Best hand tied weft hair extensions

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Let’s look at the hand tied weft extensions pros and cons now that we’ve established what they are!

Pros of Hand Tied Extensions:

Natural appearance

First and foremost, the hand-tied method mimics the natural growth pattern of hair, resulting in a seamless blend that is virtually indistinguishable from your own strands. This technique ensures a flawless, undetectable finish, making hand-tied extensions a top choice for those seeking the most natural look possible.

Lightweight and flexible

The lightweight nature of hand-tied extensions adds a new degree of variety to styling options. The weft’s suppleness allows for easy manipulation, allowing for the production of complicated updos and braided designs. This versatility, in contrast to the bulkier nature commonly associated with machine weft extensions, allows those with finer hair to experiment with different hairstyles without fear of increased weight or pain. So, if you want a hairstyle that requires flexibility and finesse, hand-tied extensions could be your best friend. 

Comfortable wear

The hand-tied technique not only provides a seamless and natural look, but it also distributes the weight of the extensions more equally across the scalp. Because of this attentive distribution, hand-tied extensions are an especially comfortable solution for people wishing to wear extensions for an extended period of time. The hand-tied procedure requires great artistry to guarantee that each weft is delicately bonded, resulting in a lightweight and airy outcome that lays comfortably on the head.

Cons of Hand Tied Extensions


While machine weft extensions are less expensive, hand-tied weft extensions are more expensive due to the labor-intensive method involved in their production. Each strand is meticulously handcrafted, ensuring a level of quality and attention to detail that machine-made rivals may lack. Machine weft extensions, on the other hand, while less expensive, may not deliver the same level of subtlety and comfort.

Hand-tied weft extensions are typically priced at $80 – $85 per bundle, making them 10-15% more expensive than machine weft extensions.

Installation time

The meticulous hand-tying process requires more installation time than machine weft extensions. While the results are stunning, those seeking a quicker transformation may find the process a bit more time-consuming. The installation process usually takes 2-4 hours to complete even more depending on how many weft that you need to install. 

Comparing Hand Tied Vs Machine Weft

Hand Tied Vs Machine Weft Hair have numerous similarities, including: 

  • Machine-weft and hand-tied weft are both available in a wide range of materials, including synthetic and human hair. However, human hair is particularly popular due to its natural appearance and adaptability.
  • Both forms of weft extensions are used to add length and volume. 
  • Both types are applied by sewing
  • Both machine weft and hand tied weft extensions can mix flawlessly with natural hair when placed correctly, producing a natural and unified look.
  • Both types of extensions are available in a variety of colors and textures, allowing for a close match to natural hair or the opportunity to experiment with other shades.
  • Hand-tied weft extensions are typically priced at $85 per bundle, making them 10-15% more expensive than machine weft extensions.

Here are some differences between machine weft vs hand tied extensions


Machine weft 

Hand-tied weft

Weft line 




6 months – a year

6 months 



Higher price

$65- $70 (a bundle 18 inches)

$80 – $85 (a bundle 18 inches)

Installation time

About 2-3 hours

More time-consuming 2-4 hours


Not suited for individuals who have thin hair

Suit for all 


The difference between machine weft hair extensions vs hand tied extensions
The difference between machine weft hair extensions vs hand tied extensions

Which One Is The Best Choice Machine Weft Or Hand Tied ? 

Now, answer the question of how to select the best one for your specific hair objectives. If you prefer a quicker installation process and don’t mind a thicker weave while looking for a cost-effective option, machine weft extensions may be the best option for you. The effectiveness of machine weft installation means that you can obtain the required design without investing excessive time and money. 

Hand-tied extensions, on the other hand, could be the right solution for your needs if you value a flawless, natural appearance and have the luxury of time to spend. Hand-tied extensions’ painstaking craftsmanship provides a level of intricacy and delicacy that can result in a more natural blend with your own hair. This process allows for a subtle, unnoticeable integration, resulting in a flawless flow and extensions that are nearly indistinguishable from your natural locks. Lastly, the choice between hand tied and machine weft ultimately comes down to your objectives and lifestyle. 

Weft hair extensions - before & after 
Weft hair extensions – before & after


The decision between machine weft and hand-tied hair extensions ultimately comes down to personal tastes, priorities, and money. Whether you choose the efficiency of machine weft extensions or the exquisite workmanship of hand-tied extensions, both provide the potential to transform your tresses and reflect your individual style. So go ahead and start your hair journey, and let your hair tell a story of beauty and confidence. Through this blog ‘’Which one is better: Hand Tied Vs Machine Weft ’’, Luxshine Hair wishes you the best of luck in your search for the perfect Vietnam hair extensions. Have a pleasant day.

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