Luxshine Hair Energizes Students: Launch Study Promotion Fund

Director of Luxshine Hair has recently announced the opening of a Study Promotion Fund with a cost of up to 100 million VND per month. This initiative is a part of the company’s commitment to promoting education and creating equal opportunities for all.

The Study Promotion Fund of Luxshine Hair is open to students who come from underprivileged backgrounds and have a good academic record. The members of Luxshine Hair will look for disadvantaged backgrounds in their local area and then the board of directors will consider these circumstances. Monthly, the donation of 1 million Vietnam Dong will be awarded to students. And it will be sent directly from Luxsine members. 

hoc bong luxshine

The selection process will be based on a thorough review of the students’ academic records, financial needs, and community involvement. Students who meet the criteria will be eligible to receive the donation to help them continue their education and pursue their dreams.  

This initiative is a significant step towards promoting access to education and creating equal opportunities for students who come from backgrounds that are less fortunate. By providing financial assistance to students who have demonstrated academic excellence, Luxshine Hair is helping to bridge the gap between the haves and have-nots and enabling more young people to pursue their dreams.

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Furthermore, the donation of 1 million Vietnam Dong by Luxshine Hair is not just an act of charity but also a reflection of the company’s commitment to social responsibility. By supporting education and creating equal opportunities, Luxshine Hair is contributing positively to society and establishing a strong reputation as a socially responsible company. We hope that this initiative will inspire other companies to follow suit and support education in their communities.

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