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Do you know that silver is not only a color, but also a chic and sexy hair dye color on trend today? Silver hair color has become popular in the world of beauty and it seems that everyone wants a piece of this stylish hair. Sexier than it sounds, silver hair dye has ability to fit well with different skin tones and brings girls an incredible look. Whether you intend to dye your hair at home or go to the salon, here are somethings you need to know about silver hair dye.

1. Shade for your hair

Talking about a new shade for your hair, it is important to know how color will match with your skin tone. There are different shades of silver hair dye for you to create perfect look. Even though finding the best hair dye can be quite daunting, we are here to help you. The beauty of bright silver colors looks excellent with various hairstyles. And, whether you have cool or warm skin tone, the beautiful hair dye will give you professional results and match your skin tone perfectly.

silver hair

2. Distinguish permanent and temporary silver hair dye

If you are going to dye your hair, what kind of hair dye should you choose? There are two basic types of hair dye which are permanent hair dye and temporary hair dye.

Permanent siver hair dye: If you want to change the color of your hair without worrying about faded hair color, permanent hair dye will be your perfect option. There are various options for color shade, so girls absolutely have a chance to obtain natural-looking. However, this method can damage your natural hair.

silver short hair

Temporary silver hair dye: Compare to permanent color, semi-permanent color is low maintenance and easy to use. Temporary hair dye is a great option for girls who want to test new color before dyeing their hair permanently. Moreover, temporary colors don’t contain bleach, so your hair will be back to normal after few washes.

silver wavy hair

3. Top three best silver hair dye

Perhaps, color hair dye is ideal choice for those who are looking for gorgeous silver shade without natural white hairs. If you are seeking for the high quality of hair dye to grab people’s attention, here are three options for you.

#1. Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids

Having said that, it is one of the best hair dye quality at home for girls. This product provides a pre-lightener, so you won’t have to worry about dyeing hair if you own a dark hair color.

Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids

#2 Color Freedom Metallic Glory

What do you think about rocking your hair with budget-friendly dye? The combination of Argan oil and Shea butter will provide long-lasting and vivid look. Girls will be easy falling in love with this product.

Color Freedom Metallic Glory

#3. Creative Image Adore Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Are you ready to try new hair color called as bold as silver? This product contains no alcohol, no peroxide and no ammonia, so it prevents damaging your natural hair and the shade of silver can last longer.

Creative Image Adore Semi Permanent Hair Color

4. What do girls look like with silver black hair?

If you have black hair and look for a trendy silver hair idea, you should take a look at this picture. Girls have wavy hairstyle and the highlight spot of hair is the silver weave at the end of hair. It definitely eye-catching hair color and girls look so fashionable with this hair color. And, please remember that your silver ends need to be maintained with a toner.

silver black hair

5. Another idea with silver grey hair dye

It can’t be denied that sliver grey hair dye looks super stylish. It is a unique hair dye for young face look. Girls look younger and prettier with this color. Even though girls have to take time for maintenance, nobody can’t keep their eyes off the beauty of silver hair color.

silver grey hair dye

6. The idea of silver blonde hair dye

The various shade of silver colors brings girls flexible look. With silver blonde hair, they look super cute thank to the perfect shade of blonde.

silver blonde hair

With a multiple options of silver hair, silver blue hair is another perfect option for not only teenagers but also celebrities. In this picture CL looks so sexy and gorgeous. Her silver blue hair brings a mysterious feeling.

silver blue hair

Do you got inspiration for your hair color this year? The glamorous hair colors will definitely catch other attention and you are absolutely able to obtain sliver hair at home. If you have any queries, please send Luxshinehair your questions via our social media or in the comment section below and ask for verification.

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