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In the hair market nowadays, you can find a lot of different types of hair extensions such as weave hair, clip in hair, tape hair, wig, etc for any demand. Some can be fixed in hair for long time but the time to apply them in is also very long. Whereas, some are easy to wear but they can make you feel uncomfortable in activities. Thus, many people would like to have a kind of hair products which is both simple to use and durable in real hair.

We make sure that you will find that one after reading our article. 360 frontal hair is a special type of hair extensions which can meet all satisfactions you need. Don’t believe? Let’s check it out right now!

1. What is 360 frontal?

When you want to buy hair extensions with lace pieces, you will be suggested to use lace closure or lace frontal hair extensions. They are popular and attractive because of their convenience and diverse styles. However, as their names, they are just half- hair wigs.

360 frontal is created to deal with that problem. It is also called 360 frontal wig or 360 silk base frontal. The silk base is designed to be bigger than the initial lace piece to give the better coverage. Obviously, it is not a complete wig so that it can’t cover all your hair. However, if your hair problem is not too bad and you don’t want to spend too much money buying a full hair wig, using a 360 frontal hair extension is actually a gorgeous suggestion for you.

360 frontal

This kind is designed into a special closed lace piece. There are thousands of tiny gaps in the silk base so that hairs are attached regularly and hermetically. It can help you to hide your thin and fine hair in front as well as make more volume for hair behind. Let’s see the above picture for a perfect look.

2. How to make a 360 frontal?

If you are skillful or you don’t want to spend too much money on expensive available wigs why don’t you try doing 360 lace frontal wig on your own? Diy 360 frontal is really not a bad idea. Only with some simple things that you can have one which is much cheaper but completely suitable with your head and hair.

Firstly, you need to prepare available lace frontal or lace closure hair extensions. You will have to attach them into the big round silk base to make a round 360 lace piece. Of course, you can even diy a hair lace piece but it takes you a lot of time and but the result cannot be as good as the thing you expect.

diy a 360 lace frontal

The most important thing is that you have to be patient and skillful because sewing hairs into small gaps of the silk base can take you a lot of hours, even some days to complete the final result with the most beautiful and regular image. You should choose real human hair with good quality from prestigious brands to give the effect which is natural and protective to your hair.

Then, inside the 360 silk base frontal, some elastic bands are attached in the behind part of the lace piece so that you can adjust the hair lace according to your demand.

After finishing making the product, you can check its elasticity by your hands before putting it on your head.

What Is Silk Base? Types Of Silk Base Hair Extensions

3. How to install a 360 lace frontal?

Applying the lace piece

If this is the first time you have used a kind of hair wig, you need to find out for the way to put them in as well as to take them off properly. If you do it wrong, the lace wig will not work well. That also means your new hair appearance will look not as perfect as the thing you want.

Commonly, you will have to make hair cornrows or any similar way to fix you real hair inside before applying hair extensions. Next, let’s put the 360 hair silk base product on your head. The part of the lace closure or lace frontal is put at the top front part of head while the other part is fixed at the behind part which is nearly the nape of head. After that, you sew the lace piece into hair cornrows to fix these hair extensions.

how to install 360 frontal

Applying hair weaves

You must have been curious that that kind can’t cover all of your head so how to have the complete look? Let’s take the advantage of weave hair extensions and then you will have the wonderful new hair appearance. The combination between 360 lace frontal and bundles help your hair look become perfect. Because your initial real hair is braided into hair cornrows, they give basic lines for hair wefts to be sewn in hair beautifully and firmly.

Next, let’s cut off the superfluous parts of the lace piece after sewing both silk base frontal and weave hair extensions into your hair. After that, you only need to leave the hair part of the lace frontal down and then a nice hairstyle happens. By using these hair extensions with real human hair, no one can recognize that you are wearing hair products.


4. Where to buy 360 lace frontal?

Good hair brands

If you don’t have time to diy, you can buy the alternative one. This hair product is now quite popular in hair market with many different styles. Of course, its price is relatively expensive but it is worthy. Instead of buying fake and low quality hair products which can make you meet a lot of unexpected bad effects, buying this kind of frontal wig at prestigious brands with guaranteed quality will never make you disappointed. You can ask for your hair stylist to make it become more gorgeous according to your hobby.

Suggestions of big brands of hair extensions worldwide come from countries like Brazil, Myanmar, India, China and South America. They have hair with many different kinds, including 360 lace closure frontal to catch the attention of customers. However, each hair source has its shortcomings. For example, human hair sources in cold regions are smooth but slim and small while hair sources in tropical countries are quite rough and curly, etc. They can make bad results to your hair beauty.

Thus, it is necessary for you to be sagacious to choose the best 360 frontal which is the most suitable with your own hair.


Luxshinehair is exactly one of ideal choices of yours. Hair extensions are all made from 100% real human virgin and remy hair of Vietnamese women. This hair source is considered one of the best hair derivations in the world because hair strands are not too big but not too slim. They can be suitable with almost kinds of hair extensions in the world.

Moreover, all hair frontals of Luxshinehair are checked out thoroughly to make sure that hair is always clean and fragrant. You will completely not to worry about problems of non- remy hair, artificial hair, animal hair or hair bugs because they never happen with products of the company. Hai is always thick, regular and nice. They are sewn in the suitable lace peace firmly and attractively.


5. Advantages of 360 lace frontal

Impressive look

350 frontal review is very impressive because using it is absolutely useful. Every woman want their appearance look beautiful and impressive in front of other people. Obviously, having good hair is one of things that impresses on other the most.

When you use this type of hair extensions, problems of thin hair, even hair loss can completely be solved. Your hair will look more voluminous and bobbing than ever. We make sure that your friends will feel extremely surprised with your amazing hair change.

Moreover, if you want to change your short hairstyle into a fresher long style, this hair lace type can help you. Every length size you want can almost be catered to help you to have the most wonderful images.

Middle part wavy hair


There is a troubling problem when you use other types of hair extensions. It is the limitation of making diverse styles because signs of hair products such as hair clips, hair wefts and so on can be revealed. They will make you feel shy and not be self- confident in the next activities.

Fortunately, you can have free styles with hair thanks to the 360 lace frontal. Its construction in front side is quite similar to lace frontal, lace closure and wig so that you can make various styles such as middle part hair, side part hair or hair with bangs and Lace frontal with baby hairs. These styles will actually bring to your appearance wonderful new experiences.


Long hair with bangs

Moreover, you can comfortably create your hair with impressive and active styles without worrying that the lace piece will be exposed. It not stop at styles with hair down but with almost styles like Dutch braids, black braids, high buns, ponytail hair, pigtail hair, etc. That is so amazing, isn’t it?

Ponytail hair

Hair protection

To protect hair as well as keep hair as healthy as possible, apart from take care of hair with good hair care treatments and products, using hair extensions is also a good method. Before using these extensions, your own real hair have been braided or covered by some special wig cap. Thanks to that, your hair is not affected by external effects such as wind or high temperature, etc.

In addition, you don’t need to style or dye your hair directly because good hair extensions with various textures and colors can help you to have gorgeous looks. You can take off the lace wig as well as other kinds of hair extensions easily and conveniently. They don’t make too much trouble for you if you are careful. Thus, traces of hair breakage, hair shedding and hair loss are also determined very well.

good hair

Time- saving

Lastly, you will never have to worry about the time to apply this type of hair extensions. It is relatively simple. You can completely use your skillfulness or ask for your hair stylist to apply this 360 frontal wig in your hair. The average time to have it is about one hour and it is much less than the time for wearing weft hair, keratin hair or other sew in hair types.

Of course, if you have not been professional yet, mistakes can happen when you making and wearing this 360 hair lace so that if you need to have a perfect look immediately, let’s find for another help to make it better. In case that using this style is too complicated with you, let’s try changing with simpler hair types like tape hair and clip hair. They are also impressive suggestions.

Simple application

6. Q&A about 360 frontal hair extensions

How much is a 360 frontal?   

As we have mentioned above, good and high quality hair products often don’t have the cheap price. It is up to many elements of hair such as the quantity, color, texture of hair, etc. The seller will supply for you all necessary information and recommend you the most reasonable price.

Let’s make sure that you don’t buy kinds of synthetic 360 frontal. They can be cheap and nice at the first sight but they are very easy to be broken. Even, they cause side effects which can make your hair and scalp get serious damage. Obviously, you will have to buy another better one and the price for recovering bad hair is completely not cheap.

Is 360 frontal similar to wig?

You can see that this kind of hair extensions has the impressive coverage but it is just a half- wig that is completely different from the common wig. When using them, it is necessary to use more hair extensions to complete the style you want.

Because it is not a full wig, the time to apply it will be longer than using the wig. However, the final result is completely wonderful. Especially as for women who have thin and fine hair, a wig sometimes can’t meet their demand of thick hair, using the style with 360 lace frontal closure is really amazing.

You can get some misunderstandings among relative types of hair extensions. Therefore, let’s read more on Luxshinehair blog to have more information.

What is 360 frontal weave?

It is the combination between 360 frontal and weave hair to give the complete which is look like a full lace wig. Because the individual frontal can’t cover all of your head, you should buy more hair weaves. They will actually give the beautiful image for your appearance.

How many bundles do I need with a 360 frontal?

Commonly, you only need to add more two or three weave hair extensions to have a nice look. Because hair in the lace wig is also quite much and beautiful, you only need some more hair weaves behind. However, in case that your hair is too thin or you want to have a hairstyle which is more voluminous and eye- catching, the amount of weave bundles can be more.

You need to take notice in the way to put weave hair extensions in hair. They are often applied in real hair of someone by sew- in method. Thus, hair is very easy to get tangles and ruins. You had better ask for a professional help to have the perfect result.

How about other kinds of hair extensions?

360 lace frontal product is really an impressive type of hair extensions. However, it can’t be suitable one in every situation. For different demands on different occasions, you should choose other kinds of hair extensions. They can make you feel more comfortable in every activities.

You can visit Luxshinehair to find out more about diverse types and styles of hair extensions. We supply all popular kinds of hair from traditional ones like bulk hair, weave hair to modern ones such as clip in hair, tape hair, keratin hair, wig hair, etc. These hair products are completely from real human hair with the wonderful image and quality.

Textures of hair is extremely various. Luxshinehair can supply nearly 20 kinds of hair textures with the impressive length size from 6 inches to 32 inches. Their coverage are all amazing that never make you disappointed.

Beautiful colors of these hair extensions?

The hair color is also a feature that make customer take notice in hair extensions. When buying 360 degree frontals, you can comfortably choose hair with any shade you like. Suggestions of blonde 360 frontal, red 360 frontal are absolutely outstanding. Whereas, shades of black and brown are soft and natural.

Blonde 360 frontal

For buying any other types of hair extensions, let’s come to Luxshinehair. With more than 10 years of experience in the field of supplying hair extensions for wholesalers, retailers and also individual customers, we commit to bring to you the most wonderful real human hair extensions with the best quality.

Besides, don’t mind sharing us things you wonder about all problems of hair. Our customer caring staff are always willing to answer you. Your happiness with the beautiful hair image is also our happiness. Let’s always support us! We make sure that our wonderful hair extensions will never make you feel disappointed. 


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