Let me show you the Most Gorgeous Short Haircuts for Thick Wavy Hair!

My friends often talk to me that “You are so lucky because you have thick and strong hair that can make every hairstyle you want” or “I could look much more beautiful if my hair were like yours”, etc. Indeed, thick hair has more advantages than thin hair. However, it doesn’t mean that my appearance can look perfect with every style and I’ve got many difficulties to have suitable haircuts.

I very like short wavy hair but people say that this texture can make my hair look like a mess. However, I don’t like hearing that so I’ve found and tried a lot of wavy hairstyles with short length for many years. Of course, the results are not bad as other people’s thoughts. I even got a lot of compliments from them. So today I would like to share all of my experiences with short haircuts for thick wavy hair. Hoping that you can also have your favorite hairstyle with this special texture!

Short Haircuts for Thick Wavy Hair

1. Natural wavy bob

Among short haircuts for wavy thick hair, this hairstyle is the one I like best. Bob hair is not too short like pixie style and it also not too long like lob styles. With this length, my hair is always be relaxed and it doesn’t make me feel hot or uncomfortable, anyways.

I like combing this bob short hair with natural hair waves and sleek colors. Hair waves are in harmony and softness so that they don’t make hair look messy like deep hair curls. Whereas, sleek colors help hair look outstanding. You don’t need to choose too bright colors because thick hair is very difficult to absorb hair dye. Let’s start dyeing hair with dark tones but make sure that they are not too vague and then you will have yourself a perfect style.

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natural wavy bob haircut

2. Face framing short wavy haircut

I have round face so sometimes, I would like to cover this characteristic. Luckily, face framing short wavy haircut helps me to do that. This is a short hairstyle with soft hair waves. It’s almost like pixie hair but a bit longer in front. Hair embraces big parts on face like cheeks or jawline so that the face looks smaller and more balanced.

With this hairstyle, I don’t keep bangs so as to make my face look more bright and of course more charming. My friends were very surprised when seeing my hair to be cut like that but all of them agreed that this hairstyle was really suitable for me. So happy!

Face framing short wavy haircut

3. Wavy lob hairstyle with bangs

Every haircut with bangs gives images which are extremely lovely and wavy lob hairstyle is too. As for me, wavy lob hair is one of cute short haircuts for thick wavy hair. Only with some wispy bangs or any other type of bangs you love do you have a completely new appearance. Bangs not only help your whole thick hair become thinner but also give fresh and lovely images on face.

As for many women, especially African American women, having deep wavy short hair is completely common but it will look a bit awkward if you are Asian or Western girls because it is quite bobbing and fuzzy. Therefore, if you like your appearance look more natural and charming, you can try choosing simple wavy hair texture or keeping big waves for hair.

Wavy lob hairstyle with bangs


4. Wavy short hair with braids

I consider this hairstyle as one of the best short haircuts for women with thick wavy hair. Wavy hair is essentially soft and charming so when combining with braid hair strands, highlights on hair become much more outstanding. Of course, braid hair also makes your thick hair thinner

I often have half up braid hair since it is both neat and impressive. However, you can choose yourself many other styles with braids such as braids on bangs, braid strands with colorful strings, etc. Don’t forget to combine with your favorite accessories and soft makeup style, you will actually the most beautiful girl in the crowd.

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Wavy short hair with braids

5. Pixie wavy short hair

In fact, I don’t like pixie hair but having pixie short wavy hair is not a bad idea. Last summer, I cut my hair with this texture. Initially, I felt a bit strange but thanks to side part style, natural hair waves and some favorite ornaments, I could control my hairstyle diversely.

Trust me! Wavy pixie hair won’t make you look like a funny boy. On the contrary, let’s take outstanding advantages of your balances face and thick hair to make suitable wavy pixie styles that you want!

Pixie wavy short hair

6. Layered wavy short hair

Short layered haircuts for thick wavy hair are also very popular with women all over the world. Layers styles make impressive highlights on hair and they also make coarse thick hair become thinner because of being skillfully trimmed. Layered hair waves have clear differences from layered straight hair. They sometimes more eye- catching and attractive. Besides, you can also make feathered out style to look more impressive.

Layered wavy short hair

7. Shoulder length hair with wavy ends

Instead of having wavy hair on your whole hair, you can choose to make a shoulder length hairstyle with wavy ends. I see this haircut is quite popular with global hot faces because it both displays women’s’ softness and have something sexy and enchanting inside. Obviously, I can’t ignore this unique style.

I like combining this style with balayage hair and side swept bangs for charming images. Surprisingly, this hairstyle really looked very luxurious so that I applied it when coming my friends’ party and I got many good comments about my hair’s appearance. That was so great!

Shoulder length hair with wavy ends

All of these aforementioned hairstyles are the most impressive short hairstyles for thick wavy hair that I’ve ever tried and felt satisfied. I hope that you will also feel that when applying these haircuts. Furthermore, if you are being sad due to your thin and weak hair, let’s try using Luxshinehair extensions. My friends and also my mom have tried them and they really love this brand. How about you?

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