Prom hairstyles for long length hair inspired from US-UK celebrities

If you wonder which are the best prom hairstyles for long length hair, we cannot give you the exact answer. However, we will help you to find out some great ideas for your special day. Why don’t you learn from celebrities’ hairstyles at red carpet if they are suitable to your hair?

US, UK artists always get good sympathies from their fans not only by their talent but also by their beautiful appearance on red carpets or at proms. One of things that makes that attractiveness is their long length hair styles. They are often flexibly changed to be fit each condition. Let’s see their gorgeous look to choose the most favorable one for you.

1. Jessica Alba – Loose wavy hair

This beautiful Hollywood actress is always the center of every look when she appears in front of the crowd. She always knows how to take the others surprises thanks to attractive hairstyles. Talking about the hairdo that make her brand, we can’t help mentioning her loose wavy hairstyle. A puffing and smooth wavy hair with big hair curls and bright colors such as light- brown, blonde, etc is actually the wise choice. This hairstyle helps her image look fresh, young and charming. No one can resist this beauty so that this will be the wonderful style for girls to join prom parties.

2. Audrina Patridge – Ancient curly hair

With the ancient curly hair, this lady looks full of charm and nobleness. A side- parting light curly hair combining with suitable makeup and highlight accessories makes the actress the perfect appearance in parties. Look how fantastic the curls pour down her shoulder! The asymmetrical style  refresh your appearance and re-frame your face absolutely. If you also want prom hairstyles for long hair, don’t hesitate to try this style immediately!

3. Lea Michele – Fumi curly hair

One of the most popular hairstyles nowadays is exactly fumi curly hairstyle that Lea Michele has tried in a recently event. Instead of bouncy curls, this gentle and impressive hair will actually not make girls feel disappointed. You needn’t use too light hair colors for this styles because it is the most beautiful when it is on dark tone. We make sure that its mystery will be your highlight at the prom. If you love the colorful hairstyles, let’s make an ombre to the curls. It’s a great idea to use temporary hair dye that will be washed out after few times of shampoo. Thanks to this trick , your hair gets less effects from chemicals but keeps its fantastic look for a while.

4. Jennifer Aniston – Layered hair

The former wife of famous actor Brad Pitt always remains her beautiful and young appearance thanks to choosing appropriate hairstyles. It sounds like she loves the layered long hairstyle a lot and usually appears with it in events. It actually acts effectively. The beautiful and outstanding hairstyle and bright face help her to catch all others’ attention. The leather long bang with middle part works amazingly in re-framing the star’s face. Whatever face frame you own, this hairstyle will make it in nice shape and hide your edginess perfectly. Why you should choose this layered hair to proms? It’s super quick and easy but beautiful. Especially, you can mix and match it with any types of outfit.

5. Taylor Swift – Deep curly hair

Long before, when being called the princess of folk music, Taylor Swift was famous for attractive hairstyles. Deep curly with dark blonde hair color and bangs is often used by this singer. It makes her look young, lovely and dreamy. This is the ideal styles for prom hairstyles for long length hair. Let’s attach some outstanding accessories if you want your appearance more attractive. Now, you are a truly Princess. Perhaps, you will find your own Prince in this special day.

6. Megan Fox – Water wavy hair

The charming hairstyle of this famous actress is actually not the bad idea for you when taking part in proms. With waves in S- shape, girls with different appearances can create various impressions. It can make you look smart and noble but sometimes, it makes gentleness and pureness. Therefore, this is exactly all things you need for a perfect hair style at the coming prom meeting.

7. Mila Kunis – Long straight hair

We will prove to you that long straight hair is never been unfashionable. It is always the top choice for girls who want to have a charming and mature image in front of public. This beautiful actress is exactly the symbol of this style. The round face cannot make bad effect on her appearance because long straight hair helps her balance her look. Simple but chic, it is a wonderful choice for prom hairstyles for long length hair.

8. Vanessa Hudgens – Loose curly hair with braid on bangs

Instead of keeping bangs, why don’t you try braiding some of your front hair part like the way Vanessa does? She has an impressive jet- black curly hair but braided part on her forehead and some attached tiny flowers make it more beautiful and dreamy than ever. This is exactly the style of princesses on prom occasions. You can’t deny it beauty, right?

9. Selena Gomes – Half- up half- down hair

Regardless of being the Disney Princess or The Queen of Instagram, this beautiful singer still always makes her fans admire by her wonderful hairstyles. Half up half down hairstyle is one of them. The style not only helps her to cover the shortcoming of round face, but also give sher a polite and charming image. This style will actually make you shine among others on the party.

We hope that these aforementioned suggestions will be useful for your preparations for the coming prom with long and medium- length hair styles. In case of feeling under confidence because of thin hair, you can contact us- Luxshinehair will help you to deal with it thanks to beautiful and high- quality hair extensions that can make you have an impressive hairstyle like these above famous stars.

Apart from these hairstyles, we have many beautiful hairstyles for prom, refer to Ultimate Guides for Prom hairstyles to know more information.

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