Latest collection of short hairstyles with highlights and lowlights

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More and more women love short hair more than long hair because of its convenience and modern beauty. Indeed, short hairstyles are not limited by the monotony. It is really very rich and diverse. You can even transform it more fresh and daring by adding your short hairstyle highlights as well as lowlights.

In this article, we will recommend the latest collection of short hairstyles with highlights and lowlights for you. Please consult and find the perfect hair style for yourself. We believe the suggestions below will help your short hairstyle become more impressive.

1. Blonde highlights with Dark brown lowlights

Blonde highlights with Dark brown lowlights

This is a spectacular short hairstyle with a combination of two opposing colors. Blonde highlights and dark brown lowlights seem to blend together and highlight each other in your hair. This hair color offers the same sweetness as milk coffee. You should have straight and short hair and shine. You will definitely love it.

2. Violet lowlights and highlights Bob

Violet lowlights and highlights BobThis color is so lovely with mainly violet lowlights in the inner hair layer and golden highlights in the outer layer of hair. Not only because there is a gentle violet tone, but a cut style embraces the face makes this style even more charming.

Your hair will look even more beautiful with this color even with a simple and popular hairstyle.

3. Platinum blonde highlights in black hair

Platinum blonde highlights in black hairNatural black is a color that is always in your hair but platinum is a color of the prevailing trend. Therefore, this combination is perfectly suitable. Platinum blonde highlights will make your black hair extremely prominent and attractive. Shoulder-length short hairstyle is applied in this case because with outstanding color, you do not need a too complicated hairstyle.

4. Pixie cut with green, purple lowlights and blue highlights

Pixie cut with green, purple lowlights and blue highlightsPixie hair is no stranger to girls who pursue short hairstyles, however, this color is a different thing. It brings a completely new and unique feeling. The green and purple lowlights make the background for your hair, the blue highlights are glowing in the hair above the top of the head. You seem to own a smooth green garden on your hair. I’m crazy about this hair color. If you are having an ideal pixie hair, please try it right away.

5. Messy short hair with Pastel Pink highlights

Messy short hair with Pastel Pink highlightsIt is flawed if there is no sweet pastel pink on this list. This hairstyle is extremely cute. Light and messy hair is adorned by youthful colors suitable for feminine and mischievous girls. It never leaves the boredom in the eyes of everyone for you. You should mix the dresses and accessories that have sweet colors with this hairstyle to create a unified style.

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6. Cooper highlights in short hair

Cooper highlights in short hairShort hairstyle with long side bangs is a great choice, but it will be even more great with adding copper highlights. You can see, this color is representative of the strong, a color that makes you look so sexy. If you are looking to create a stylish and modern style, there is no reason for you to refuse this hair color. You can feel confident anywhere with this hairstyle whether you go out with friends or attend special events.

7. Caramel highlights and Chestnut brown lowlights Wavy hair

Caramel highlights and Chestnut brown lowlights Wavy hairThis beautiful color for girls with healthy brown skin. I love natural wave curls with sweet caramel highlights. Chestnut brown is a color that has never been forgotten because it is very nice and close to real hair color. The color effect is maximized with this voluminous hairstyle. It is really a hairstyle worth owning though not too new.

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8. Curly hair with Blue highlights

Curly hair with Blue highlightsIf you really want a big change, this color is the best idea for you. Curly hair is also a popular hairstyle, but with blue highlights, it will become unique. Her hair looks like a miniature ocean that looks so impressive. However, this hairstyle is also quite complicated, so it needs to be mixed with the appropriate makeup and outfit. Maybe, it is not suitable for the office environment, but it is a worthwhile idea for any party or tour.

We believe this article has helped you choose short hair with highlights and lowlights for yourself. Short hair is really beautiful, fashionable and no longer monotonous… Sometimes, the color variation on the hair also easily changes your style. Do not hesitate to care and beautify your hair, by a suitable hairstyle and make a good impression on everyone. The highlights and lowlights are made a great contribution to your hairstyle to be perfect. I wish you luck on the way to find your hairstyle.

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