Lace Closure: How Many Types Do you Know?

Lace Closure is a hair piece to cover your hair top from the hairline. It is helpful to people who get bald or own unattractive natural hair. If you have searched about this hair extensions, you absolutely wonder which type is the best. BUT, you need to understand it thoroughly and answer yourself which one is for you.

Now, let’s get started!

Base on the hair materials

We bet that you don’t really understand the hair materials very well because there are difference definitions in the world. In today’s post, we will talk about how Vietnam hair vendors classify them. This way is now quite popular among hair suppliers.

Virgin Hair

Luxshinehair Virgin Hair

Virgin hair is the best hair quality in hair market thanks to its purity and beauty as well as long lifespan. In short, virgin hair hasn’t been through any chemical process including dying process, perm, keratin treatment, and so on. In addition, the hair is collected from 1 donor only which increase the ability to go lighter of the hair extensions. Consequently, a bundle of this hair type is usually thin and light (under 100g).

However, it doesn’t mean every virgin hair is good. Some people own not good natural hair due to their DNA, living condition, health, etc. Hence, the hair suppliers need to select it carefully right from the start.

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Remy Hair

Remy hair is also human hair but it is collected from more than 2 donors. These hair could be chemically treated before. However, it still keeps its beauty. In comparison with virgin hair, remy hair has tendency to have shorter lifespan. While the former can last up to 3 years and above, the latter is beautiful within 1-2 years. In case you can take care of it thoroughly, remy hair can stay healthy longer. Comparatively, remy hair has more affordable and reasonable cost.

Remy hair and non-remy hair

Non-remy hair

Although it’s made from real hair, non-remy hair is removed the outer layers – cuticles to make it smooth. Generally, hair supplier collect this materials from the ground or temple donation event. Hence, the cuticles don’t run in the same way so that it gets tangle a lot. To solve this problem, they remove the cuticles and then cover it with a silicon layer. The “outer coat” of the hair will be washed away quickly leading to hair damages. Therefore, lace closure with this materials will die soon after 3-6 months.

Synthetic hair

As its name, the hair is not real human hair. Ergo, people can realize you are using hair extensions immediately. At the same point, you cannot style it with hot tools or change its color with hair dye. Nonetheless, its perks are the large range of lengths, colors and styles. Especially, it’s cheap and you can invest in few pieces of hair extensions to change whenever you want.

Base on the types of lace

HD lace

This is the latest type which means “high definition”. HD lace is super thin with small holes and no color at all. It melt to every skin type perfectly. However, it is also a disadvantages for this product. The lace cannot bear any strong impacts so that you need to be careful in application process. Additionally, the price of it is higher than any others.

lace closure installation

Transparent lace

Transparent lace is almost the same as HD lace but it is thicker and has bigger holes. It also fits to different skin color while the price is much more affordable.

Swiss lace

Swiss lace is totally distinguished with 2 types of lace above because it owns 4 colors from light, light brown, medium brown and dark brown. As a result, you can choose the best one to match your own. At the same time, you can choose the light color and dye it with foundation if you want a perfect blend.

Silk-based lace

silk-based closure

As its name, it is made with silk. When you look into any spot in the closure, you find it as natural and real as our scalp. Furthermore, the silk is soft and smooth creating the comfy to your hair and scalp. Thus, it is the most expensive one for hair extensions.

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Base on the design

Border and no border

It’s about the edge line surrounding the perimeter of hair. This type of closure makes sense when you do sew-in. The border make the edges stronger so you can have peace in mind when installing. On the one hand, there is no extra lace so you needn’t waste your time to cut it off. In the opposite, no border seems to be more seamless.

Lace closure with border line

Free part and part

There are 4 choices for you that are free part, side part, middle part and three part. Each of them will give you different appearances immediately. You should tell your hair suppliers about what you want or else, you will receive free part for sure.

Normally, Lace Closure has small sizes so that we cannot find a three part or side part products. In this case, you can choose middle part and create side part by application.

Baby hair and no baby hair

It’s not strange if you get baby hair because it makes your hair extensions look real. Moreover, you can style the baby hair to boost your look incredibly. If you find it too complicated, just choose no baby hair products. At the same time, you can freely design your baby hair with this type when you want to change hairstyle.

style baby hair with lace closure installation

Pre-plucked hairline and no pre-plucked hairline

When the hair suppliers make their products, especially lace closure, lace frontal and wigs, they need to make everything in sync which are not allowed them to design their products sophisticatedly. As a result, the density of these products are the same and unnatural-alike at all. As a result, many hair suppliers will pluck their products for natural look to attract customers. However, many people want to do their own, hence, no pre-plucked hairline still exists.

pre-plucked wig

Base on the sizes

There are many sizes for lace closure which were born to satisfy the desire of customers. Why do they need different perimeter? It’s not only because of the area they want to cove, but also the hairstyles they want to own. For example, if you want a deep middle part for a bossy and modern look, you need to choose 2×6 or 6×6. If you want to make bangs, you can choose 7×7 or 6×6, etc. Among them, 4×4 lace closure and 5×5 lace closure seem to be more favorite and you can purchase them easily.

Also, the density of hair which is the coverage ability of the product is also a criteria to classify the products we are mentioning. The higher density is, the thicker tresses you get. Some common options for hair extensions wearers are 100%, 120%, 130%, 150%, 180%.

In conclusion

There are so many types of lace closure in global market. Each of them has different features with pros and cons. Even though, you can consider and choose your own the best answer. In case you wonder how to choose good hair vendor, we will give you some tips. Check it out in our blog.

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