How To Do Lace Closure Installation?

Lace closure is a popular in American – African community where people own coarse hair mostly. Their natural hair hardly grows or it gets a lot of damages. Hence, they want to hide their hair underneath the hair extensions completely. How to do lace closure installation? Let’s explore it now.

In short, what is lace closure?

A lace closure is a small hair piece which is made by crocheting each hair shaft into a lace. As a result, we can change the perimeter of this products. The most common sizes include 4×4, 5×5, 2×6, 6×6, etc. Depending on the hairstyles, customers will choose their own favorable sizes.

The lace closure will create a natural hairline in your forehead as well as hair part (if any). Thanks to it, your hair application looks naturally and no one can detect your hair extensions.

How to do lace closure application

There are 2 main ways to apply the lace closure that are sew-in and quick weave. No matter what you choose, you need to lay your hair flat first. The best way is to braid your natural hair into cornrows which also protect your hair ends from breakage and split ends. Now, let’s move to how to wear lace closure.

braid hair down

Sew-in method

These method require you a needle and thread. It’s better to use a curved needle which is ease in use and less to hurt your scalp. You can go to a hairstylist for safety or just do it at home for saving money.

Step 1: Cut the extra lace

Normally, the hair supplier make a surplus part without hair in the front so the customers can apply it easier. At the same time, they can design their own lace closure. Therefore, they need to remove the extra part. It sounds nothing but it’s worth to pay much attention on this step or you may ruin your hair extensions.

Step 2: Sew the hair extensions

lace closure sew in

Let’s start to fix the closure from one side of the hairline and sew it in U-shape. You should not make it loose or tight. If it’s too loose, the closure will not be insecure and people will know it’s hair extensions. How inconvenient it is. On the other hand, if it’s too tight, it will hurt your hair and scalp.

Step 3: Final touch


Basing on the hairline, there are 2 types of closure. One of them has baby hair and the other do not. If you bought the latter, you should create the baby hair by yourself for natural look. At the same time, these tiny hair part will hide the lace perfectly. To do it, let’s use a sharp scissors and cut some hair strand right behind the hairline of the lace closure. A styling gel will help in styling the baby hair. You can buy a professional brush or use toothbrush.


Quick weave method

It is also known as gluing method, bonding method. In a nutshell, people use glue or double-sided tape to install the hair piece, it’s quick weave. Mostly, people do it themselves at home because it’s super quick and easy to do.

lace closure quick weave

First to do, wear the elastic cap. The cap is durable and fit your head perfectly. It protects your natural hair and scalp from the glue. If the glue contacts you tress, it causes many unexpected consequences such as breakage, split ends, hair loss, etc. Besides, you can use a wig stand to gluing the closure instead.

Then, cut the extra lace, of course. Now, you need to apply the bonding substances to the cap and put the lace closure in. You should tie the hair of this product or the hair may get stick to the glue or tape. It’s not good at all.

Finally, the touch-up time with baby hair and lace closure installation is done.

style baby hair with lace closure installation

Which one is better?

It’s hard to say which one is better but we can note down some pros and cons of these application methods an you can compare by yourself, an then, choose the best one for you.

Application time

It’s absolutely that the quick weave takes less time to install. The sew-in is risky and you can hurt yourself if you are careless. Then, you need to pay much more effort in this way. On the other hand, the cap in quick weave will protect your natural hair and scalp, just go ahead and settle the lace closure down without any worry.

Application cost

As we mention above, you may need a hairstylist to install the lace closure with sew-in but for quick weave, you 100% can DIY at home.

Lifespan of the application

The sew-in is the winner in this part because it lasts for long time, usually 6-8 weeks. Whereas, the quick weave last for 4 weeks for most. The glue will slip out quickly after each hair wash and other outer factors. Meanwhile, the sew-in need to reapply when your own hair grows up.

How to choose the suitable lace closure

If you have searched on the hair market, you must find out a lot of types for this hair extensions basing on the hair materials, and the lace.

About hair materials

Remy hair and non-remy hair

It divides into virgin hair, remy hair, non-remy hair and synthetic hair. The first three types are called human hair which is originally collected from alive people. However, non-remy is chemically treated with cuticles removed. As the result, the factory need to cover it with chemicals for attractive looks at first. However, these products will die soon, in few months. Meanwhile, remy hair is unprocessed hair which is collected from 2 persons and above. Virgin hair – the best hair in the market, is pure without any chemical process before. To get more info about them, click here.

The lace

We have HD lace, transparent lace, Swiss lace and silk-base. Each of them has their own advantages:

lace closure installation


  • HD lace: it’s super thin lace with small holes. When you lay it to your skin, no matter what tone your skin is, it melts perfectly. However, the lace has tendency to be tear out easily. In comparison with other types, it’s high cost as well.
  • Transparent lace: it has clear color with thicker and bigger holes. Even though, it’s one of the most favorite types thanks to the seamlessness it brings in.
  • Swiss lace: unlike two types above, this one has different colors that can match different skin tones. This lace seems thick and hard which may cause some inconveniences to you at first. However, it will be soft after wash thoroughly.
  • Silk-base product: it’s the most expensive one because of high quality silk. The silk is made in your skin tone so it looks natural. On the one hand, it is soft and friendly to your natural hair and scalp without any irritation. Nevertheless, you may catch some problems if your skin and hair is naturally oily.

In general, we can say that Remy hair with Transparent lace is the most popular combination. However, it may not be your choice because of finance condition, your expectation and many other factors.

Now you can find out how to do lace closure installation, at the same time, you know which product is suitable for you. If you need any information, please contact us.


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