Kinds of simple and beautiful braid hairstyles

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Mentioning to braid hairstyles, we are pretty sure many beautiful images popping up on your mind. This hairdo is one of the most popular trends in girls’ world for vacations such as camping, traveling or a party with friends. Only by some simple acts can girls’ appearance become more attractive and outstanding. Additionally, not only for some casual circumstances, braid hair is for many special events like wedding and red carpet for instance.

Now, let’s check out the most impressive but simple kinds of braid hair for girls below. Perhaps, you will find a suitable style for yourself.


It is clear that this is the simplest kind of braid. Every girls can easily do it without other’s help. This basic braid can be styled into an endless number of hairstyles by playing around with their sizing and textures.


Firstly, don’t forget to brush your hair to get rid of tangles and knots. Then divide it in to 3 equal sections. The first step of braiding is flipping the left- section on the middle and then flipping the right- section on it. Using your skillful hands to cross these two section. Keep repeating these steps alternatively until you have twisted it all. Lastly, we retain a short ending part to fix hair with a hair elastic.

You can make it as simple as the half up half down as photo above to turn a normal braid into a fun style. Or else, 2 braids will give you  a naive and tidy appearance immediately. Besides, we give you a tiny tip which works great on 3 strands braid. You should pull the braid to loosen it up for a “pancake’ look. Easy but chic, it’s all you need for sure.


French braid hair is loved by almost girls because its gentleness and attraction. It can be said that this hairstyle is never out of fashion. It is often used in  politely special occasions like meetings, celebrations, etc.

FRENCH BRAIDHow to style:

As its name, this trendy braid looks attractive and romantic like the beauty of French girls.

To make this fantastic style, it is more complex than the simple 3 stand braid. The first step is to brush hair and detangle it as always in order to do the braid beautifully and easily.  Then, you need to divide your hair into 3 small equal sections in the front. Next, hold both sections in one hand, separated by your index finger, and use your other hand to grab a small piece of hair from the outside of one section.  Repeat braiding until you are about to reach the end. Lastly, tie it with an elastic and finish the performance.

This one is the simplest version of French braid, you can find more amazing image of this hairdo here.

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This can be considered one of the most beautiful braid hairstyle for girls with long hair. It is quite simple but catchy and impressive. This is exactly the must-try hairstyle for soft girls to go on meetings, wedding or prom, etc.


After brushing and detangling the hair, pick up a small part of your hair from a side of the head and divide it into 3 sections. Do a 3 stand braid, release an old loop and let it fall, then continue taking a new loop and do similar acts. At last, it will be a cross of braid hair. Released loop looks like a waterfall streaming. It is so exquisite!


This is the most simple and chic way to keep your hair out of your face on a hot  summer day. This hair style is suitable for every ages, especially for mature women or schoolgirls who have straight long hair. It is very polite and comfortable.


After brushing the hair, pick up the front section of your and divide it into 3 sections. Braid your hair in a “V” formation. Next, simply braid it in a stitch till the end of your hair. Afterwards, tie it and finish the hairstyle.

This is the style for formal occasions so that it have to be made in an careful and skillful way to get the best result.


This is also a style of braid hair which is regularly done for girls who is young, active but still have something soft and gentle. This kinds fit well with straight long hair or light wavy hair.


The hair is braided from both sides of the head in to 3 stand or 5 stand braid. They gather in the middle side and continue being twisted as fishbone braid hair. If you know how to so simple hair styles above, this style will be very easy and quickly to do. You can also keep it on one of your shoulders. It will not be a bad idea to attract other people.

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These are the most popular braid hair styles for womankind. Besides, you can create many more complex and beautiful styles if you are skillful and creative. Have you got your choice for braid hair. Don’t keep hesitating! Try it right now and you will find a lot of exciting things.

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