K-tip Extensions Install: A Step-By-Step Guide

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Keratin tip hair extensions are famous for blending seamlessly with your natural hair and providing long-lasting results. However, applying keratin tip hair extensions can be a difficult duty if you’re new to the process. But don’t worry! Although there are many articles sharing about installation tips with many steps, for me, just understanding the 3 steps I have summarized below is enough. Check out the k-tip extensions install step-by-step guide and you can go through the process correctly.

Benefits Of Choosing Keratin Tip Hair Extensions

Natural Look

These extensions excel at blending seamlessly with your natural hair thanks to the nearly invisible bond that lies beneath the natural hair. I consider the natural look achieved with keratin hair extensions to be the most perfect among all types of hair extensions. The results after k-tip extensions install are very realistic, making it difficult for people to realize that you are wearing hair extensions. The subtlety of the bond ensures that the transition between your natural hair and the extensions creates a flawless and natural look easily.

Seamless transformation with k tip installation
Seamless transformation with k tip installation

Flexible Option

Keratin tip hair extensions are very flexible, with endless styling possibilities. You can freely style them like curling or straightening them to achieve the exact look you desire like your natural hair using a variety of methods.

  • Add Volume: Not only length, using hair extensions brings instant hair volume. This is a useful solution for customers with thin or fine hair.
  • Increase hair length: no need to waste time waiting for your hair to grow, just install k-tip extensions to achieve the hair length you desire as quickly as possible.
  • Color capabilities: Maybe many people are afraid to bleach or dye their natural hair, right? The truth is that they are more or less influential. Hair extensions – enjoy playing with hair color. White blonde colors, ombre colors, piano colors,… are the hair colors you should try, just need keratin hair extensions
K-tip extensions installed before and after
K-tip extensions installed before and after


With proper care, keratin hair extensions boast a long lifespan, over several months. The secure bond facilitated by the use of keratin ensures durability, making these extensions a cost-effective investment compared to temporary hair extension methods. The enduring attachment of the keratin bond allows you to enjoy the beauty of your transformed hair for an extended period. 

 A cost-effective investment: keratin extensions
A cost-effective investment: keratin extensions

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Gather Your Tools

Before you begin the k-tip extensions install process, it’s essential to gather all the necessary tools. You’ll need:

  • Keratin tip extensions: Choose high-quality extensions that match your hair color and texture. These are usually sold in packs of 10-20 individual strands. So, you’ll need 100-180 strands for a full head of extensions application.
  • Heat fusion connector tool: This tool will be used to attach the extensions to your hair using keratin bonds.
  • Clips: Section your hair into manageable parts during the application. 
  • Comb: Highly recommend using a wide-toothed comb to detangle your hair and divide into sections.
  • Heat protectant spray: Apply this product to protect your hair from heat damage during the k-tip extensions install process.
All the necessary tools for k-tip extensions installation
All the necessary tools for k-tip extensions installation

How To Install K Tip Hair Extensions

There are 2 methods to install hair extensions: hot fusion and cold fusion. However, hot fusion is the more popular type. Below is our easy guide on how to apply keratin hair extensions using the hot fusion method:

Get Your Hair Ready

  • For a smooth application, it’s crucial to prepare your hair properly. Here’s a step-by-step k-tip extensions install guide:
  • Begin by thoroughly washing and drying your hair, making sure it’s devoid of any styling products. Afterward, use a comb through your hair to remove any tangles or knots.
  • Divide your hair into smaller sections, starting from the back of your neck and progressing upward. Secure each section with sectioning clips, ensuring they are separate from other sections for easy management.
  • Apply a light mist of heat protectant spray across your hair to protect it from heat damage.
The first step in k tip installation is to prepare your hair properly
The first step in k tip installation is to prepare your hair properly

Attach The Extensions

Now it’s time to attach the keratin tip hair extensions:

  • Take a small section of your hair, slightly smaller than the extension strand.
  • Place the keratin tip of the extension near the root of your hair, about 1 cm away from the scalp.
  • Use the heat fusion connector tool to apply heat to the keratin tip. This will melt the keratin and create a secure bond with your natural hair.
  • Roll the keratin bond between your fingers to ensure it’s smooth and firmly attached.
  • Repeat this process, working section by section, until all the extensions are applied.
  • Allow the keratin bonds to cool and set for a few minutes.
K-tip extensions install step to step
K-tip extensions install step to step
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Blend And Style

To achieve a seamless and natural appearance with your keratin bond extensions, it’s essential to blend them with your natural hair:

  • Style with Heat Tools

Use a flat iron or curling iron to style the extensions according to your preference. Prioritize the use of a heat protectant spray before applying heat to protect both your natural hair and the extensions.

  • Trim and Shape

Trim and shape the extensions as needed to match your chosen hairstyle, ensuring a cohesive and polished look.

  • Set with Hairspray

Finish the styling process with a light hairspray to set the style and provide additional hold.

Tadaaaa! Now you can enjoy your transformed look with keratin hair extensions. However, it’s important to note that the installation of keratin tip hair extensions can be time-consuming, typically taking around 4-6 hours for a full-head installation, which means you have to sit at salons for a long time to get the look. Unexpected.

Styling step in k tip extensions installation: blend them with your natural hair
Styling step in k tip extensions installation: blend them with your natural hair

Have you figured out how to install k tip hair extensions yet? Let’s watch the k-tip extensions install video below for more details. 

YouTube video

While learning about the keratin tip hair installation process, it’s also beneficial to understand how to remove them correctly. This ensures the well-being of both your natural hair and the hair extensions, maintaining their good condition. So, let’s learn how to remove it in our next blog.

Maintenance And Care After K-tip Extensions Install

To keep the stunning appearance of your keratin tip extensions and prolong their lifespan, it is advisable to adhere to these after-installation care guidelines for your extensions:

  • Avoid washing your hair for the first 48 hours after application to allow the keratin bonds to set properly.
  • Use sulfate-free and gentle hair care products to avoid damaging the extensions.  When washing, handle your hair with care, avoiding vigorous movements or scrubbing. Otp gently massage your scalp and hair, ensuring that you cleanse the roots and avoid tangling the extensions.
  • Brush your hair regularly, starting from ends to roots to minimize tangling.
  • Avoid excessive heat styling, and always use a heat protectant spray when styling with heat tools.
  • Schedule regular maintenance appointments with a professional to maintain the integrity of the extensions.
Use sulfate-free and gentle hair care products to avoid damaging the extensions
Use sulfate-free and gentle hair care products to avoid damaging the extensions

How Long Do Keratin Tip Extensions Last?

Keratin tip extensions are known for their durability and longevity. On average, these extensions can last up to 6 months from the time k tip extensions installed, depending on a variety of factors. The quality of the extensions, care and maintenance routine all play a role in determining the longevity of keratin tip extensions. With Luxshine keratin tip extensions, you can be assured of quality as well as durability.

We only supply premium quality, 100% human hair, ensuring long-term and tangle-free use.  Additionally, regular maintenance appointments with a hair extension specialist are essential for repositioning any loose extensions and ensuring that the bonds remain intact. By following the care routine I mentioned above, you can enjoy the benefits of keratin tip extensions for a long time.

Keratin tip hair extensions have been installed
Keratin tip hair extensions have been installed

Long And Flowing Waves

Use heat-free or heat methods to style the extensions and your natural hair into loose, beachy waves for an effortlessly chic look.

Long and flowing waves hairstyle
Long and flowing waves hairstyle

Long Straight Hair

Apply keratin hair extensions to increase the thickness and length of your natural hair

Long straight hair hairstyle
Long straight hair hairstyle


Gather your hair into a high or low ponytail and secure it with an elastic. Then, wrap a small section of hair around the ponytail to cover the elastic. You can also use accessories such as claw clips/silk strips to cover.

Ponytail hairstyle
Ponytail hairstyle

Basic Braid

Gather all your hair and divide it into three equal sections. Continue the pattern by crossing the right strand over the middle, then the left strand over the middle, until the end of the hair length. Secure the end of the braid with a hair tie or elastic band.

Basic braids hairstyle
Basic braids hairstyle

Half-Up Half-Down 

Add a twist to your look with a half-up half-down using a small to medium-sized claw clip. Just gather the top hair and twist it and secure it with the claw clip. 

Half up half down hairstyle
Half up half down hairstyle

Applying keratin tip hair extensions might seem challenging at first, but with the right knowledge and tools, you can apply for your customers and achieve stunning results. By following my guide, you’ll be able to have k-tip extensions installed like an experienced professional. And don’t forget to visit Luxshine Hair for high-quality keratin tip hair extensions to embrace the luxurious, voluminous hair you’ve always desired. With the strength of having hair factory in Vietnam, we not only provide keratin tip hair extensions but also have many other types of Vietnam hair extensions available. We are always right here to support you 24/7!

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