Jessica Nigri hairstyles in her professional cosplay career

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Jessica Nigri is an American cosplay celebrity, promotional model, and Youtuber. Besides this, she works as a voice actress and fan convention interviewer. This is really a talented girl and each of field of action, she always has a certain fame. She appears in promotional material for several video games such as Lollipop Chainsaw and Gears of War 3. She also starts her career playing a role of Pikachu at San Diego Comic-Con International.

Having worked in this field for more than 10 years, the professional cosplayer plays many different characters in her career path. To match up with her roles, she always change her look, especially her hairstyles. In this post, we will look over some famous image of her to see Jessica Nigri hairstyles.

Jessica Nigri cosplay Pikachu

Jessica Nigri hairstyles

As we mentioned above, Jessica started her career as a professional cosplayer since 2009 when she appeared with Pikachu outfit. How can she become famous with this guise image? It’s not only about her sexy and hot body, but also her blonde shoulder length hair. At that time, her style is simple with her natural tress. No need to do anything special, a swept bang tones her oval face up incredibly. In 2009, there was a trendy hairstyle called “lion’s mane” so that it is easy to understand why our famous Youtuber got this layers haircut. It makes her hair look thicker amazingly.

Jessica Nigri hairstyles in Deadpool outfit

Jessica Nigri hairstyle

Pursuing a sexy image, Jessica shows her glamor even when she plays a male role as Deadpool. In the original version, Deadpool always wears a mask to cover his burned face. However, in the female version of Jessica Nigri, she decided to reveal her face with medium hairstyles. As usual, she just lets her hair down or ties up into a ponytail. Keeping on her image, our cosplayer stayed the same since she debuted.

Deathwing from Warcraft

Jessica Nigri hair

While 2 characters above who don’t have hair, our Youtuber can freely show her natural beautiful tress, she has to wear wig for this character. In the World of Warcraft, Deadwing is a dragon with black and orange fires between its shells. Hence, Nigri changes her hair into a black bob with thick swept bang. Thanks to the wig, she looks powerful and  cold as a truly alive dragon. 

Jessica’s hairstyles in Harley Quiin look


You may see some pinky tints in Jess’s hair, in fact, it’s her natural hair blonde here, no dye, no wig. Can you believe it? Actually, in this photo, the photographer adjusted the color a little bit to match the look of Harley Quiin. You may think about the movie version with pink and blue hair ends, but it’s not that one. The outfit here is for Arkham Knight Harley Quiin – a sport game character. In comparison with the origin, there are still some different in her hairstyle like the color. It should be black and red instead of pink. Looking though the photos above, we can realize that Nigri really loves the swept bang with leather haircut. It hides her angle face with some edgy aspect perfectly.

Short hair with Inosuke

Jessica nigri cosplay inosuke

In 2019, famous anime series called Yaiba no Kimestsu from Japan had been spread all over the world. A a result, there is no reason for Jessica Nigri to not play any roles of that anime. While many female cosplayers love Nezuko – an innocent and beautiful character, our Youtuber tries on Inosuke – a male role. Outstanding with deep blue hair color, Jess looks as wild as the character she plays. Especially, thanks to the highlight in hair ends with neon tone, she does it professionally to describe Inosuke perfectly from general look to the tiny details.

Two toned hair in Mitsuri Kanroji

Jessica Nigri

Jessica Nigri cosplay mitsuri kanroji

Due to Coronavirus, many cosplay festivals has been closed or delayed, Jessica Nigri never forgets her career as a professional cosplayer. Hence, we still catch some photos of her on the Instagram. This Mitsuri Kanroji picture is an example. The wig with two tone including pink and green, and the sword are two things we can remind of this character only. Jess changes it into a modern version altering the origin. Anyway, the wig is incredibly even though it is synthetic hair only.

No matter who she plays, Jessica Nigri hairstyles are amazing and fit her face incredibly. She must have chosen carefully before making up her mind in the characters. I really love the way she takes advantages of her natural blonde hair instead of making it as the same with the origin. Thanks to that, she remarks her own work without copying any other versions. Hair extensions are an optimal choice to experience many hairstyles. Please visit Luxshine Hair– one of the leading Vietnamese hair vendors to choose the right type for yourself.

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