Is using rice water good for hair growth?

Rice water is an useful folk treatment for hair problems of Asian women. It is known with a lot of wonderful uses, especially making hair grow faster. Whether the experience is right or not and what is the real effect of rice water for hair growth? Let’s discover all things about it together with Luxshinehair right in this article!

rice water for hair growth

1. What is rice water?

In Asian countries like Vietnam, Japan, China, etc using rice as the main source of food, rice water is too familiar and people often use it for many different purposes, especially for beauty treatments. However in Western countries, this concept can be a bit new but quite easy to understand.×5-5-straight-hair-black-color

Rice water is the starchy water which is left after rice is soaked or cooked. Maybe you don’t know rice grains contain approximately 80% starch so that collected rice water also has potential nutritions. It also has similar vitamins and minerals as plain rice. It includes amino axit; vitamin B,E; minerals, antioxidants, etc which are very necessary and useful for hair care.

rice water for hair growth

2. Benefits of rice water

Not too famous as hair treatments with soap berry, coconut oil, banana or egg but effects that rice water brings to hair is extremely various. Using rice water is considered an effective method to make almost kinds of hair including coarse hair become smoother, shiner and stronger. Similar to methods with soap berry water or grapefruit skin’s water, rice water also make hair softer, more beautiful and nutritious as well as give hair the attractive fragrance. Even, it can also help to minimize symptoms of pimples and dry scalp. Besides many people say that rice water also makes hair grow quicker and longer in short time.

benefits of rice water

Rice water is also very good for women’s skin. Using rice water frequently can help your skin to avoid dirt and the invasion of pimples. Thanks to that, your skin will be brighter and smoother.

We have to say that our precursors were very lucid and clever when applying rice water which sounds superfluous for beauty treatments naturally and effectively.

3. Rice water for hair growth via researches

A research in Japan displayed that rice water includes inositol which is good for making hair strong. Another survey of dermatologist Neil Sadick sayed that using rice water is totally safe as well as make hair stronger and more nutritious.

Unluckily, according to dermatologist Dennis Gross “there are no scientific studies or data to prove that rice water actually grows hair”. Indeed, the ability your hair grows is mostly determined by genetics. That means, making hair grow with rice water can only happen with some people. However, you shouldn’t ignore this hair treatment because it is really good for hair and make hair smoother and shinier.

rice water for hair growth 1

4. How to wash hair with rice water for hair growth

Instead of using rice water as a kind od shampoo like the way we use with soap berry water, you should use it as an alternative commercial conditioner.

After clearly washing hair with shampoo, risen hair thoroughly with water.

Next, pour rice water on hair and massage your hair and scalp softly by hand.

Then, remain rice water on hair for about 15- 20 minutes

At last, wash hair with clean water and let it dry.

wash hair with rice water

You can’t expect the effect for hair growth only on some days. The good result will come after some months, even longer. However, don’t be discouraged, let’s be patient and you will get worthy achievements.×5-5-kinky-straight-hair-dark-brown-color

5. Alternative hair products for pure rice water

With modern women, buying rice, washing rice, soaking rice and then decanting rice water can take them a lot of time. Instead, using commercial conditioners with rice water element is their top choice. They are wonderful alternative hair products that can both give you the effective natural hair treatment and help you to save time and effort. The effect that you get can be equivalent to pure rice water so that you can completely feel secure.

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rice water conditioner

In case you don’t want to buy rice water hair conditioners, you can also use other natural hair treatments like banana, egg, coconut oil to stimulate the growth of hair. Don’t forget to choose yourself the most suitable and best shampoos for the best appearance. There are many useful methods that you can use on hair effectively.

Or else, you don’t need to raise your hair with these long- term treatments because hair extensions can help you to have every hair appearance you want immediately. Please coming to Luxshinehair store if you have demands for hair extensions. We can guarantee to give you the best hair product with the highest quality and the most impressive figures.


How do you think of the aforementioned information of rice water for hair growth? If you like it, don’t reget giving us your comments. We will acquire for bettering next articles.

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