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If you have ever got hair extensions, you may heard about U-part wig hair extensions which use a u-part wig cap to apply hair extensions. This is one among the most effective solutions for your fine hair problems. Actually, U part wig can disguise your bald spot. That’s not all, your hair will become fuller and thicker with it. With the right products, other people will not know whether you’re wearing hair extensions or not. It’s important to know the way to make U part wig cap if you want to enjoy these benefits. Below, we will present you some U part wig cap tutorials that will help you a lot with your journey perfecting the look of your hair.

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What Is A U Part Wig Cap?

A good u part wig cap has small combs, adjustable strap and clips. The combs in the front, 2 sides and at the back function keep the human hair wig in place. Like a full wig, you can style and part the hair wig in any direction.

You will have more styling options with the best U part wig cap. Moreover, it blends well with your natural hair and gives you the most realistic look. To make U part wig cap, the maker uses the same materials as a full wig. However, it has a U-shaped opening at the front to allow your natural hair to go through. If you want to get a natural look, you can dye the wig cap to match your skin tone. Most black women choose to use dark or medium brown cap because they have the similar color to their skin. Also, the lighter brown or transparent color is ideal for those with lighter skin tones.

U Part Wig Cap

How To Make Your Own U- Part Wig Cap

First, braid your hair as well as measure the length and width of your head to help the cap fit your head. The length of the wig starts from the hairline to the back of your hair. The width is the distance measured from the front to the back edges of your head. Measure along the back of your head and put the clothes measuring tape from one ear to the other.

measure the length and width of your head

After getting measuring results, cut a piece of lace material.  

Pin the lace on the wig head. If you pin it down at an angle, it cannot go through the lace holes. Ensure that the lace is held tightly in the right position and lay on the wig head as flat as possible.

Now, use a needle and thread to sew the lace. You only need to take the pins out, then use needle and thread to sew the lace. After you’ve done that, cut the lace in the front to make a U-shaped opening. Based on how you part your hair, you can cut the shape in any position like middle or side of the lace.

how to make a u part wig cap

One more important step is to sew the accompanying items like clips, combs or adjustable straps to the wig cap. Even, you can sew all of these items to the cap to avoid sliding the wig off.

How To Put On U Part Wig Cap

Step 1: Style Your Natural Hair Under The Wig Cap

Like other type of hair extensions, when you want to apply wig hair extensions, you need to braid your hair, make cornrows or create a bun at your neck’s nape first before attaching the U part wig cap. Remember to leave a small section of your natural hair and use a little gel to make your hair tuck underneath the cap more easily.

Step 2: Spray The Skin Protector

You may think that the lace wig cap is breathable but you still need to spray protector over your head to protect your scalp from environmental elements. Leave it about 20-30 minutes to let it dry before putting the wig cap on your head.

Step 3: Place The Cap And Adjust It

By doing that, the cap will cover your natural hair entirely. Place the edge of your cap exactly at the edge of your hair. Adjust the U-shape to fit your parting line as you want. Especially, use the cap color that matches your skin tone and natural hair to achieve the most natural look.

Step 4: Hold The Cap In Place

If you are afraid that the wig cap for U part wig can slide off, secure the cap with clips on your hair. Make sure that these clips are on different position like on the front of your head, at the back and 2 sides.

Hold The Cap In Place

In conclusion, wearing a wig is a perfect way to conceal your hair defects and give you a gorgeously stunning finished look. Moreover, U part wig also blends very well with your real hair so that no one can tell whether you are wearing wig hair extensions or not. Follow our website if you want to know more about other types of hair extensions. Thanks for reading.

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