Impressive wedding hairstyles with micro braids

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In weddings, we often see brides’ image with soft curly wavy hair, pro- active straight hair or gentle braid hair and so on. Have you ever thought that how does the bride look in micro braid hairstyle? It sounds awkward but impressive and unique, right? Let’s discover wedding hairstyles with micro braid hair to see how attractive they are!

Hold on a sec! Before finding out this style for wedding, let’s talk about it.

1. What is micro braids

This hairstyle is commonly seen by African or American girls. That is a kind of braid hair but they are far more delicate than normal braids and tightly woven into hair. We can create a lot of different styles with micro braids and each of them brings new and trendy image. Every girl can try these hairstyles for different and attractive looks.

2. Wonderful things of micro braids

Micro braid is suitable for every kind of hair regardless of the fact that your hair is long or short, straight or wavy, thin or thick.

  • You can create a lot of hairstyles with this kind: As mentioned, micro braid is a wonderful kind that it can fit different hairstyles such as micro braids in an updo style, wavy style or ponytail style, etc.
  • It usually takes 6 to 12 hours to complete a micro braid. The time is up to your hair length, hair thickness and the style you want to have. However, its result is rewarded

3. Impressive wedding hairstyles with micro braids

For now, let’s discover impressive wedding hairstyles with micro braids! Although this is a hairstyle that is less used in wedding than other styles such as curly, straight hair. However, it can be a new change and attractiveness in this special ceremony. Why can’t we try it, right?

1. Medium Length Braids

This is the hairstyle that is suitable for girls with long and thick hair. After micro- braiding, braid hair is above and small curly hair is below and they seem to blend perfectly. You can also highlight some braids to make hair more attractive. With this amazing style, brides will look younger, cuter and more beautiful than ever.

2. Celebrity braids

How do you think if you have a celebrity look right in your wedding? It must be very impressive and highly appreciated. The hair maker will micro- braid your whole hair, do a high ponytail and then a fishtail braid at the end. Accessories as well as colorful strings can be added on to make highlights for hair.

3. Funky updo

This is exactly the hairstyle that brides should try. It looks beautiful and sweet but modern and creative. Micro braids will be pulled up and twisted into a funky updo. Combining colorful elastics or twinkle things will make the bride look brighter.


4. Straights and braids

Micro braid looks amazing with straight hair as well. Your hair is straight on the top and braided at the end. Let this hairstyle on a side of shoulder may be a good way for your attractive and charming image. Let’s try and you will be surprised.

5. Minimal braids

If you want to try this new micro braid but don’t want to make it too long or let it too scared, you can try this hairstyle. All you need to do is micro- braiding just near the root, making highlight with some long braids and letting the rest follow your ideal like wavy hair, curly hair or straight hair. Don’t forget to make colors for hair if you feel it is good.

6. Colored ends braids

A micro braid with ombre color is actually not a bad idea for pro- active and creative girls. It makes girls feel self- confident and fresh. This look goes well for anyone, including girls of wedding ceremony. Let’s choose yourself a contrast light color for the ends end keep your base color dark. Trust me; you will be the most wonderful girl in the party!

7. Cute braids

Micro- braiding all your hair with your favorite color and let the front hair over. It will be better if your hair is long so that it will make balance for your face make it brighter and younger. Cute girls will love this style because of its unique and attractiveness.

How do you think of these styles? It will actually make wonderful and amazing images for your wedding. Let’s ask your friends for their thoughts, may be it will be suitable to have unforgettable memory in your special day. Wish you success when doing this beautiful micro braids!

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