Impressive Examples of Honey Colored Hair

It’s undeniable that food, drink or nature- inspired hair color always attract most of women. Chestnut hair color, coffee, chocolate color and other fabulous ones like rainbow or sunset hair color… easily inspire women and create a trend.

Honey colored hair isn’t an exception. This color can go well with different tones of skin and it can be the perfect addition to your natural dark brown hair to create more dimension. The sweet honey inspired color will definitely be a trendy hairstyle this winter. If you are looking for a hairstyle and color to switch their current one, check out these amazing honey colored hair dye and styles below.

honey colored hair

Short honey colored hair

Honey colored hair dye is quite simple to get and easy to maintain. This attractive, sweet and feminine color can suit different hairstyles and textures. If your hair is natural brown, you can color your hair DIY basing on some simple steps since the shade of light brown make it easy to get honey color. Here are some examples of short honey colored hair which will inspire you. Honey blonde bob should be your first choice.

Short honey colored hair


Besides, if you want to add more dimension to your hair, especially when your hair is fine and thin, a wavy honey blonde lob will complete your look. The soft and smooth waves add more volume to your hair, making it look fuller and thicker. Moreover, wavy texture really takes effect if you want to get a charming look and grab all people’s attention.

wavy honey blonde lob

Another idea for short honey colored hair is short straight pixie haircut in honey brown color. Many people think that this tomboy hairstyle will make women look more masculine and less attractive. However, soft pixie with side-swept bangs combining with dark brown color completely changes their mind. The sweet combination enhances the beauty of women and bring them a feminine and stunning look.

short straight pixie haircut in honey brown color

Honey colored hair with blonde highlights

The combination of honey colored hair with blonde highlights will satisfy all women. Loose wavy texture should be the first candidate for your up-coming hair color position. Blonde highlights help your locks look smooth and add more dimension and shadow to your hair.

honey colored hair with blonde highlights

Dark honey color with blonde highlights is really born to be with wavy texture. It really helps to realize your dream of having princess’s locks which are long and pretty. No need a crown since your hair to become a queen since your hair is already your powerful crown that you will never take off. Let see how elegant, charming and catchy it is!

Dark honey color with blonde highlights


If your hair is short or shoulder-length, no worry since honey colored hair with blonde highlights perfectly matches your current length of hair. Layer honey lob with soft blonde waves will help you shine up, become the center of attention. One plus point of this hairstyle is that it can fit different shapes of face and desperately works with round face.

Layer honey lob with soft blonde waves

Honey colored highlights on brown hair

If you have natural brown base, you can renew your hair color by adding some honey colored highlights. This mixing color is very popular in the world and even celebs cannot say no with this lovely and beautiful hair color. Voluminous long wavy brown hair with honey highlights can help you stand out from the crowd.

Honey colored highlights on brown hair

Brown base with balayaged honey blonde highlights will be definitely a perfect experience for waist-length or medium locks. This feminine hair color is suitable for different occasions, events or parties. You don’t need to spend hours in front of mirror to get a complicated braids or going to hair salon for a temporarily hair style. Just pull down your hair or twist a small bun on top of head. That’s it. Let your honey colored highlights on brown hair take effect!

Brown base with balayaged honey blonde highlights

Honey colored highlights on dark brown hair will be easier to get and take less effort to maintain. Since you already have dark base as your natural hair, adding some honey highlights doesn’t take time. Besides, short hair can style easily in different ways. You can have loose curls in some minutes with a curling iron or some hair rollers which we instructed carefully in previous posts.

Honey colored highlights on dark brown hair


No hair style is more natural and time-saving than a messy wavy bob. Besides adding more volume and dimension to your hair by the shadow of balayaged honey lights, this hairstyle also helps to maintain a timeless cute look for women. It can match with different styles of women from different age.

messy wavy bob with balayaged honey lights

Honey colored hair is one of the most popular hair colors now. Different people can have different version of honey color depending on their type and quality of hair. Besides, if you just want a try to see how it works, you’d better wear hair extensions to get the accurate honey colored hair. Spend some minutes to visit our website to see hair extensions galore with different color and texture.

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