Impressive curly hairstyles with medium length size

As for hair with medium length size, women often choose themselves simple haircuts like straight or wavy hair so that hair looks longer and more attractive. Many people think that curly hair is very fuzzy, tangled and ugly so it is not suitable for beautiful hairstyles. However, this thought is completely wrong. Medium length curly hair is really wonderful. There are thousands styles with it and they are all amazing. In this article, let’s discover the most impressive medium curly hairstyles together with Luxshinehair!

1. Black shoulder length curly hair

Medium length straight hair after curled will give a perfect shoulder length curly hairstyle. Combining with natural black hair color, you will have a style which is both soft and attractive. Because curly hair is very bouncy and bobbing and shoulder length hair is so active and energetic, there is no reason that makes this impressive hairstyle to be rejected. Almost girls choose side part style for black shoulder length curly hair and it is absolutely a wonderful idea.

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black shoulder length curly hair

2. Middle curly hair with curly bangs

Many women would like to beautify their curly hair with soft curly bangs to look more feminine and attractive. Obviously, its effect really takes us by surprise. Curly bangs is like something new and creative on hair. They perfectly fit with hair curls and make girls’ appearance look much more attractive. You can combine this hairstyles with a little of balayage hair dye. It is both mild and creative which can completely make you become the most outstanding.

Middle curly hair with curly bangs

3. Medium layered curly hair

Don’t think that layered hair is merely suitable for straight hair since you can completely make this style with curly hair. Especially when you combine medium layered hair with loose hair curls, the result you get will never make you disappointed. Layers of hair bring freshness and creativeness while loose curls are the best for making soft and comfortable feeling. More importantly, this hairstyle is extremely impressive and useful. It helps to increase thickness for hair very well and also helps to cover shortcomings of the face like chubby cheeks or rough chin. What  a wonderful style!

Medium layered curly hair

4. Messy curly hair

How do you think if you associate mischievous curly hair with rebellious messy style? Without saying much, this is exactly the hairstyle that modern girls are looking for. Essentially, hair curls look very active and attractive so that when they are combined with messy style, a natural ruffled hairstyle will be created. You can keep your original hair color or dye with an outstanding tone like pastel or blonde, every way is possible with messy curly hair.

Messy curly hair

5. Hairstyle with curly ends

It is not necessary that you need to curl every strands of your hair to have a beautiful curly hairstyle. Instead, you can only make curly ends of hair and it is perfect. If you are having medium length hair, don’t ignore this style since it gives the best result. Loose hair curls at the end of hair makes more softness and charm than ever. Besides, having this style with side part bangs is perfect.

Hairstyle with curly ends

6. Vintage medium curly hair

For girls who love noble and charming style, vintage medium curly hair is exactly for you! With sophisticated and ancient hair curls, hair make girls’ appearance become much more enchanting and luxurious. In addition, that forehead is not be covered displays strong intelligence and self- confidence. Although this is an old hairstyle, it still has the uncommon charm with modern girls. Don’t ignore it for an impressive medium curly hairstyle!

Vintage medium curly hair

7. Medium hair with springy coils

This is the specific curly hairstyle of African American women. Its volume is really wonderful which can defeat every other hairstyle. Your hair is curled into a lot of small coils and blooms around. These springy coils make hair look extremely puffing, attractive and full of rebellion. Womankind at every age group like this style so why don’t you? Combing this style with your favorite hair color and suitable accessories, you will always look outstanding!

Medium hair with springy coils 1

8. Curly hair with a small bun on the crown

Do you like having a cute curly hairstyle? Let’s try to make a medium curly hairdo with a small bun on the crown, the result will actually satisfy you! Bobbing deep curly hair helps your hair look much thicker whereas the small topknot make an impressive highlight on your head and your hair. Let’s comb all of your front hair over and expose your forehead, your face will become more balanced and also more beautiful than ever.

Curly hair with a small bun on the crown

9. Medium curly hair with high ponytail

High ponytail is appropriate for every hairstyle. Obviously, it also well combine with medium curly hair. All things you need to do is binding your curly hair into a high ponytail and that is enough. Ponytail style will make hair curls become more outstanding on hair as well as give you a unique hairstyle. It is never out of fashion so that you can completely believe in wonderful things it brings to your appearance.

Medium curly hair with high ponytail

Via these suggestion, have you find yourself a suitable style with medium curly hair? We believe that you ‘ve got your own choice, right? These wonderful hairstyles with medium length size will actually not make you disappointed.

If you are worrying that your hair is not thick and strong enough to make these beautiful hairstyles, you can choose to wear hair extensions. For these demands, let’s come to Luxshinehair store, we will make your dream become true.

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